50 Amazing Aromatherapy Benefits For Health – Your Ultimate Guide

Discover 50 amazing Aromatherapy benefits for health and wellbeing. Simple, effective and trusted. Welcome to our ultimate guide for using essential oils to treat everyday issues!

Aromatherapy Essential Oils have been used to support wellness and health for centuries in every culture and civilisation, in both the ancient and modern world.

The treatments harness the power of natural essential oils that are extracted from plants. Every part of the plant can be used including the flowers, foliage, roots, fruits, seeds, leaves, even the bark and twigs).

Over time researchers and aromatherapists have identified that certain oils work best when treating specific illnesses and health conditions, as well as identifying those that work for a multitude of purposes and promote our general wellness.

Our 50 Amazing Aromatherapy Benefits For Health have been in use for thousands of years. However the western world has only considered it to be an accepted form of therapy for a few decades. For those interested you can read another of our posts that details the history of aromatherapy and essential oils.

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What Are the Benefits of Aromatherapy In The Modern World.

Aromatherapy, and the use of essential oils for healing in western society can be credited to Rene Maurice Gattefosse, a French Chemist. Interestingly Gattefosse made this discovery by sheer chance due to an accident in his laboratory.

While conducting research in his lab an explosion occurred and Gattefosse burned his hand. The closest source of liquid was an extraction of lavender oil, and it was this that he plunged his hand into looking for relief.

It is reported that over the next few days he was amazed at how quickly the pain from the burn had dissipated and the speed at which his hand was able to heal.

This accident changed the course of his research and his life, and I guess we could say the future history of essential oils. That freak accident, and the results he observed, caused him to leave his former research in order to focus on the analysis of essential oil properties.

Over time he discovered that the natural chemicals and elements found in various essential oils were able to treat a huge variety of illnesses. His research also documented the types of oil that were effective when used to treat physical injuries, specifically soldiers who were injured during the first World War.

The science of Aromatherapy was founded by Gattefosse in 1928 but it was not until the mid 1950s that our mainstream professional health providers began to accept it as a complementary medicine and health practice.

Before we look at our treatments please note that essential oils should not be applied to the skin in an undiluted state unless it is directly stated.

When used on this skin topically, such as we do in massage, the essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil. Good carrier oils are Jojoba, Almond and Olive oil. The typical dilution ratio is 1 drop of essential oil for every teaspoon of carrier oil.

Other methods are diffusion, in an electric diffuser or heated candle burner. You can also use atomised sprays, adding the oils with water, shaking vigorously and then misting into the air.

Another method, especially for congestion or problems with airways is to add the essential oils to a steam bath or place a few drops onto a piece of fabric and inhale the aroma. Unless advised by a medical professional essential oils should not be ingested.

50 Benefits For Health And Wellness.

1. Benefits For Stress Relief.

Possibly one of the most well known uses for aromatherapy essential oils. The compounds released by these essential oils help to bring about a sense of peace and calm.

They relax our body and soothe our mind. This helps to reduce any feelings of stress or anxiety. It is believed that stress reduction and relaxation are the key factors in peoples initial decision to purchase essential oils.

The highest rated and recommended essential oils for stress relief are Lavender (Consistent at Number 1), Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Bergamot, Clary Sage and Jasmine.

2. Amazing Aromatherapy As An Antidepressant.

While the use of aromatherapy is not a replacement for anyone taking prescribed medication, it is an excellent choice as a complementary therapy.

A Study1A Review on the Effects of Aromatherapy for Patients with Depressive Symptoms published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, titled “A Review On The Effects Of Aromatherapy For Patients With Depressive Symptoms”, found aromatherapy to be effective in helping reduce the symptoms of depression.

Combined with any already prescribed antidepressants or other therapies adding an amazing aromatherapy program to your schedule is well worth trying!

We recommend Lavender, Wild Ginger and Bergamot.

wild ginger - amazing aromatherapy benefits for health and wellbeing
Wild Ginger

3. Aromatherapy For Memory.

As we age, we also begin to experience loss of memory. For most this is infrequent and causes few problems. For others it can become more frequent which is frightening, both for them and for family.

