Your Aura Colors Chart: Unlock How To Read Auras And Its 5 Zones.

Are you interested in the Aura or what a specific color in your aura may mean? Ever wondered what your major aura color is? Or wondered how this coloration is linked the 7 major chakras? In our Aura Colors Chart you’ll discover all of that and more!

While much of your aura coloration is linked to the chakras, it is only a small percentage. In this post we will discuss the Aura, the energies in, energies out, colorations, arcs, bands and much more. We learn a lot about a person from their aura. When you interpret yours, or read someone’s elses, you are essentially looking into the darkest reaches of their life though their field of energy.

It is something that is a privilege and must be done with care and empathy. For some, it can feel invasive as you may see and bring up issues and aspects of their life they have not recognised or have tried to forget. In essence you are being given access into the most private parts of a person being. You will see the distribution of energy, if they have a zest for life or if their vibration is low. You will be given access to their primal source and how this is affecting them emotionally and psychically. And you will see emotions that are influenced by past events, and those they are experiencing in the current time and space.

The colors you see and the zone in which they are seen will be the key that enables you to interpret accurate meaning. A person with a lot of excess energy, compared to someone with very low energy levels will look very different. However it is the color and the zone that will enable you to understand why and draw meaning from it!

For example if someone has a large amount of built-up anger or grief inside, and are still holding onto that pain you will see it. As you will see it in a person who has had the same pain and anger but who has forgiven what has happened. The color represents the emotion that is attached to the event, and the zone will tell you if that emotion is from the past, present or near future.

To help you interpret aura colors and meanings you will find, at the end of the post, a handy aura colors chart and reference guide that you can download and share.

what Different Aura Colors Mean In 5 Viewing Zones

Most people are aware that all living things have an energy field that surrounds the body, and one that can be viewed. Many people also think that aura readings are purely about interpreting the meanings of each aura color. While that is important it is only half the picture. What provides the full picture is by taking into account the energy zone of the body where the color is seen.

If you are just starting to to see auras, the best place to begin is by focusing on the energy field around the head, chest and shoulders. This is where a person’s aura is most concentrated. However before we look at specific aura colors and their meanings, lets look at the 5 main zones that will help you draw your conclusions. It is in these 5 zones that the emotions, personality traits and personal situations will present themselves.

Five Zones – Find Your Aura Colors Meaning.

These following are the 5 viewing Zones in the Aura Colors Chart are:

  • Subconscious Zone
  • Presenting Zone
  • Conscious Zone
  • Throat Zone
  • Heart Zone
aura zones
The 5 Zones Used When Reading With The Aura Colors Chart

Left Side Of Body: Subconscious Zone.

The left side of the body is where universal energy enters your aura or subtle bodies. This zone is the energy of Yin. Yin represents the passive and the feminine. It is receptive, and the energies that you use and that will determine the future. The subconscious zone shows the current energies that are entering your subtle and physical bodies. It is what you will use to create your future state.

This energy is responsible for how we perceive ourselves. The color seen in the aura indicates whether the energy being received is positive or negative. It is important to know this, as the energy we draw in affects mood and personality traits. The energy of this zone is responsible for our perception of self. It is the space that houses all of the energies of our subconscious.

The actions taken and decisions made, used the energy from the subconscious and are reflected back to us in this zone. The left side of our body represents our emotions, imagination and creativity. It is therefore important that when you observe colors, shapes or other details in the aura that you interpret them with reference to the zone they are in. Note: It is important to remember that most of us have one natural and dominant color. This will be seen across all zones.

To interpret, it is important we also take into account the multiple colors, dots, lines and other forms that can be seen. To start reading the subconscious zone remember the following guidelines and use them as prompts.

The Subconscious Zone Represents:

  • Energy entering and coming in,
  • Energy that is being drawn in and attracted,
  • The energy is receptive,
  • The energy effects the subconscious,
  • The energy includes our personal view of self,

Think about the color seen, for example if you see a pink aura in the left what could be being attracted, drawn in, thought about (pink and green means it’s likely to be emotionally connected to love and relationships). What might a lot of orange in this zone mean? Is your analysis the same or different for people when orange is their dominant color?

