12 Shapes In The Aura, How To Interpret Concealed Secrets

In this post we focus on the concept of the human energy field, more commonly known as the aura. This topic has intrigued scientists, spiritualists, and curious minds alike for centuries.

The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds every creature that exists. It is a sort of spiritual signature that represents our physical, mental and spiritual health. It’s a complex and multi-dimensional concept, with a myriad of interpretations and theories surrounding its existence and significance.

In this post will provide an overview of the aura, and then focus in detail on one of its most intriguing aspects, the different shapes and energy patterns that can be seen within it. If you are new to auras, you may wish to read “What is the aura?”

Shapes in the aura are not random or meaningless; they hold significant information about our emotional state, physical health, consciousness level, and even our spiritual growth. From spheres to waves, from lines to grids, each shape in the aura is a piece of a larger puzzle that helps us understand ourselves and others on a deeper level. By understanding shapes in the aura and learning to interpret them, we gain insights and identify potential issues before they manifest physically. Let’s dive straight in.

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Shapes in The Aura – What Do They Mean?

This post assumes you already have an understanding of Aura colors and their meanings, of the zones of the aura , the different layers, and have started a regular practice of viewing your aura, or the aura of others. If not then you may want to check out our other posts, or at the end of this post is a link to a course I teach online which will guide you step by step in how to start Aura Reading! With over fifteen years experience and as a Master Reiki Teacher I would be delighted to guide you on your learning journey.

The term ‘aura’ is defined as the electromagnetic frequencies present in the bioplasmic field of living organisms, particularly human beings. This term was theorized by scientists from the Bioinformational Institute of A.S. Popow, Russia. Put into simple terms, the aura is a colored energy field that surrounds all living things, humans, animals, and plants.1All About Auras Reference Guide by Sullivan, TA 

The Auras energy is continually changing. These changes reflect our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. While most represents our current state, some shapes and colors reflect energy entering or leaving it. The human aura is not one dimensional, in fact it consists of seven distinct layers, which are:

  1. Etheric Layer
  2. Emotional Layer
  3. Mental Layer
  4. Astral Layer
  5. Etheric Template
  6. Celestial Layer
  7. Spiritual Layer

When it comes to analyzing different aura shapes you will see them within any of the seven layers. However most tend to be seen in the first three – the etheric, emotional and mental.

Don’t panic if you have never read an aura before as it is easier than than you may think. Lourdes Gray, Ph.D. in her paper ‘Learn To See Auras’ states “the perception of auras is a natural human ability that does not require years of intense spiritual work to develop.”2Gray, L., 2004. Learn To See Auras. This theory is supported by the historic research of Oscar Bagnall, a biologist from Cambridge University.3Bagnall, O. and Internet Archive (1975). The origin and properties of the human aura. [online] Internet Archive. New York : S. Weiser.

The fascinating thing with auric energy, is that the shapes and patterns seen are manifestations of energy, that change, develop, disappear and reform constantly. While your main aura color and dominant energy traits stay relatively stable and familiar throughout your life, the shapes do not. Shapes are a direct reflection of the energetic situation you find yourself in at the very moment they are seen.

Aura shapes tell us a story. They show the energy that is entering the aura, the energy leaving the aura, our current emotional state as well as its past and present, and they reveal underlying truth. According to Jean-Louis de Biasi and Bourin (2023) in their book “Mysteries of the aura” the formation of shapes in the Aura is due to concentrated energy.4How to See, Interpret & Work with Subtle Energies. Llewellyn Worldwide, 2023. It is energy formed in a localized area and the energy being utilized by current emotions.

Have you heard the expression “butterflies in the stomach”? It’s an old adage used for when we feel nervous. And even though you may not have heard the term, I bet that you can understand it. A fluttering, flickering feeling in your stomach. Energetically it is the manifestation of the emotional energy, trepidation. Rather disappointingly for those who can view the aura, it doesn’t look like butterflies. But it is an energy that can be seen, and it moves in the same way as it feels.

This is the same for all emotional energy. Each emotion is dominated by a certain type, or “flavor”, of energy. This is how we know what anger is. Everytime you feel angry, you recognize it, because it feels the same. And that is because it is, it is the actual energy of anger. In the same way we feel surprise, or sadness, joy, depression, or anxiety. Each emotion is different type of energy, with its own distinct physical feeling.