While clinical memory loss, such as Dementia, is not yet able to be cured studies have shown that there are techniques that potentially help slow its progress.

Aromatherapy works through the stimulation of olfactory receptors. This in turn stimulates part of the brain linked to the regulation of emotions.

The regulation of emotion actually stimulates processes of cognitive functioning and memory, which is excellent news for anyone experiencing memory loss.

For those suffering with dementia, one of the hardest symptoms to treat is the associated agitation and aggression. Studies found that certain essential oils, particularly lavender, bergamot and lemon balm, helped to calm dementia patients and also suppressed aggression and agitation.

4. Energy Boosting.

Who would say no to an energy boost? While most of us probably head for the coffee, we should really be heading for the essential oils.

Our amazing aromatherapy can provide us with added energy boosts without sugar, caffeine or other stimulants that eventually leave us with our energy tanks on empty!

It goes without saying I’m sure, that a healthy diet, a regular exercise schedule and good sleeping habits are needed for long term maintenance and regulation of our energy levels, but when you hit a low try this!

To gain back the pep in your step try the following aromatherapy oils.

Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Pine and Thyme.

5. Quicker Healing.

As Rene Maurice Gattefosse, our French Chemist, discovered there are certain essential oils which help the body to heal and can speed up the healing process.

These essential oils work by increasing the oxygenated blood flow in our body. Greater oxygen levels speed up the healing process including any wounds, bruises, burns and have even been shown to help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Recent studies have also identified a compound found in the essential oils, known as beta-carophyllene.

When this compound was applied topically (diluted and applied to the skin) there was increased cell growth and cell migration, which is critical to wound healing.

Note: For wound and physical healing the oils are required to be applied to the skin. The aroma is not linked to physical healing or the speed at which it occurs.

Our recommendations are: Lavender, it had to be on the list, after all it was the oil that started it all!

Plus Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and Black Pepper.

amazing aromatherapy benefits for health - ylang ylang to speed healing

6. Headache Relief

Often at the onset of a headache our first reaction is to reach for the aspirin.

That is not only expensive, but if used too often, you may notice they are less effective. The next time you notice a headache is starting why not consider our amazing aromatherapy solution.

Not only will the essential oils help clear the headache, they will also help if stress and anxiety is a trigger causing the headache to appear!

Our recommended essential oils for headache are Rosemary, Peppermint, Sandalwood, and Eucalyptus.

As well as using the oils in an aromatherapy diffuser, you can also mix them with your favorite carrier oil. Then dab the blended oils onto your temples, back of the neck, and forehead. Great carrier oils are olive, almond, jojoba, or avocado. This blend also is great for using as a massage oil.

7. Aromatherapy For Regulating Sleep.

If you are having problems with sleep and are left feeling fatigued the next day it can start to have a major impact on all other aspects of your life.

Aromatherapy can help. Certain oils can help you get back to good sleep routines. Research shows that the subjects who used essential oils before sleep, or had the aroma diffusing as they slept, saw the amount of slow and deep-wave sleep increase.

Our recommended essential oils for gaining a great nights sleep are:

Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram, Rose and Geranium.

8. Benefits Your Immune System.

Prevention is better than cure. That’s the saying, and the same applies here. Preventative health measures are always preferable to needing reactive and medicinal treatments.

This means being kind to yourself and strengthening your immune system. Aromatherapy can help with this.

Certain essential oils have been proven to help fight off infection and have antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The best essential oils for boosting immunity include eucalyptus, oregano, cinnamon, frankincense, and lemon.

amazing aromatherapy benefits for health - boost immunity
Boost Immunity.

9. Amazing Aromatherapy Pain Relief.

Lavender oil is very well known, mainly due to its ability to calm and relax. But it is equally effective for relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

Eucalyptus is wonderful for use as a rub on sore muscles because of its cooling effect. Like Lavender it is great for reducing inflammation and combating pain.

Roman and German Chamomile oils help soothe tired, strained and tense muscles. It also reduces and relieves muscle spasms.