What if you saw indigo? What might it mean in this zone? If someone had a dominant green aura and you saw a purple spot what might be the meaning? And would that be the same if the same spot was seen in someone with a dominant purple or indigo aura? To analyze think about dominant color, zone seen and the chakra it represents.

aura colors

Presenting Zone – Central And Above The Forehead.

The aura colors seen in this zone represent the current. This is our presenting energy.

This your current state and the energy of the “Right now”. It signifies your feelings, your emotions and your thoughts at the current moment. Because this zone houses the third eye it also may relate to energy being received intuitively. This is known as your current consciousness (not to be confused with conscious zone).

A factor in this zone is proximity to the body of the colors or shapes. Very close to the body in the aura signifies the person is experiencing feelings and emotions deeply and intensely, and is likely they are their entire focus. The further away from the body it is, the less intense are the feelings and impact on a person.

Another element to consider are shapes. For example a strip or band of one color that stretches like an arch over the top of the head indicates something you value or you hold in high esteem.

It represents a clear and current focus, an important goal, or an aspiration. You know this “important thing” is energy being expended right now, the color will provide you the clue to what meaning it may have, and the distance it is from the body will tell you how intensely it is impacting on the person.

Different Aura Color Meanings

Lets remain thinking about the strip or arch across the top of the head. If red is the color of the band it could relate to anger, the location and shape mean the anger is linked to something highly important to this person. If it is close the head the anger is being felt intensely. If further away from the head the anger is still there but is having less emotional impact on them.

If it was the color indigo, it may be linked to a spiritual matter, or it may be something they are feeling and receiving intuitively. To explore either of these scenarios with the person you would start by explaining that you are aware that something very important to them is occupying their thoughts or emotions.

Then help them gain meaning by exploring color. For red close to the body you could add “I believe this is something you may feel very angry about and can’t seem to shift your focus from”.

Or for red that is further away from the body you might add “I believe it may be related to something that annoys you, and makes you angry when you are reminded of it. It is something that you need to express or let go”

For the indigo maybe add “Have you been having strong feelings you can’t quite understand”, or “has your intuition been prodding at you, because it will be something that is important”

As well as shapes you need to consider the energy around this zone. Colors moving out of the aura can indicate spiritual level energy. Color expanding from the top of the head in an outward direction and gaining intensity of color the further away it gets, indicates they may be going through a spiritual awakening, becoming more in tune with their higher self or undergoing a spiritual expansion associated with the crown chakra.

You may see other colors and shapes in this area of the human aura such as orbs, specks, or patches. The color will determine exact meaning and will differ from person to person. When colors or shapes show up in the presenting zone the meaning will reflect their current physical and emotional state. These are known as presenting scales.

The first is the emotional scale. The scale starts at introversion which are emotions “I haven’t recognised it, I don’t want to express, or I don’t feel able to express” all the way to extroversion, “I absolutely know what this is, I will and want to express, or I will react in an extreme way”.

The second is the impact intensities scale. This scale starts with mild impact “This is having very little impact on my life” all the way through to to extreme impact “this is having a major impact on my life.” When you see shapes or colors in the presenting zone interpret them using the following guides:

Colors, shapes, symbols on the Emotional Scale:

Away from body

  • introversion,
  • sensitivity,
  • need for solitude,
  • detachment
  • being in a meditative state,
  • being at peace,
  • feelings of tranquility

Close to body

  • expressiveness,
  • extroversion
  • social activity
  • need for personal connections
  • high positivity
  • high negativity
  • dominance
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Right Side Of The Body – Conscious Zone.

The right side of the body is our Yang Energy. It represents the conscious energy. This is energy that is leaving the body, its influence is receding and is energy consumed and the aura is also clearing.

The right side of our auric field consists of masculine energies and is our expressive energies. The energy in this zone can only be there if it has passed through the subconscious then through the presenting zone and now is in the conscious. If these energies were negative your expressive energy may be shown in the conscious as aggression.

The right side of our body contains the energy that was recently used and experienced and is now being released. Because it is the energy zone of expression this energy determines how others perceive us. The aura colors can help to understand how we are viewed. They represent the public persona, or the face we show to the world. And depending on our experiences while this may not be how we would wish top be seen it is the persona we present to the world

The different Aura colors found on the right side of the body relate to current physical changes that are occurring. As it is energy leaving the physical and subtle body it is the zone responsible for our memories. It is therefore important that when we observe colors, shapes or other details that show up in the auras of people in the conscious zone we interpret them accordingly.

