Chakra Health And Balance (Part 2 Of The Best Chakra Meditation Series)

This post is the culmination of our best chakra meditation series focusing on Chakra Health and Balancing.  

Discover the next 4 meditations which will clear and align the 7 chakras, remove blocks and ensure all energies are able move throughout your physical body to enhance your health and vitality.

chakra health and balance - anahata
Chakra Health and Balance

Best Chakra Meditation – Anahata Chakra

Bring your attention to the center of your chest, to Anahata the Heart Chakra.

Visualize and sense your breath flowing in though your nose and traveling down and into the heart.   Feel your heart filling with your breath. Then see the breath leaving the heart and flowing up exhaling through the mouth.

As you inhale feel the breath flowing into your heart center and filling Anahata.  As you exhale visualize and sense the energy within Anahata the Heart Chakra growing stronger.

As you continue to breathe into your heart center visualize a vibrant, shimmering  emerald green ball of light.  On each exhalation you sense Anahata growing brighter and the energy of the heart chakra intensify.

Now, as you have done with the other chakras, allow your consciousness to move toward the ball of energy. Become one with Anahata and feel yourself fill and course with the energies of the heart. 

Visualize the emerald green energy filling you entirely and then radiating out and into your environment

As you radiate with the energy of Anahata you feel transcendent love. 

You feel this unconditional love spreading, from the heart and radiating throughout your body, see and feel the energy and love of Anahata filling all of the other chakras – the lower 3 – Manipura, Swadhisthana and Muladhara plus the upper 3 – Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara.

Pay attention to how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally.

As these rivers of  energy course through you feel your body pulsating with energy from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

Allow the searing currents of energy to radiate everywhere. Allow yourself to experience the purity and warmth which is now pulsating from your heart and filling your entire body.

Allow the sensations, allow the radiating love and harmony to flow throughout your system, allow all emotion that comes, allow all sensation,  do not direct or try to control.

By surrendering to the Anahatas energy radiating from your heart, you enable yourself to experience and receive true compassion and unconditional love. 

Continue to bask in this love for ten minutes or until you feel the time is complete When you are ready , say:

“Every time I reach this relaxed state I allow myself to feel, to love, to be loved and to become more aware of any energy blocks that need releasing from Anahata so that I may heal myself.”

Anahata Chakra Health and Balance

Remove your consciousness from Anahata and seethe energies dissipate, along with any blocks or barriers. Count from one to five feeling more refreshed, relaxed and peaceful and open your eyes.

Chakra Health and Balance

Chakra Health And Balance – Vishuddha The Throat Chakra.

Now place your attention on Vishuddha your Throat Chakra.

Visualize your breath flowing in and out through Vishuaddha.
Visualize and feel your breath as you inhale flowing to your throat chakra.  Feel it filling your throat center.

As you exhale visualize and sense the energy in Vishuddha growing stronger.

As you exhale sense and visualize a glimmering electric blue light growing more vibrant and stronger. 

See this blue light of energy expand and grow.As you breath in through the nose see it flowing into Visshudha.  As you exhale from the mouth you sense the blue electric energy of Vishuddha growing stronger.

Now move your consciousness and see yourself become one with Vishuddhas energy. Become one with the throat chakras energy.

Feel Vishuddha growing more intense and see the electric blue ball of light expand.  See the energy from Vishuddha begin to radiate outward from your throat and filling your entire body.

Once your body is filled with the blue energy of Vishuddha see it expand out into your environment. 

Now feel this energy,  the pure energy of Vishuddha allows you to clear blockages and become fearless, noble and full of courage.

Enjoy this experience of your true self.  

Affirm that you will say “yes” to life at every moment and you know the decision will always be correct for you.

Becoming centered and aware of your throat chakras energy allows you to feel triumphant.

You know by allowing Vishuddhas energy to flow throughout your body that life will be victorious and you are aware that your victory will never diminish victory for anyone else.

By clearing and balancing Vishuddha you can affirm and say “I am free”
Say this over and over to yourself.

As you say this, you may feel the throat chakras streams of energy shooting up your spine. As this energy passes through your throat let the energy becoming waves of pure and unconditional joy.