Rosemary oil has properties that when applied topically mixed with a carrier oil reduces levels of pain and inflammation.

10. Benefits Digestion.

While there has not been large numbers of studies on the field of aromatherapy and digestion those that have show promising results.

Results so far positively correlate the use of essential oils to constipation relief, reduced symptoms of wind and bloating and relief from indigestion.

The oils that have shown these amazing results are:

  • the most effective at the Citrus Oils:
    • Lemon,
    • Grapefruit,
    • Sweet Orange.
  • other essential oils showing good results:
    • Chamomile,
    • Ginger,
    • Dill,
    • Fennel.
amazing aromatherapy benefits for heath - digestion

Aromatherapy Benefits Skin Care

11. Benefits Acne.

Acne is much more than just an annoyance. For some it takes a more negative effect on their self esteem and self-confidence. This can be even more esteem destroying if it persists beyond teenage spots and into the adult years.

During our teenage years, we probably expect an encounter with pimples and spots. When you reach a certain age you, understandably, expect it to disappear.

Tea Tree kills the bacteria that may be responsible for your skin breaking out. It helps to dry the pimples out and then gradually vanish.

Peppermint is another that reduces swelling and inflammation caused by bacterial acne.

Rosemary oil is another excellent choice. It helps regulate sebum production. This means your pores are clearer and your skin less oily.

12. Gain Great Skin With Essential Oils.

There are a large selection of essential oils used in aromatherapy for the purpose of gaining beautiful skin.

Rosehip oil is packed with vitamin C, which has anti-aging properties. It also contains fatty acids that help keep your skin hydrated. Rosehip oil also contains retinoids, which help brighten the skin and can also fight acne.

Another popular choice is Calendula. This oil is best applied topically. Add to a carrier oil and massage into the skin or add a few drops to a warm bath and enjoy a therapeutic soak.

13. Focus and Concentration.

If you find yourself struggling to focus, or need to study intensely, then you just need to start your aromatherapy diffuser and add a few drops of peppermint oil.

Peppermint is a great oil to improve our levels of alertness and helps give a much needed boost.

14. Tackle Indigestion With Essential Oils?

It’s time to reach for the peppermint oil again.

Inhaling the aromas of a quality peppermint oil has been shown to ease heartburn, upset stomach, and nausea.

You can inhale the aroma directly from the bottle, add to a diffuser or massage a blended mix to your chest, belly, and back.

All techniques have been shown to help relax and soothe an overactive digestive system.

15. Stop The Bugs Before They Bite.

There’s nothing worse than being that one person that seems to attract every biting bug. Everyone else is enjoying the beach or the BBQ but you are just swatting and scratching. I know that feeling!

The good news is we can stop those bugs in their tracks! You can add a few drops of essential oils to a diffuser or to a carrier oil and rub the mix onto skin.

Good bye pesky critters!

The best bug repellents are citronella, eucalyptus, and lemongrass.

16. Stop The Itch of Bug Bites.

So what happens when you forgot about the bug spray and you have been bitten by mosquitos or midges?

We also have essential oils that can be used to remove the itch and to heal those annoying bites quickly.

Our favourite is Frankincense, as it removes the itch and also is excellent for reducing inflammation and boosting immunity.

17. Anti-Bacterial Aromatherapy Oils.

Many plants have natural anti-bacterial properties. These are even more concentrated when extracted. These oils can be used for many purposes, but especially cleansing and beating the bacteria!

Here are a few of our favourites.


This oil is really potent! You can even use it as an antibacterial mouthwash. Add 3 drops of peppermint oil to a half glass of water. Gargle and swirl around the around the mouth. Spit down the drain when done.

Tea Tree.

As well as being a wonderful acne remedy the Tea Tree Oil is also antibacterial. Great for cleaning surfaces it will bring a shine as well as deep clean.


A wonderful antibacterial oil, Cedarwood is perfect as a surface cleanser and leaves a wonderful heady aroma in the air.