The Conscious Zone Represents:

Some prompts may be:

  • The energy / color is related to energy that was current in the very recent and/or the energy has been used,
  • The energy / color is leaving the physical and subtle body,
  • Colors on this side are expressive,
  • It is energy within the conscious state,
  • Because it is in the conscious you will be aware of the energy or the impact,
  • Energy in this zone of auras reflect how others see us, or our public persona,
  • Think about, if you see green in the conscious zone, what might be leaving, is the energy related to attachments to current or memories, does it relate to a physical change? Is it a perception or persona?
  • How about seeing yellow shapes? Is it linked somehow to the solar plexus chakra? What yellow aura energy may be leaving? Is it positive? Is it a creative work completed? Or something that is completed, or nearing completion, but requiring intelligent thought rather than emotional reactions?

Specific Chakra Zones.

There are 2 further, smaller zones and these relate directly to 2 chakras.

Throat Chakra Zone – Aspects Of Communication:

The colors viewed in the area of Vishuddha the Throat Chakra will be indicative of how the person is currently communicating and expressing themselves. Colors, apart from blue, only show up in this zone during the exact time that the person is expressing themselves intentionally.

Think about if you were to see purple colors in the throat zone. What may this person be expressing if the communication was related to purple energy? Consider if you saw orange located around the throat. What type of communication would this energy be expressing?

A good way to remind you of the significance of color and position is to keep the aura color meaning chart nearby when doing your reading. Specific colors showing in the throat zone will relate directly to the associations on the chart.

Remember when interpreting the energy field, you need to analyze the related color association, the aura zone and the hemisphere (left / right).

For example if red base shade people show orange in the throat on the left hand side you need to consider both zones. What energies relating to orange may the person be communicating, keeping in mind this is energy arriving in the subconscious zone (meaning the person may not be consciously aware of it).

Heart Chakra Zone – The Core Of The Body:

This zone covers the core of the body and indicates the energy that is coming from Anahata the Heart Chakra. When reading colors and shapes in this zone, it is similar to the throat, however be aware that this zone is not always active.

Colors, apart from shades of green and pink, are usually only seen in this area during times that are emotionally intense or traumatic. These are usually muted and semi transparent colors or shapes. You may also see colors or shapes in the Heart Zone when someone has intentionally and deliberately opened their heart, but these will be seen as vibrant solid blocks or bands.

aura color meanings

Specific Aura Colors and their Meanings.

Lets now look at the meaning of each color and the different shades

red aura

Red – Aura Colors Chart.

Red is associated with Muladhara the Root Chakra. It is the color that indicates your connection with pure earthly energy. This relates to a persons physical body, material objects, life force energy and how they relate to others. Those with red in the aura usually understand and enjoy physicality and the material aspects of the world. They are passionate individuals who love adventure, they are dynamic and enjoy the pleasures of the physical world.

It is their passion that provides drive to their life. The red energy can also lead to restlessness, so may seem to always be seeking bigger or better. This is usually seen in those adventurers whose adrenaline inducing activities seem to indicate they have little fear of death. They are the souls who unapologetically over-indulge.

Red in the aura is usually exhibited by powerful people who express sensuality easily and rarely deny the pleasures of the physical. If dark or murky it should be taken as a warning. This person is unable to release anger, frustration, and it may indicate deep seated trauma that needs to be worked through and cleared. If seen as a transparent haze it usually indicates someone with low energy such as tiredness or exhaustion from over working.

pink aura

Pink Aura Color Meaning.

Pink is one of the rarest of the aura colors. It is a pure blend of red (earthly physical) and white aura energy (divine). It shows up in a person with a loving and gentle nature. They are the people who always seem to radiate a loving and caring nature and who share this with everyone who comes into contact with them.

They are highly sensitive and believe absolutely in the ideals of long lasting romance. They are usually able to keep love alive throughout their relationships. Similar to green, it indicates those who are the healers in life. They are people who have natural intuition and an interest in the psychic, usually with psychic abilities themselves.

