Holistic Healing Crystals and The Law Of Attraction

In this post we look at how to use Crystals and the Law of Attraction for Holistic Healing. Discover our guide for how you can harness Universal Energy to manifest greater health, well-being and inner peace.

holistic healing crystals and the law of attraction - crystal healing techniques - Your Complete Healing Crystals Guide
Holistic Healing Crystals.

Holistic Healing For Manifestation.

Regardless of your belief in, or understanding of, the universal laws of attraction you are constantly, and most likely unintentionally, manifesting change through high vibration actions within the present.

Your thoughts, and beliefs, are creating a constant flow of energy. And that energy is shaping your life.

Every thought you have, and every action you take, emits energy. This energy is sent out from you, into the universe and is then is returned to you.  I am sure you have heard the saying that “Like attracts like”.

There is much truth in that statement, and is often where problems in our life are formed. Think about it, all the energy you send out into the Universe is basically a big neon sign, advertising “this is the kind of energy I want”, and so that is the energy which is sent back to you.

If the energy you send out is “feeling sad, expecting the worst, self limiting, negative in action or thought” then that energy is sent into the universe.

The Universe does not interpret emotion, it simply refills the cup with the energy that you are radiating.

So if you send out negative energy it is almost impossible for positive energy to be returned. If you radiate positive and confident energy it is the energy that reeturns to you.

Understanding The Laws Of Attraction.

To attract and manifest positive action in your life, you need to emit a positive energetic state, and good self esteem.

This means that you need to ensure your thoughts are positive, “can do” in nature, and wherever possible focused on the aspects of your life that makes you happy, confident and encourages positive energy in yourself and those around you.

When you do this, you send into the universe the energy of positivity and therefore positive energy will be returned to you.

Holistic Healing Requires Positive Energy.

While it may sound overly simplified, if you want to manifest change, such as optimal health and well being, or financial freedom then the energies you need to send out into the universe are those that you wish to have returned.  

This is much more than having high self esteem and a positive mindset, although that helps, to begin to truly attract and manifest change into your life you need to focus on positive intent.

To achieve this you need to understand that your thoughts are energy, and your energy creates your reality.

Your thoughts and your emotions are directly responsible for the future and destiny you create. It really is that simple.

What is not simple is maintaing 100% positive thoughts and deliberate intent for your future. So then how can you start to manifest change?

holistic healing with crystals and the law of attraction
Holistic Healing Crystals and the Law Of Attraction

Crystals And The Law of Attraction Meditation.

A good starting point is to begin meditation. Specifically meditation that is focused on visualization. To do this, set up a regular time for meditation in a space where you will be undisturbed and where you feel positive and at peace.

Step 1. Clear Your Mind of the Stresses of the day.

  • Sit and be still, just relax.
  • Diffuse essential oils,
  • Burn incense,
  • Listen to soft music.
  • You can do anything that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Take 5-10 minutes to really relax.

Step 2. Clarify Your Desired intent.

  • Once you are totally relaxed and you are in a space where you can focus start to form a detailed picture of what it is you wish to manifest.
  • Ensure before you start, that you are 100% certain of exactly what you want to manifest. What will the outcome look like? What will it feel like once achieved? You must have no doubt about what it is you wish to manifest.
  • Visualize the exact image of you living your life once you have manifested your intent . To do this you need to know exactly what you want to achieve, and just as importantly, what you do not want to achieve! Clarity is needed when you send messaging into the Universe.
  • This is because the Universe will return to you what it is you send out (whether you are clear or not!)

Step 3. Send to Universal Energy.

  • As you are visualizing you are sending the Universe energetic imagery linked to absolute intent.
  • Your visualisation needs to focus on your intent already being in existence, having already manifested.
  • The Universe receives this and returns it.
  • The more energy of manifested intent you send out the more you will have it returned.
  • Make sure you spend time sending your intent into the universe with as much detail as possible.
  • Visualize it, See it existing, and believe it will return.

What else can you do to support manifesting intent.

Step 4. Write To The Universe.

  • Write down the intent to be manifested!
  • Your writing must emit your desired intent as if manifestation has already occurred. For example, “I am immensely grateful that arthritis has left my body, that I am now pain-free and happy.”
  • Your writing sends out into the Universe the precise energy you want to receive. Your writing should be in present tense and positively framed.

Step 5. Visualize It In the present.

  • Visualize your intent as if it is achieved and is already part of your life.
  • How does it feel?
  • Sit with this feeling of achievement and accomplishment.
  • This is hugely important when using the Law of Attractioncrystals and the law of attraction as you need to send out the energy of what you are manifesting into your reality!

Step 6. Express Gratitude.