18. Concentration.

When it comes to giving your brain a boost and improving your concentration the perfect solution is Lemon. This oil is refreshing and energizing and the uplifting scent is well regarded as the best to provide a boost when you really need to focus.

19. Jet Lag.

Is there anything worse than jet lag after a long flight? Trying to battle with your body and get back into normal routine is frustrating. However turn on that diffuser and grab the Grapefruit.

Grapefruit oil has been shown to reduce fatigue, reduce irritability and increase focus!

20. Aromatherapy Oils As Antiseptics.

Grapefruit comes in handy here also. It has antibacterial properties making it a great choice for use as a household cleaner.

Avoid the chemicals in those store shelf options and make your own. Using grapefruit oil will keep your home safe and clean, and it will smell great also

Grapefruit Surface Cleanser.

Add 70 drops of Grapefruit, 25 drops Lavender, 1.5 cups water, 20 ml liquid soap, to a spray bottle. Shake vigorously and spray. Wipe to cleanse!

21. Beat Allergies with Aromatherapy.

Whether you are battling with allergies or seasonal colds, our essential oils can help to clear congestion and improve breathing. Our recommendations are:

Lavender helps control inflammation, decreases histamine, and calms our nervous system. This makes lavender perfect for anyone suffering from allergies that leave you with puffy or itchy eyes

Eucalyptus is a fantastic expectorant, i.e. it is wonderful for clearing mucus and improving airflow.

Rosemary contains alpha-pinene which has been shown to help open restricted airways. It also has antispasmodic and antihistamine properties which also help open airways. This is a great oil for those suffering from asthma.

22. Exhaustion, Fatigue and Improve Sleep.

Plagued by fatigue? Tired all the time? We can assist with clearing those foggy thoughts and bring a zing back to your step.

Add some of these to your aromatherapy diffuser for a boost of focus and alertness.

Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Basil, and Peppermint Essential Oils.

amazing aromatherapy benefits for health - fatigue and exhaustion

23. Indoor Air Quality.

Do you hide away indoors on those days when allergies are at their worst? At times our home has just as many allergens and pollutants as the great outdoors.

Pine, Clove, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea tree, Oregano, Thyme, Lemon, and Anise have shown in research studies to reduce microbes in the air. 

Add your favorites to a diffuser and enjoy clean fresh indoor air!

Aromatherapy For Anxiety and Mood.

24. reduce Anxiety.

Stress is one thing, but for those who suffer with anxiety, it is another issue entirely.

Our amazing aromatherapy essential oils are also beneficial for anxiety.

Lavender is possibly the most well known and clinically recognized of all the essential oils for its remarkable properties when treating anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, stress and depression.

Sweet Marjoram helps alleviate anxiety and stress by inducing sleep.

It improves blood circulation which aids the creation and maintaining of a calm state of mind.

Bergamot helps eliminate pent up frustrations and negative feelings.   It is a wonderful and fast acting mood stabilizer.

Bergamot assists control mood swings and reduces depression, anxiety and insomnia.

25. Enhance Your Yoga Practice.

Yoga already offers a variety of health benefits, but it can be even better when combined with the assistance of essential oils and aromatherapy.

To help aid relaxation and your yoga performance diffuse sandalwood or lavender (or a combination of them both).

And when you’re done you can mix lemon, or grapefruit and clove essential oils together and use as an antibacterial wipe to clean your yoga mat.

26. Oral Hygiene – Bad Breath.

Gargle with Peppermint oil in water. Add 3 drops of peppermint oil to a half glass of water and gargle around your mouth. This will kill any bacteria causing bad breath and leave your mouth zinging with natural freshness.

27. Essential Oils For Whitening Teeth.

Here is a great natural remedy for your smile! You can also stop spending a fortune on store bought whitening treatments.

Mix 20ml of coconut oil with 3 drops of lemon oil and 4 strawberries (cut into quarters). Rub the strawberry soaked oils across your teeth. Hold your grin open as much as possible to let the oil mix sit on your teeth for two minutes and then rinse.


28. Aromatherapy Reduces Teeth Grinding.

This habit is not just annoying, if left untreated it can actually be detrimental to your smile! Not only does it result in a terrible night’s sleep and a sore jaw in the morning it is also steadily wearing your teeth down.

