What Is Reiki Energy Healing? (Empower 4 Ultimate Degrees Of Reiki Healing)

The Reiki Energy Healing system consists of increasing stages of acquired knowledge and skill. These stages are officially known as the 4 Degrees of Attainment or, more commonly, the 4 Levels. In this article we discuss the key learning points you need to know for the 4 degrees of Healing.

We also focus on the 5 principles for living and the role and purpose of the attunements that are required at each degree of attainment.

What Is Reiki Energy Healing - 3 Levels Of Attainment
The 4 Degrees Of Attainment

The 4 Degrees – Levels Of Attainment.

Reiki is divided into four levels of learning, based upon the understanding and therapeutic practice of the student.

These levels are systematically structured. They logically offer learners a clear structure for the development of skills and can only be achieved if the training is undertaken with a Reiki Master Teacher. 

This is due to the belief that the Master Teacher is a conduit, or channel, for the passage of Universal Life Energy to the student.

As well as theoretical teachings and explanations of how healing occurs the 4 Degrees are also complimented and enhanced through the receiving of several staged energetic transfers or attunements.

The Attunements.

Clearing Blocks, Raising Vibration, Becoming A Conduit.

Universal Life Force energy is the energy that is responsible for the healing which takes place within the body.

The attunements ensure the Energy used in Reiki is able to flow freely and remains pure.

After receiving the attunements the student is said to energetically clear and able to be a conduit for the passage of Reiki Healing Energies.

At each stage of tuition the student is inducted through the learning of several sacred symbols of Reiki.

Each symbol represents a differing healing force energy and is used by the practitioner to guide specific healing energies for the treatment of self or others.

These symbols, historically are supposedly secret to the practitioners, and not to be shared. Now however they are commonly shared. My belief is the traditions should be respected and so will not be sharing the drawing or use of symbols . For those who wish to know more they can easily be found online.

What Is Reiki Energy Healing – The 4 Degrees Of Attainment.

the first degree - what is reiki energy healing
The First Degree

The First Degree.

At stage one the Reiki student focuses upon clearing and cleansing his/her own energy systems, removing negative self thought and limiting beliefs and understanding the nature of universal energy.

The student learns, that during Reiki Healing, they are not bringing about the healing that occurs within their patient.  They learn that healing occurs because of the channeling of universal life force.

Their training and attunements allows them to become a clear and unrestricted channel for the universal healing energy.

Healing actually occurs because the receiver asks for, and therefore gives permission, for it to occur.

This permission, or request, enables universal energy to be received. It is drawn through the channel of the practitioner and delivered via the hands, into specific locations on the physical body, where it can be used by the patient for healing. This energy can also be charged with color for specific aura and chakra health.

At level 1, the first degree, the Master Teacher will instruct students about the history of Reiki. They will also offer personal experiences and evidence of Reiki Energy Healing effectiveness.

the infinite spiral-what is reiki energy healing - reiki healing attainment
What Is Reiki Energy Healing

Most importantly the Master Teacher will guide the novice to learn and understand the basic hand positions for healing.

It is critical that the student is able to learn and remember the unique sequence. This pattern of hand positions is used for self healing as well as when offering healing for others.

These healing positions were developed by the founding Master, and are the optimal positions for the channeling and transference of healing energies through the palms.

At level 1 the Reiki sacred symbols are introduced, and students may be shown how to draw them. This tracing of symbols maximizes the healing energies. Other Masters chose just to discuss them and only teach the use of symbols in the second degree.

Students will receive their first attunement. This is designed to link the novice to both universal energy and the Master Teachers purified energy. 

The attunement begins a process of energetic body cleansing. This enables the physical body to “detox”, to clear blocks and become a channel for the Reiki Healing energies.

The first degree is about self, about becoming a conduit and about being open.

The second degree
The Second Degree

What Is Reiki Energy Healing – The Second Degree.

The Second Degree Healers training focuses on the subtle body, or what we would term the aura.

Students learn three specific symbols”

  • The Power Symbol,
  • The Mental Symbol, and
  • The Distance Symbol.

Each of these symbols can be used to help focus energy for specific purposes.

They will also begin to focus on others, moving away from just focusing on the self. They will begin the practice of symbology and of hand positioning in order to deliver distance or absentee healing.

The third degree - what is reiki energy healing
The Third Degree – Master Level

The Third Degree or Master Level.

The Reiki 3rd Degree of healing ask the student to make a commitment to protect and further the practice of Reiki. At the conclusion of the 3rd degree training students attain the right to call themselves Master.

the fourth degree
The Fourth Degree – Master Teacher

The 4th Level Of Attainment

Some claim they are able to teach the practice of Reiki once they attain Master Level , or the third degree.  This is where controversy regarding 3 or 4 degrees lays.

In some fields of Reiki it is said you should call yourself Master at third degree and only Master Teacher (4th Degree) once you have practiced and mastered the skills learned to attain Level 3. This mean you have served time as a healing Master and continued to study for a period of time.

However the reality is that this passage of time is left to the new Master to determine.

The decision is a personal one and so you should use the term Master Teacher when you feel it is right within yourself. Most will wait some time, often many years, after receiving the 3rd Degree training and attunements before they start using the 4th Degree title of Master Teacher.

However there is no new leaning, and no new skills, that distinguish level 3 from level 4. Therefore I believe that when the individual starts using the term Master Teacher is a personal decision and not for others to decide. It was 6 years before I started using the term, and that was a conscious decision that felt right to me.

The 5 Principles of Reiki Healing.

What Is Reiki Healing? Firstly we must be clear that it is not a religion, but a spiritual code and a set of beliefs. This can be summed up by the attributes that form the 5 major principles.

  • Just for today, I will not anger
  • Just for today, I will not worry.
  • Just for today, I will be grateful for all my blessings
  • Just for today, I will work with honesty and integrity
  • Just for today, I will be kind to all living beings

Are There Any Risks – What Is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki is about working with the Universal positive life force. This means it can only work for the positive good of a person without violating the human will.  

No harm can come to a patient as they must always have given their consent, they themselves must draw the Reiki energy from the healer (the healer is merely a conduit for the energy) and because it is universal life force energy it will only go where it is needed and when needed.

Reiki is used as commonplace alongside Western medicine and other alternative therapies such as homeopathy, aromatherapy and hypnotherapy; and does not ask the patients to change religious or other spiritual or lifestyle points of view. The therapy is only develop to help.

What Is Reiki Energy Healing? (Empower 4 Ultimate Degrees Of Reiki Healing)


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