What Different Aura Shapes Can You Expect To See?

aura bands
Aura Bands – Known as the Halo

1. Bands In the Spiritual Energy Field.

Throughout recorded history, there has been evidence found to support the existence of the human aura. The philosophical and spiritual origins of aura perception can be traced back to the Ancient Hindus, but the perception or belief in the aura is certainly not limited to a single culture.

Lourdes Gray PhD says “people from various cultures have been perceiving auras for thousands of years.” Taking this into account, and when we look at different spiritual beliefs or the expression of them through art, it is likely that humans have known about the aura long before even the earliest recording of it.” This accounts for the references we see in literature and art referencing the halo, and belonging to those with angelic traits.

the aura band across history and cultures
The Aura Band Across History and Cultures

Energy bands are seen as history depicts. They are circular colored energy bands. These aura bands indicate a person who has a radiance. They are highly charismatic and have strong powers of persuasion. Typically they are seen in the aura of leaders and those of strong faith. However like all energy these bands can be positive, or negative. You can tell which it is through the coloration.

When Aura colors and energy forms bands that are bright, vibrant or bordering on being pure light it indicates they are positive. Think of the depiction of Christ, the halo is always bright, vibrant, silver or gold. This indicates someone working for others, who has positive intentions and wanting to make the world a better place. It is also common to see this in people who have a violet aura.

When the band is dark, patchy or opaque it indicates someone with a negative mindset. The coloration of the band will provide cause or reason. Dark Muddy Green has an aura color meaning of jealousy, dark muddy yellow or mustard indicates a lack of joy and bitterness. The dark band, like the light, portrays someone with influence, charisma and leadership however it is likely that the way they use their power and influence will be for negative and self serving purposes .

star clusters
Star Cluster Shapes In The Aura

2. Star Cluster Shapes In The Aura.

Star Clusters are very intense concentrations of colorful, sparkling and grouped aura energy. Each individual shape within the cluster looks like a star or a spark. They can occur anywhere in the aura. These star clusters always relate to a persons need for empowerment. Use the color and location to discover what they mean and the specific reasons for their appearance.

Let me give you an example, a recent reading, when I saw electric blue cluster shapes and stars around the forehead and throat of a client.

I spoke to her about this. Due the cluster being blue and concentrated around the throat, I asked if she was having issues with communication. I did this because the cluster formed at her throat, centered on the chakra responsible for communication and because blue color energy is about expression and communication. When she nodded, Yes, I decided I needed to explore it further.

Because these electric blue clusters could also be seen around her forehead, I asked her if she could remember a time when someone had ignored her views or said that her opinion didn’t matter. It took some time but she did remember. I then asked her if she could give me the most recent memory of this happening. And this was much harder for her. It turned out her last recollection was many years in the past. And so I told her that I thought while her fears were understandable her ability to communicate her needs was being restricted by herself.

Lets look at why I said this.

  • Blue is the color of expression.
  • They were centered on her throat chakra.
  • The electric blue cluster and color is natural to see in the throat chakra zone.
  • However we would not normally expect to it at the third eye.
  • To see blue clusters at the third eye and the throat chakra indicates the energy is moving between them.
  • The blue was dominant – there was no indigo seen and the blue was where it should be.
  • Blue aura colors at the third eye shows a loop of energy had occurred.
  • This is typical of internal dialogue, and “over thinking.”

The issue is one of self esteem. I suspected that some time in her history she had an experience where she had expressed herself and wasn’t listened to. This would have been a moment that was emotive enough to cause a block in her energy. This often occurs when someone we love or put on a pedestal reacts in way we don’t expect and is negative. Internally we don’t believe that our “hero” could ever be wrong and so we blame ourself for being the problem.

Without realizing it she had created an inner-dialogue loop. This was caused by herself and as a form of protection. Now it had became a self actualizing block, with a loop of energy going between the throat and the third eye. Everytime her intuition told her to be brave and express herself, this inner dialogue told her to remember that incident, so her throat chakra closed and she felt he couldn’t talk, and remained quiet.

This internal loop created a fear of communication. However this time the person telling her to be quiet and not to speak was herself. I explained this too her, and a weight seemed to lift from her. In this situation I offered her Reiki for healing. Following that I told her that she had to empower herself to speak, and to actually speak, everytime she felt the need. This was to be regardless of how she thought it would be received. She had to allow herself to be heard.