  • Visualize, or write down, all the positive things that the Universe has given and provided to you.
  • As you write, express and feel the thankfulness for this manifestation and show your gratitude.
  • The act of thanks and showing positive gratitude is a powerful energy and will enable the Universe to continue sending these energies. This draws more of what you want to achieve into being.
healing crystals and the law of attraction

How Do Crystals Aid Manifestation?

When manifesting you need to ensure that your energy is positive, open and balanced. This enables you to send balanced and positive energies into the universe.

Therefore you need to make sure your chakras are open, aligned and in balance.

It is no coincidence there are 7 laws of attraction, and you have 7 major energy centers (or Chakras) within your body.

What Is The Relationship Between the Chakras and the 7 Laws Of Attraction?

Each Chakra resonates at a different vibration and needs to be balanced to achieve optimal energy for manifestation. Each chakra also resonates to the energetic energy of one of the laws of attraction. To send pure energy for manifestation you need to have all 7 chakras in alignment and with balanced energies.

If unaligned Muladhara you will not receive enough raw prime energy to sustain you or your 6 other energy centers. Muladhara is the gateway to our earthly and physical energies!

Likewise, an unaligned Sahasrara Chakra means pure universal energy cannot replenish our spiritual center and re-energize Muladhara.

To ensure manifestation you need to balance and align your chakras. This is why crystals and their energies are used for manifestation.

Which Crystals Should Be Used? Crystals and The Law Of Attraction.

Each chakra vibrates at a frequency that relates to a universal energy and law of attraction.

This is why I recommend you use crystals to balance each of the chakra centers. To do this you will need

  • 1 Clear Quartz Crystal or Quartz Cluster (Quartz is a Master Stone and can balance heal and align each of the Chakras)
  • or a set of Chakra Crystals (one specific Crystal for Each Chakra)
  • and then add the energy of any Crystal that boosts the energy of the intent you wish to manifest.

Get yourself a starter set that we think are perfect! You can then build and add other healing crystals as and if needed.

How To Load Crystals With Manifestation Intent.

Once you have your crystals your first job is to cleanse them. Once they are cleansed use them in your meditations. As you meditate you are utilizing the energy of the crystals to help boost your intent.

To utilize your chosen crystals in this process is simple. You just need to keep them within your energy field as you visualise. Hold onto them, or make sure they are placed within your Auric Field.

The crystals will aid you in increasing positive energy and aligning and balancing your chakras and their energy.

Daily meditation is in fact a major key to manifestation.

Your Chakra Crystals, or your Clear Quartz, will assist the energies to flow as required throughout your Chakra system and aid the Universal energies.

If you have chosen other crystals for specific purposes ensure you also have these in your hand or at least within your auric field. Ensure during your meditation you focus on these crystals and the energy of your intent.

See clearly what is it you are manifesting and what the result is once realized.

crystals and the law of attraction

Specific Stones For Manifesting

Stones for the third eye chakra (Ajna) are excellent for stimulating visionary abilities and unlocking imagination.

These may be particularly helpful should you have difficulty when trying to visualize your intent or if you find it difficult to visualize when meditating.

Crystals such as:

  • Citrine
  • Carnelian.
  • Garnet.
  • Tiger’s Eye.
  • Blue Lace Agate.
  • Herkimer Diamond.
  • Lapis Lazuli.
  • Yellow Jasper
  • Obsidian

are excellent for enhancing visionary abilities and enhancing imagination and creativity.

Citrine is one of the most powerful manifestation gemstones.  The color of citrine fills your world with light, joy and abundance.

Yellow Jasper is a stone of connections and being grounded.  Perfect for manifestation so the life force energy can move throughout your mind, body and spirit.

Yellow Jasper emits strong vibrations of positive energy, increasing well-being and self confidence. It helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, replacing them with happiness and joy.

This is a very special stone!

Clear Quartz Crystal is the gemstone of clarity and dreams.  It helps to stay focused and connected to a higher power.  Quartz Crystal removes any energy blockages within your body, ensuring that energy can flow smoothly.

Carnelian is often called “the artist’s stone” for its ability to amplify creativity.  The carnelian can awaken your hidden talents.  It increases courage, and stimulates your ambition while also eliminating fear and doubt. Carnelian is a great manifesting stone especially for those highly imaginative and creative people.

Obsidian aids us in our mission to let go of negative habits and those beliefs that no longer serve us,  This provides us with the clarity to recognize opportunities for change. It also helps sharpen our focus by making clear the energetic blockages we hold internally and supports us to make change.

Obsidian is also a very grounding and protective stone

I hope this article has given you the encouragement to use crystals and the laws of attraction for your holistic healing.  If you do apply these techniques please do let me know how you got on!  I would love to hear your thoughts and views.

Holistic Healing Crystals and The Law Of Attraction