You know that from today you are fulfilling your lifes purpose.  You know you are worthy and that you will allow yourself to speak the truth,know the truth and accept your worthiness.

Continue for about ten minutes or until you feel this chakra health meditation is complete 

When you are ready say to yourself:

“Every time I reach this relaxed state I am aware of the energy blocks in Vishuddha and I release them, I sense them clearing, I feel them release so that I may heal myself.”

Vishuddha Chakra Health And Balance

Release all energy blocks and see yourself leaving Vishuddha.  See yourself back in your body and slowly count from one to five. As you do you are feeling more refreshed, relaxed and peaceful than before.

Now bring yourself back and open your eyes

Chakra Health and Balance

Ajna Chakra Health And Balance – The Best Chakra Meditation

Place your attention on Ajna, the Third Eye and the 6th major chakra in the human body.

Now visualize and sense that as you breathe it is flowing in and out through your third eye.

As you breathe in through the nose see the air flowing into and filling your third eye. As you exhale from the mouth visualize and sense the energy in Ajna the third eye growing stronger.

As you exhale you can sense and visualize a brilliant deep purplish-blue indigo ball of light. It grows brighter and stronger with each exhalation.

See the brilliance of Ajnas Indigo light grow strong. See it glowing and pulsating. Now see your consciousness move towards and join with Ajnas vibrant ball of energy.

Become one with the Third Eyes energy. See the Indigo light of Ajna fill your entire body and then begin to radiate outward. See the energy of the third eye expand from Ajna, from your body and then out into your environment.

As you join Ajnas energy feel your mind letting down all barriers, allowing all blockages to dissolve. You feel yourself opening to the universe and your energy now expands in every direction.

You can sense that Ajnas energy is filling the room and as it expands so does your consciousness.

Pay attention to how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally.

You are centered and one with the third eye, and so you achieve union with your consciousness and unconsciousness.

This union will produce a surge of energy within your physical body and you may sense a tingling sensation, like electricity running up your spine and then pulsating and emanating from Ajna the Third Eye.

Continue sensing this energy radiating through your body and emanating from Ajna for about ten minutes or until you are satisfied the meditation is complete.

When you are ready say to yourself :

“Every time I reach this relaxed state I release and clear any blockages within my third eye, I clear all energy blocks that no longer are required and I allow only energies that serve my best interest and allow true healing for myself.”

Ajna Chakra Health and Balance

Now release yourself from Ajnas energy and see yourself return to your body.

Count from one to five and as you do feel yourself become more refreshed, relaxed and peaceful than ever before.

Now open your eyes.

Chakra Health and Balance

Sahasrara The Crown Chakra – The Best Chakra Health And Balance Meditation.

The Crown Chakra needs little in the way of activating and balancing after you have completed the meditations for the other chakras.

Sahasrara is the union of yourself and the divine.

However you can complete the following short meditation which will balance and align all of your chakras and enable Sahasraras energy to flow freely throughout your body.

Allow the divine to flow freely through Sahasrara and your physical.

It is important that you keep your back straight and your feet on the floor.

Place your hands in your lap with your palms up and facing towards the heavens. This mudra helps you receive energy from the divine.

Close your eyes, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Now imagine a lotus blossom appearing at the top of your head.

As you continue to breathe in and out see the lotus begin to bloom. As you breathe in see energy from the heavens flowing into the lotus.

As you exhale see the petals of the lotus begin to unfurl and open revealing a bright vivid violet light.

Visualize Sahasrara the Crown Chakras light growing brighter and brighter on each exhalation. You can feel this energy warming the crown of your head.

Allow the warmth of the Crown Chakra to spread and flow down, spreading throughout your whole body.

Bask in the warmth of Sahasrara for 5-10 minutes, and say to yourself :

“I am whole, I am balanced, I am me”

Sahasrara Chakra Health and Balance

Now open your eyes and sit quietly. Bring yourself back feeling renewed.

Chakra Health and Balance

I hope you enjoy these meditations for Chakra Health and Balance. I would love it if you could leave a comment after you try them and share your experiences with our readers.  Thank you.

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Chakra Health And Balance (Part 2 Of The Best Chakra Meditation Series)