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We offer a unique way to ask the questions you have and find the clarity you are looking for. Our cards are intuitive and designed to provide you with the advice and guidance that you may need.

Choose from various decks and choose different spreads, you can expect to receive readings that provide the answers you need and the insights you deserve. Embrace your journey and explore the answers they provide.

issues or challenges in Life?

Animal Spirit Oracle Cards

1 Card Oracle Spread

The one-card spread is perfect when you have a question and want answers such as:

What should I do about the situation I face? What is it I need to learn to move forward?

2 Card Oracle Spread

2-card oracle spreads are great for exploring possibilities such as

What should I do about this situation?
What should I not do in case it makes it worse?

3 Card Oracle Spread

A three-card reading follows the evolution and pathway of the question you ask.

first position is the past cause, 2nd talks of the present, Third is the most likely potential future.

tackle challenge – Explore success

rider Waite Holistic Tarot

One Tarot Spread

The one-card tarot spread is one of the simplest and most versatile tarot spreads. It involves drawing a single image and using its symbolism to gain insight and guidance on a particular question or situation.

Three Tarot Spread

The three-card spread consists of the three laid out in a row from left to right. Each represents a different aspect of the situation or question being asked. The Influencing past, the present challenge and potential future.

Five Tarot Spread

Five Cross Tarot

The 5 cross is another detailed reading. They signify the past, the present, the future, the core reason for the situation and the potential in the situation.

Five Theme Tarot

This 5 theme spread looks at a specific event. They signify the present situation, the influences, the challenges, the final outcome and the theme.

Seven Horse Shoe

The seven horseshoe goes deeper. Past influences, present issues, future developments, advice needed, people influences, obstacles and best actions.


Daily Positive affirmations

Three Affirmation Spread

This spread will choose three daily affirmations that you need for your current situation. Use your intent to manifest them into your reality.

Affirmation Clarity

Draw a card when you seek an answer, or are confused about aspects in life, or even when you just feel the need for a positive pick-me-up. Choose 1 or more!

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