You can gain relief from this habit by simply massaging lavender behind your ears as well as the base of your feet before bed.

With its naturally calming and soothing effect on your nervous system, lavender helps by inducing a sense of relaxation, aids better sleep and keeps your jaw muscles relaxed through the night.

29. Rid Yourself Of Dandruff.

Do you have dandruff or a flaky and itchy scalp? Try adding a few drops of basil, lavender, or cedarwood to a carrier oil and massage into your scalp.

You can even add them into your shampoo!

amazing aromatherapy benefits for health and wellbeing - scalp care and dandruff treatment.

30. Strengthen Nails With Essential Oils.

Lemon, Frankincense, and Myrrh essential oils are the answer if you have nails that are weak or easily broken.

Mix a few drops to Vitamin E and then massage this lotion directly into your nails and cuticles.

Easy and effective!

31. Beat Age Spots.

Our face and hands get the majority of sun exposure, and as a result these areas tend to show the signs of ageing or develop “age spots” before anywhere else on the body.

While this may be the case we don’t need to live with them.

Rosemary helps enhance circulation and acts as a natural disinfectant that prevents bacterial growth. It also contains phytonutrients that help fight free radical damage and hyper-pigmentation.

Frankincense is one of the very best oils for fading age spots, reducing scar tissue and healing the skin. This oil is potent and excellent for healthy skin stimulation as it encourages and strengthens our skins natural elasticity.

The cellular regeneration properties of frankincense act in a similar way to retinol, but without sun-sensitivity, drying and thinning that are linked to normal retinol use.

32. Reduce Nausea With Aromatherapy.

Whether this nausea is related to travel sickness or general queasiness you can reduce nausea by inhaling peppermint.

You can also apply it, mixed to a carrier oil, onto your upper chest and neck.

If you don’t like the peppermint aroma you can also use lavender and ginger in a diffuser or directly inhale.

Aromatherapy Benefits For Physical Health Conditions.

33. Deal With Cellulite.

Cellulite can be difficult to deal with. It is stubborn and believe it or not it affects pretty much everyone.

Using coconut oil as your carrier, mix a few drops of grapefruit and massage into those dimpled areas.

A few drops of pure aloe vera added to this mix is awesome also.

34. Reduce Stretch Marks With Essential Oils.

Stretch marks are a normal part of life and their appearance is not just related to pregnancy. Often these marks appear after a growth spurt or, ahem, weight gain!

Don’t worry, though, essential oils and aromatherapy have an answer

Make a massage rub using Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Myrrh essential oils. Combine 5 drops of each into 50 ml coconut oil and simply massage into your stretch marks.

Over time you will soon see the size and coloration fade away!

35. Dry and Cracked Feet.

Do you have painful feet due to them being dry and starting to crack? When you spend all day standing it is often difficult to find relief. But here’s the good news!

All you need is good quality coconut oil and pure lavender essential oil.

Combine the two, using 5 drops of lavender to 30ml of coconut oil. Massage into your feet each night before bed. And then wear a pair of old socks to save your sheets!

The aroma from the lavender may even help you gain a better night’s sleep in the process!

amazing aromatherapy benefits for health and wellbeing - foot care.

36. Coughs and Congestion.

There is nothing worse than a stubborn hacking cough that just won’t budge. But you can beat it, using Eucalyptus oil.

Use in a diffuser, or add 1 or 2 drops to a steaming bowl of water and drape a towel across your head over the steam.

Alternatively add a few drops to your evening bath and bathe in those aromas. They will get your airways open and clear congestion.

37. Essential Oils For Asthma Relief

Whether you have asthma that is acting up, or you have bronchitis, an aromatherapy vapor rub is exactly what will bring some much needed relief.

Try combining coconut oil with a few drops of peppermint and eucalyptus oil. Generously massage it into your neck and chest.

38. Bruising, Burns and Soothing

Looking for an effective way to treat bruises? We have the answer.

