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Healthy Natured Natural Remedies - About Us FAQ
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Learn The Healthy Natured Story and get the About Us FAQ, answers to 7 questions we are asked most often. Discover what Healthy Natured aims to achieve and what we offer you!

What Is Healthy Natured?

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Healthy Natured was formed in 2014 in response to the need, at that moment in time, for well informed yet simple and safe information regarding Natural Remedies and Products for treating everyday illnesses and that could enhance wellbeing holistically rather than reaching for pharmaceuticals. Starting in London, through Asia, and now in New Zealand Healthy Natured offers an Internationally Natural approach to holistic wellness.

What Natural Remedies Do We Recommend?

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The Healthy Natured Website has an entire section of information and treatment guides devoted to Natural Remedies. All are based on research, first hand experience and user testing.

We provide information and instructions for a range of common illnesses like coughs, colds and flu, homemade herbal solutions that help treat medical conditions such as asthma, eczema, and high blood pressure as well as natural products and remedies that aid emotional wellness for example insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Plus because we do not sell our own range of products you can be assured we aren’t promoting treatments in the hope of making sales. We offer you guidance on how to prepare and use the remedies and some suggestions of ingredients known to be effective.

Is The Advice Given Medically Safe?

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All of the information supplied is based on thorough research and expert advice. However, as with any holistic treatment, we always advice discussing any new health remedy or therapy with your doctor before you start.

Our suggested remedies are made from everyday natural ingredients, most of which would be found in a kitchen cupboard or backyard gardens. But seeking advice is always the best way forward and ensures your peace of mind and comfort!

Do The Remedies Really Work?

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Yes, they do.

They are remedies that have been used first hand and are proven effective, and we ensure thorough background research and discussions with experts takes place before publishing posts on our website.

You will see that within our articles we make reference, and add links, to the medical or scientific studies that have verified the effectiveness and validity of the remedies we recommend.

As with any treatment, natural or pharmaceutical, the effectiveness and benefits are dependent upon a range of factors. So results will, and do, vary from person to person.

Can I Contact or Make Appointments to Discuss Treatments?

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We always respond to questions or requests as soon as possible, and always within 24 hours. The response time will depend how close we are in the world!

For those who wish to have a more personalised discussion or 1 to 1 consultation you can request this by using or contact form or our bookings system found on the contact us page and bottom of this page. These sessions can be conducted via phone, or Skype (or similar) and in person (dependent upon where you live).

Don’t let geography or even differing continents put you off making contact. Currently the vast majority if our clients, members and friends live on the opposite side of the world!

– Healthy Natured Natural Remedies – About Us FAQ

Are Natural Remedies The Only Focus Of Healthy Natured?

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No, Not at all.

While our major focus is providing information and education about healthy and natural alternative treatment options, it is not all we do.

You will see below we have additional information sections that outline other areas of interest to us.

The major topics you will find on Healthy Natured are:
Natural Remedies;
Homemade Remedies;
Natural skincare and how to make your own;
Recipes for burning belly fat;
Healthy Eating Plans;
Ayurveda for treating ill health;
Herbal medicines and supplement guides;
Emotional health and wellbeing guidance;
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils;
Energy Health and Healing;
Chakra Balance;
Crystal Healing;
Meditation Guides;
An Online Social Community to mix mingle, teach and learn!

and loads more. Check it out!

– Healthy Natured Natural Remedies – About Us FAQ

Do I Need To Pay To Access The Community Membership?

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No, it is 100% Free.

We have just opened the community. You can access it via https://community.healthynatured.com and never need worry about being asked for money or bombarded with sales pitch selling of products.

We established the community to provide a space for likeminded people to connect with others. In the space you can set up your own pages, ask questions, write posts, take classes, attend classes. It’s up to you, you can be as active in the community as you choose to be.

Because it is brand new we are keen to spread the word, so membership is free.. And for those who join now as founding community members, you get our guarantee that your membership is forever free.

For us, its really is about community and sharing of knowledge. So please, if you are interested, or you can help us reach others who are … pease do! It would be much appreciated.

And so that everyone can enjoy the space, we have made it a no selling zone. So you can be assured you wont be met with a bunch of members intent on sending spam or bad sales strategies. Just great folk seeking similar.

– Healthy Natured Natural Remedies – About Us FAQ

What Is The Main Purpose of Healthy Natured.

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Here at Healthy Natured we aim to provide you with the latest, most accurate and definitive information available related to natural health, healthy living, holistic balance, emotional wellbeing and alternative therapies. We ensure thorough research, user testing and gaining expert advise for everything we publish and promote.
We are delighted that you have found our website and we hope you will find the information needed. If there are specific questions you have, or answers you seek, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do everything possible to help

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