Master Massage Deluxe (70 Piece Basalt Massage Hot Stone Rock Set)

Discover the Master Massage Deluxe. Read the review for our choice of the best hot stone massage set available. Love hot stone massage? You will love this set!

Master Massage Deluxe

Best Hot Stone Massage Kit For Professionals


master massage deluxe kit

The 70 Piece Ultra Therapy Set is truly a premium stone set at an incredible value, allowing you to take stone massage to the next level. It has everything the hot stone therapist needs to perform full body treatments.

You receive exceptional high quality products at an incredible price. This kit will allow you to take your hot stone massage services to the next level. Featuring genuine natural black basalt and white marble rocks – for the heat and cool treatments.

All of the stones have been shaped and polished in a traditional manner, true therapeutically handcrafted. This hand production means you get consistent quality in each and every stone. You will be able to offer deep therapeutic stone massage.

No wax, No dyestuff, No chemicals were applied during the production. The natural bamboo box is handmade to provide an efficient storage vessel for your stones. A remarkable kit! And for that reason I bought and choose to use this hot stone massage kit in my practice.
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Stone Shaping
Stone Quality
Full Kit Value


The Master Massage 70 Piece Ultra Therapy Set contains:

100% Natural Black Basalt Stones, No Wax, No Dyestuff, No Chemicals, No Radiation and packed in a Natural Bamboo Box.

1 X large ovular basalt (1 for neck contour or neck) 4.5″ x 3″ x 1.1″;

16 Large flat ovular basalt size (2 for stomach, 6 for backside and scapular, 8 for thigh) : 3″ x 2.3″ x 1″.

18 medium flat ovular basalt size (2 for neck, 8 for arm, 2 for palm, 4 for calf, 2 for feet ) : 2.6″ x 1.9″ x 0.7″;

6 Small flat ovular basalt (2 for forehead, 2 for head crown, 2 for hindbrain) : 1.5″ x 1.2″x 0.7″

8 Toes (for feet);

6 Small circular facial basalt: 0.9 inches x 0.3 inches;

4 Small ovular white marble (for coll therapy): 1.7 inches x 1.2 inches x 0.3 inches.

4 Miniature pressure point basalt/Deep tissue: 3 inches x 1.2 inches x 0.7 inches;

7 Chakra Healing Stones


70 Piece Basalt Massage Hot Stone Rock Set – read our other reviews on the best massage stone sets available!

master massage deluxe

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