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Natural Remedies For Sleep

benefits of meditation for sleep
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Benefits of Meditation for Sleep: Unlocking the Power of a Better Night’s Rest.

Meditation for sleep is an effective way to induce sleep and promote restfulness. There are a variety of different meditation techniques that can be used to help calm the mind and body, allowing for a more relaxed state that can help you easily transition to sleep.

best white noise machine for sound sleep
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Best White Noise Machine For Sound Therapy (Top 6 For Sleep)

Looking for the best white noise machine that can be used for sound therapy so you sleep well and get the rest you need and deserve? Here are the 6 we think you should choose from!

12 essential oils for sleep
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12 Essential Oils For Sleep (Achieve Your Best Deep Sleep With Aromatherapy)

In this post we look at aromatherapy and, more specifically, its use as a natural remedy for issues related to sleep. Find out how you can use our 12 essential oils for sleep to achieve peace, calm and a deep restful slumber.

the science of sleep
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The Science Of Sleep (6 Natural Processes You Need To Know)

Trouble sleeping?  Looking for natural remedies to help you fall asleep? Discover the 6 all natural processes that must occur for sleep! They are the science of sleep!

Natural Remedies aND Holistic health.

Complementary medicines

Complementary medicines and therapies are approaches to healthcare that focus on treating the whole person. They promote our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and are safe for use with all the family.


Essential oils have been used for centuries. Their benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and immunity boosting properties. They calm the nerves, relax the body, reduce stress, and promote good emotional health.

Emotional Wellbeing

In an increasingly busy and hectic world it is important to take time to focus on your own emotional wellbeing. Discover the tools and resources to manage stress, boost esteem and focus on what makes you happy.

Massage, Yoga and fitness

To maintain health and vitality keeping active and exercising is key. As is relaxation and stress relief. In this section you’ll find all the options. Discover new ways to exercise and relax to stay in optimal health.

superfoods AND DETOX

Superfoods are amazing gifts from nature. These nutrient-rich foods, when added to your diet, help boost your immunity, reduce inflammation, improve digestion and are great for detoxing the body.

Ayurveda treatments

Ayurveda has numerous health benefits for the mind, body and spirit. This ancient form of medicine uses all natural products to boost your bodies natural healing properties for optimal health and wellbeing.

Massage For Holistic Health

Essential Oils

superior back massagers to ease pain and boost relaxation

5 Superior Back Massagers To Ease Pain and Boost Relaxation for the Ultimate Comfort

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Not being able to move around and do the things you normally do because of pain takes a toll on you. That’s why having a good back massager is essential. Massage is a proven method for relieving pain and discomfort. It’s important when choosing a massager that it is reliable and provides the correct functionality to bring you comfort and relaxation.

the best hot stone massage kit reviews

Best Hot Stone Massage Kit Reviews (3 Exceptional Massage Kits)

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Hot stone massage is an alternative therapy used primarily for relaxation and to ease tension in the muscles.  It is also an excellent remedy for damaged soft tissues throughout your body.  In this article we look to provide you with the information needed to choose the best hot stone massage kit.

best back massager the comfier shiatsu back massager

#1 Best Back Massager – The Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager.

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What makes Comfier the best back massager available? Is it the shiatsu nodes, the rolling spot massage points, compression, heat or all the above!

healing hands massage

Healing Hands Massage – Your 8 Taoist Self Healing Techniques.

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When we begin the practice of Taoist Healing Massage, or Chi Healing Hands Massage as it is also known, we need to let go of some of our thinking around massage techniques.  This is totally unique.

holistic massage to reduce stress

Holistic Massage To Reduce Stress (Your 5 Best Anxiety Reducing Tips)

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This post focuses on holistic massage to reduce stress, a safe and proven treatment which is effective in significantly reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

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