The good news is she came to see me a month later and while the clusters around her throat were still there those around her third eye were gone. Although you did not need to read her aura to see the difference in her. She presented as more confident and was a great deal more articulate. She said that although it was frightening, within a week of making herself express her opinions, she felt an actual difference in herself. She said it felt like a heaviness been being lifted from her. A month on and you could see the progress she had made. Other clusters are not necessarily as complex.

On a child’s first day at school, or an adults first day in a new job, shapes in the aura often appear as red sparks at the base of the spine. I view this as a sign of underlying excitement but also that they do not feel as secure or safe as usual. The red comes from Muladhara chakra and indicates our primal survival energy, the energy that is responsible for fight or flight mode. If it was yellow it might be a lack of personal empowerment creativity or sexually.

White, silver or gold aura shapes meaning need no interpretation. They indicate only one thing. And it’s awesome news! These very bright, starlike blinking and bright energy points indicate powerful forces are intervening on the persons behalf. Forces are at work supporting this person and enriching their life. White, silver and gold sparks indicate a spiritual presence. What ever term you use – this person is in the presence of an Angel, a Guide, a Higher Being, or a luminous being.

In my experience silver or gold aura shape meanings are all about energetic change. Whoever you are reading for has something energetically occurring within them. They just aren’t sure what. They will be able to recognize it if you ask them whether they have been experiencing an unusually high level of positive energy.

shapes in the aura examples
Shapes In the Aura Diagram and Examples

3. Points Of Darkness – Attack On The Spiritual Energy System.

These look similar but are the opposite of star clusters. Shapes in the aura that form points of darkness are small and dense. They feel almost as if nothing could possibly exist in the space they take up. When this is seen in the aura it is like looking into a black hole, a complete void.

Points of darkness signify an attack on the energy of the aura. This may related to emotional blocks the person has put up, deep seated trauma or the person being the subject of physical or emotional bullying or abuse. Whatever the reason, these points of darkness need to be cleared from the persons energy.

Points of darkness may also be seen when the person has an illness or injury that is not healing as it should. In rare instances they reveal the evidence of psychic attack or an energy vampire. They point to an unfavorable connection with someone. When they are seen you need to ask your client if there is a person they can identify that seems to drains them, or someone they already know that needs to be removed from their life. In my experience they are usually able to name who it is instantly.

There are several ways to cleanse the aura to remove points of darkness, including water plunging, carrying crystals, smudging, soaking up sunlight, meditating, using sound healing instruments, and using visualization techniques. I usually recommend at least one session of Reiki, as a Reiki Master can ensure these points are cleared completely.

void shapes in the aura
Void Shapes In The Aura

4. The Void Aura Shapes Meaning.

Larger than points of darkness, the aura Voids are inactive areas of little or no energy. They aren’t as deep and empty as points but they do indicate an attack on the spiritual energy system. They are just larger lifeless patches. They are associated to psychological factors, from mild discouragement, to feelings of hopelessness, depersonalization and detachment.

The area they are found will guide your analysis. Regardless of pinpointing the emotion, it is more important you say what you see, because this indicates emotional energy that needs to be cleared.

Over time, if left untreated the void continues removing energy, it leads to physical and mental illness. Void shapes in the aura are caused by a number of factors such as stress, negative emotions, physical illness, and exposure to negative energies. Addressing these voids is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced energy field. Here are some ways to remove voids in the aura and replace the energy that should be there:

  • Breathwork: Practice techniques like pranayama or deep breathing to help cleanse your aura.
  • Protective visualization: Imagine putting on a white light cloak of energy, or a protective shield around your body to ward off negative energies.
  • Aura cleansing: Use methods like plunging into water, carrying crystals, smudging, soaking up sunlight, meditating, taking a healing bath, using sound, and visualization techniques to cleanse your aura.
the vortex
The vortex aura shapes

5. The Aura Energy Vortex.

This shape is sometimes also known as the energy whirlpool. It suggests damage to our own emotional energies like a fractured relationship, fear, insecurity, excessive anxiety, and unresolved conflict. When localized and not moving it may indicate chronic pain at the physical location where it is viewed. Other symptoms associated with energy vortex are:

  • Draining positive energy: vortex shapes in the aura are known to suck and drain all the positive energies in their vicinity while emitting negative energies.
  • Emotional effects: Energy vortexes can cause emotional distress, fear, and anxiety, leading to a weakened aura and increased vulnerability to spirit attachment.
  • Mental effects: Prolonged exposure to negative energy vortexes may result in a multitude of illnesses, as they attack the vital life force within an individual.