If seen it is usually coming from or entering Anahata the Heart Chakra. Both pink and green aura colors have the same vibrational resonance. Those who have large amounts in the aura are inspirational, as well as making all around them feel comfortable. They are uplifting and have the ability to make others feel better with just a glance, with a simple smile, or a kind word. In fact they can heal others just because they are present.

magenta color


Those with magenta in their aura are known as life’s originals. They have a blended red and blue vibration (earthly physical and creative communication). Those with a large amount have a masterful understanding of the physical world teamed with high creativity and the ability to communicate openly and expressively.

This blend of blue and red is usually seen in those who are engaged in creative work. They have naturally high energy and are creatives who thrive on fast paced living, they love originality and are highly innovative. Magenta souls are those who walk to the beat of their own drum, and are those who like to experience the world their way.

They can sometimes be viewed as eccentric, but in a good way, as the attention they get from others is nearly always positive. They are true individuals and are not the type to follow the crowd or the latest fashion. In fact the idea horrifies them! They do not succumb to peer pressure and often relish in their ability to shock people.

The magenta color indicates optimism and a natural sense of humor. They are usually very level headed, strong willed and highly intelligent, However they are rarely understood by those around them. The color indicates those who are free spirits and are not concerned with what others think of them. They tend to be urbanites and choose to live in metropolitan areas and cities. This enables them the freedom they seek to express themselves as the originals they are!

Orange – Aura Colors Chart

Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, which is located below the belly button and is associated with creativity, sensuality, and emotions. It is sexual energy. People with a strong vibrant color are often outgoing, energetic, and passionate. They are creative and enjoy taking risks. They are also very sensual and enjoy physical intimacy.

Here are some of the possible meanings of an orange aura:

  • Creativity: People with this aura color are creative and enjoy expressing themselves through art, music, or writing. They are also good at problem-solving and coming up with new ideas.
  • Sensuality: People are often sensual and enjoy physical intimacy. They are also good at expressing their emotions and connecting with others on a deep level.
  • Passion: Passionate about their lives and the things they do. They are also good at motivating others and inspiring them to achieve their goals.
  • Change: People with orange in their aura are often open to change and new experiences. They are also good at adapting to new situations and making the best of them.
  • Growth: Focused on personal growth and development. They are always looking for ways to improve themselves and become the best version of themselves.


Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the upper abdomen. It is associated with the elements of fire and air, and the qualities of intellect, self-esteem, and personal power. People with a strong yellow aura are often confident, optimistic, and outgoing. They are good at thinking on their feet and are often natural leaders. They are also creative and enjoy learning new things.


Green is the color associated with the heart chakra, which is the fourth chakra in the human body. It is responsible for love, compassion, forgiveness, and self-love. Those with a lot of green tend towards gentleness. They are typically kind, compassionate, and loving. They are often drawn to nature and animals. They are also good at connecting with others on a deep level.


Blue is the color of the throat chakra, which is associated with communication, truth, and expression. These folk are calm, peaceful, and intuitive. They are as good at listening as they are at communication. They are often drawn to careers in teaching, writing, or counseling. They are often truth-seekers. They are honest, trustworthy and able to see things exactly as they are, even when it is hidden.

Darker Blue shades signify over work, giving to much to others and burn out. These folk need to take time for themselves or go on vacation! When the color is well balanced they are able to express themselves clearly and concisely. Out of balance they can become poor listeners and unable to understand the perspectives of others.

Aura Colors Chart.

Download The Aura Colors Chart

Get your own copy of the full Aura Colors Chart. 12 Pages in full color with correct shades, plus a zones of the aura, an energy flow direction and shapes in the aura chart.