A hot compress of essential oils is just what you need. Soak a cloth in hot water, as hot as you can handle. Then add a couple of drops of Frankincense and Lavender.

Apply this to your bruise and feel the heat go to work.

39. Burn Treatment.

Aloe Vera Gel plus a few drops of lavender is the ideal burn treatment.

40. Sunburn Soothers.

Yes, it really can help sunburnt bodies! Use chamomile or lavender oil combined with coconut oil to reduce swelling from sunburn as well as relieve discomfort.

amazing aromatherapy benefits for health - soothe a sunburn.

41. Amazing Aromatherapy For PMS.

Add a few drops of rosemary, sage, and basil to a warm towel and place it on your stomach for near instant relief of the symptoms of PMS.

42. Aromatherapy Benefits For Easing Cravings.

Are you constantly battling food cravings and no matter what you try? Try Cinnamon and peppermint oil in your diffuser!

43. Tackle Arthritis Pain.

All you need is a good unscented body lotion and add wintergreen, lemongrass, and cypress aromatherapy oil. Then just massage into any affected areas.

44. Treat Blisters.

If you have blistered skin then here’s the remedy. Use unscented oil and tea tree oil . Apply it to your blisters up to five times a day.

45. Morning Sickness.

Pregnancy and morning sickness go hand in hand and it’s sometimes difficult to agin relief. While plain crackers and ginger ale are great, they only work when you can keep them down.

In the meantime, try essential oils. Simply add a drop or two of ginger, wild orange or lemon oil to a cloth and inhale as needed.

46. Essential Oils To Reduce Back Pain.

There is nothing worse than sore muscles. Not only do they ruin your day, but they also make it difficult to get to sleep at night.

Beat the pain by making your own muscle rub!

You’ll need coconut oil as a carrier and then add Cypress, Ginger, and Peppermint. Throw in some cayenne pepper for good measure and apply it to the affected muscles.

It’s perfect for your back and neck, but you can use it on any aching muscles.

47. Anti Fungal.

Even when you are careful and avoid them, these nasties can still take hold.

Just add peppermint oil to an unscented carrier oil and apply to the area that has been affected. Use Cinnamon, Clove or Lemongrass.

48. Aromatherapy For ADD & ADHD.

Yes, these can work wonders. Simply diffuse Basil, Vetiver, or Wild Orange.

49. Health Benefits For Beating Addiction.

Find relief with Basil, Clove, Lavender or Marjoram

50. Essential Oils For Vertigo and Dizziness.

Add to a cloth or diffuse Clove, Ginger or Peppermint

recommended carrier oils for blending essential oils.

How To Use Essential Oils Topically.

Never use oils topically without blending them with a good quality carrier oil

Topical Aromatherapy Blend Formula.

Dilute With:

  • Carrier oils: Jojoba, coconut, olive, avocado, grapeseed, apricot kernel, argan, rosehip, blackseed
  • Massage oil

Essential Oil Content:

  • No more than 1% to 2% of the total mixture


  • 1% Dilution = 6 drops of essential oil for each 1 ounce of carrier oil or other product
  • 2% Dilution = 12 drops of essential oil for each 1 ounce of carrier oil or other product
  • Add or divide as needed for smaller or larger portion mixtures.

How To Diffuse Essential Oils

  • Aromatherapy diffuser
  • Aromatherapy burner with a candle
  • In a hot bath
  • A few drops on a handkerchief or tissue
  • A few drops on pillowcases
  • 1 or 2 drops in a steaming cup or bowl of hot water

Only Use Pure Essential Oils

It’s incredibly important that you ensure the essential oils you are buying are of a high quality and contain 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil rather than those that just contain the aroma.

The cheaper oils don’t contain any of the medicinal value that is in pure essential oils.

You may want to consult with your doctor before embarking on any specific treatment course and remember these should be used in conjunction with traditional treatments not instead of any medications your doctor has prescribed. That’s why we call it complementary therapy!

50 amazing aromatherapy benefits for health - your ultimate guide


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    A Review on the Effects of Aromatherapy for Patients with Depressive Symptoms
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