To clear a vortex and protect against them developing I recommend:

  • Visualization: Create a protective barrier around yourself by visualizing a shield or a bubble of light. This can help block out negative energies.
  • Grounding: Practice grounding techniques such as walking barefoot on the earth or spending time in nature to help balance your energy.
  • Crystals: Carry protective crystals such as black tourmaline, obsidian, or hematite to help absorb and transmute negative energies.
  • Energy clearing: Use smudging techniques with sage or other cleansing herbs to clear your energy field.
  • Setting boundaries: Learn to say no to things that drain your energy and set clear boundaries with others.

6. Aura Shapes with Symmetry.

Any aura colors that form a distant shape with symmetry signal someone who has a healthy and harmonious mind, body and spirit. This can range from the overall shape of the persons aura or it can be a patch of color in the aura. If a patch it will be related to one of the chakras, and signals that it is the dominant energy of this person, and is aligned, balanced and working in harmony. An aura that has full symmetry show up most regularly in people who are able to accommodate change, and view it as an opportunity for new learning experiences.

aura fissures
Aura fissures

7. Aura Fissures

These are shapes in the aura that look like breaks and tears with jagged and irregular edges. They are usually grey, and look almost as if this part has lost all natural aura colors. They originate in the outer layers of the aura as the result of psychic injury, usually in early childhood, or are related to past life experiences. They show both physical and emotional abuse, and are often found in people who have experienced physical violence at the hands of a loved one.

To start repairing a fissure and begin the process of healing you can use the following methods:

  • Energy healing: Seek out a qualified energy healer who can help you identify and heal any fissures in your aura.
  • Meditation: Practice meditation to help calm your mind and promote emotional healing.
  • Self-care: Take care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being through practices such as exercise, healthy eating, and self-compassion.
  • Visualization: Use visualization techniques to help repair any fissures in your aura. Imagine a healing light filling any gaps or cracks in your energy field.
  • Professional therapy: Consider seeking out professional therapy to help address any underlying emotional issues that may be contributing to your aura fissures.
energy tentacles
Energy tentacles

8. Energy Tentacles.

These are shapes in the aura that extend outwards from the boundary of the aura, and are associated with immaturity and dependency. They are an energetic reaching out, looking for support and instant gratification.

Those with energy tenacles tend to be selfish, or who make unreasonable demands of others. They tend to be self anointed scholars and overly exaggerate their own importance. This behavior leads them to drain others rather than utilize their own emotional energies.

Tentacle energy shapes in the aura can also be seen in those who have psychic vampirism tendencies. You can interpret the different meanings by looking at where the tentacles are reaching out to.

If energy tentacles seem to just reach out, or are waving around, this signifies you are dealing with someone immature or those who are still dependent on others to have their needs met. They haven’t learnt to utilize their own emotional energies so they rely on receiving nourishment from others.

In the case of psychic vampires the tentacles can be seen reaching into the aura of those around them – to draw and drain their energy (hence the term vampire).

However be aware that these shapes in the aura can have a negative impact on your emotional energies. These tentacles can attach themselves to your aura and drain your positive energy, leaving you feeling ungrounded, scattered, and vulnerable to more unwanted energies.

They can also cause physical effects such as tiredness, run-down, low feelings, and aches in the nervous zones. Tentacle shapes in the aura can cause emotional distress, fear, and anxiety, leading to a weakened aura and increased vulnerability to spirit attachment.

To avoid these negative impacts, it is essential that you establish boundaries with those you feel uncomfortable and uncertain. And if recognised encourage those with tentacles to start being more self-sufficient. You can support them using the following methods:

  1. Practicing self-care: Prioritize activities that recharge and replenish their energy, such as regular exercise, quality sleep, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones.
  2. Delegate and empower: Encourage them to take responsibility and solve problems on their own, and promote their self-sufficiency.
  3. Set and maintain boundaries: Learn to say no to things that you don’t want to do and set limits on how much you give of yourself. Encourage the person to ask for what they need and respect the boundaries of others.
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Investigating Shapes in The Aura

Geometric and Colored Aura Shape Meanings

9. Circular Colored Energy Bands and Spheres.

Spheres indicate positive color light energy.5Prana Veda Studios The color and location offer detail, i.e. a bright yellow sphere in the upper region is associated with energy of intellectual enrichment. A bright green sphere indicates healing is being applied to the area that it is located. This is usually new energy associated with a particular trigger or point in time.