Auras Colors
RedBrightEnergy, passion, strength, optimistic, enthusiastic, adventure
DeepStrong willed, grounded, balanced, realistic.
MuddyAnger, frustration, stressed, resentful
ClearPowerful, sensual, passionate, competitive
Orange RedConfidence
ScarletPassionate, charismatic, flamboyant, dramatic
MagentaNonconformist, unconventional, innovative, vision, spontaneous, playful
GarnetPassion, courage, strength, vitality, leadership, determined, charisma
PinkBrightSensual, artistic, affectionate, loving, sensitive, compassion. 
LightInnocence, purity, clairaudience
MuddyDishonesty, emotional immaturity
MagnoliaKind, nurturing, empathetic, creativity, romance, innocence, gentle
OrangeVibrantCreativity, joy, enthusiasm
PeachInspirational, creative communication
Yellow OrangeJoy, enthusiasm, intelligence also addiction, risky behavior
AmberCreativity, optimism, joy, enthusiasm, sexual, curious
TangerineVitality, goal oriented
PumpkinSelf-disciplined, hard working, eye for detail
BurntHigh ambitious but lacking energy, needs change
Brown orange Laziness, repressed emotions, low ambition
YellowPaleIntellect, curiosity, positivity, creative, analytical, hopful
BrightOptimistic, happy, hopeful, inspired, motivated (and fear of losing contol)
White yellowhappy exterior, hiding inner conflict, mental health issues
GoldenSame as bright, plus divinity, personal power, spiritual enlightenment
NeonPoor self image, negativity.
Dark MuddyFatigue, stress, gaining too much knowledge at once
GreenEmeraldHealing, growth, compassion, balance, abundance, prosperity, success
LightLove, energy, must learn to heal self before others
Very YellowOpen, expressive, heartfelt, creative
LimeHealing, Growth, renewal, harmony
OliveBalance, stability, peace, wisdom
TurquoiseCommunication, expression, creativity, intuition, teacher, healer
Muddy DarkJealousy, victim mentality, insecurity, blaming, lacks self awareness
TealHealing, protection, calmness, spirituality, empathy, honest
BlueSkyCommunication, performance, serenity, creative, articulate, expressive
Light BlueAuthentic, speaking truth, positive, purity, peacefyl, instinctual
True BlueExpressive, honesty, authentic, intuitive, compassion, empathy
Royal BlueSee sky, plus generous, success, abundance, spiritual, clairvoyance
Dark MuddyFear of expression, fear of the future, fear of speaking their truth.
Deep Puresee Royal, highly intuitive, deep spirituality, inspired communication
CobaltWisdom, knowledge, intelligence, logic, clarity, focus, rationality
Sapphiresee Cobalt, highly spiritual, intuitive, detached from material world
IndigoTrueIntuition, wisdom, insight, psychic, brave, fearless, passionate
Palesee Deep, positive, optimistic, determined, spiritually evolved
Dark MuddyOverwhelmed, trapped, struggle, low energy, depression
VioletPureSpirituality, transformation, awareness, intuition, evolved, confidence
LavenderImaginative, creative, dreamy, love of fun
AmethystMystical, psychic, intuition, spiritual, wisdom, compassion, inspiration
ByzantiumPower, authority, leadership, influence, courage, assertive, achievement
Dark MuddyStruggling spiritually, difficult decisions, not following soul path
DullPhysical pain preventing spiritual connection
UnbalancedArrogance, narcissism
WhitePurePurity, clarity, radiant, divine connection
Covers auraPurity, knowing and speaking the truth, angelic features
Sparks, DotsAngelic communicaton
Dirty PatchyBlocked energy, illness, untrustworthy
SilverPureIntuitive, psychic, visionary, refined, open-minded, adventurous, elegant
Dirty MuddyBlocked chakras, skeptical, mistrust, unreleased fear
MetallicNurturing, intuitive, new ideas, abundance
NickelFuturistic, visionary, innovative, original, progressive, inventive
GreyPureNeutral, detached, indifferent, indecisive, uncommitted, uninterested
Murky HeavyDepressed, anxious, highly stressed
BrownUmber / TanHardworking, reliable, realistic, practical, realistic, loyalty, organized
BronzeEnergetic, dynamic, spontaneous, competitive, ambitious, attractive
PewterSecretive, mysterious, reserved, introverted, private, complex
TaupeSkeptical, cautious, analytical, rational, objective
BlackPureEndings, New Beginnings,
Patchy DullPast life issues, negativity, anger, stored emotional trauma
ObsidianStrong-willed, determined, confident, transformation, resilient, influence
RainbowAllHighly developed, gifted, talented, spiritual, energy healer
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