10. Aura Pyramids.

Pyramid Shapes in the aura indicate psychic or intuitive abilities. People with pyramids in their auras value intuitive knowledge. Clairvoyants often have a bright pyramid of energy in the upper regions, usually in the central zone directly above the head.

energy shields
Energy shield shapes in the aura.

11. Energy Shields.

The Shield, or aura wall, looks exactly as you think it should. It is a large shield-like patch of intensely bright and opaque physical energy. It is seen enclosing part of the body , and forms a protective boundary.

Usually the person is aware of why they may be shielding certain areas of their body. A shield over the heart indicates heartbreak from a relationship breakup to the loss of a loved one. Similarly a shield over the crown chakra may be an inability to accept, or a fear of, the Spiritual. Shields in a persons aura can develop into a wall if left untreated, meaning no external emotion or influence can break through.

The shield is always formed because of emotional energy damage and the need for protection. You should always mention the existence of a shield. If the person is unaware a shield has formed they may remain unaware. And the energy may keep building and cover an entire aura. If this occurs it becomes a wall and leaves the person unable to connect to their feelings, becoming emotionless and unable to connect or form relationships with others.

shapes in the aura
Shapes In The Aura – Chakra Centers

12. Shapes In The Aura That Appear Over The Chakra Centers

Remember to check the Chakra centers during your reading, as they should be seen as colorful aura shapes in the physical location of the body. They are linked to the health of the chakra (or the energy of the chakra ). If you can’t see them that’s also Ok, it means a neutral aura, one that is balanced and aligned.6LLewellyn

  • Circular. Normal Health and a strong aura (the shapes of chakras should always be circular).
  • Oval. There is an Imbalance.
  • Square. The Chakra is Blocked.
  • Triangular Point Up. The energies are building and indicates progression and growth or personal development.
  • Triangular Point Down. The energies are decreasing and indicates self limiting thoughts or behaviors.
  • Six or more sides of equal length. Hexagon, octagon, etc. Indicates Spiritual growth and the development of spiritual understanding. To find out specifics look to the functions of the chakra.
  • Silver or Golden Stars. This shows receiving of Angelic Messaging.

It would be impossible to list all the shapes in the aura, or the variations of aura shapes you might see. So we have discussed those often seen, and those that if seen need particular attention.

As you develop your auric sight you will see other shapes in the aura, and you will intuitively know their meaning. You’ll become a bit of a clairvoyant sleuth, using your intuition and also your knowledge of the energetic meanings of aura colors .

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Shapes in The Aura FAQs

  1. How Can I tell What My Aura Is?

    To determine your aura, you can engage in self-reflection, observe your aura in a mirror, get aura photography done, and consult an aura reader or energy healer for guidance. Auras can change based on emotions, health, and surroundings, so regular assessment is important for maintaining balance and harmony.

  2. What Shapes Can Be Seen In The Aura?

    Here are some basic terms, Spheres represent completion, and protection.
    Triangles show harmony, and spiritual growth. Squares reflect stability, and a love of structure. Stars show guidance, inspiration, and divine connection.
    Spirals are transformation and energy flow. Crosses represent protection and spiritual alignment. Distinct lines are connections the flow of energy within the aura.

  3. What Are The Dark Spots On My Aura?

    Unexpected, jarring or unwanted experiences can leave a puncture in the aura, which weakens its structure. This causes the energy to stop flowing in and begin to form pools of stagnant energy, similar to scar tissue. This manifests as as dark colored spots. The color will help identify the energy and cause.

  4. What Does A Lot Of Orange In The Aura Mean?

    Having a lot of orange in the aura indicates a person who is energetic, creative, enthusiastic, and sociable. Orange is associated with vitality, joy, and confidence. It also suggests a person who is adventurous, courageous, and who enjoys taking risks.

  5. What Does A Rainbow Shape In The Aura Mean?

    Rainbow shapes in the aura is associated with a high level of spiritual development and alignment. It signifies a harmonious balance within the chakras. The presence of a rainbow shows positivity, creativity, and a strong connection to the higher realms.

12 shapes in the aura, how to interpret concealed secrets


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