Heart Chakra Crystals (Best 5 Crystals For The Heart To Balance Anahata)

Discover the 5 best Heart Chakra Crystals for opening, balancing and aligning Anahata. We explain why achieving energetic balance within Anahata is critical by exploring its function as the central meeting place of physical and spiritual energies and our bodies energetic harmoniser.

Learn which are the best crystals for the heart!

Anahata, also known as Heart Center, is located in the center of our chest, and is the midpoint of our the physical and subtle body’s major chakra system.

what are the 7 chakras and how to balance chakras almost immediately.  Heart Chakra Crystals.
Person in lotus position with chakras.
Anahata can be clearly seen at the midpoint.

It is the 4th of our major chakras and is located directly between the lower 3 Physical Energy Centers (Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura) and the Upper 3 Spiritual Energy Centers (Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara).

It is the energy center that is the meeting point of physical and spiritual, and therefore responsible as a gatekeeper, keeping in check the flow of all our chakra energies.

It is for this reason that we need to ensure Anahata, as gatekeeper, is kept balanced and aligned. If not balanced, we find our entire natural vibrational harmony is out of balance.

The heart center acts as the conduit for all physical energies that rise up from Muladhara the Base Chakra and the Spiritual energies flowing down after entering Sahasrara the Crown Chakra. This is why our heart center is so vital to health and emotional wellbeing..

Anahata determines the entire health, strength and balance of all energies that flow throughout our body.

When our heart is out of sync, our entire system is also. This often manifests as periods when we are overwhelmed with emotion, or the opposite, where we feel empty and void of them altogether.

Anahata The Heart Chakra – Quick Information Guide.

Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

In Balance: Achieve Balance, Love and Self Control

Sound: Notes and Tones “F” & “F#”

Color: All Shades of Green / Pink

Meridian: The Heart

Location: Center of the Chest

Physical Body Function: Heart, blood circulation, lower lungs, rib-cage, skin, upper back

Glands: The Thymus

Emotional Component: Sorrow and Grief

Purpose: To Achieve Love and Balance

Basic Rights: To love and to be loved

The energies that develop in this meeting of spiritual and physical within Anahata allow us to view life in balance and to see beyond ourselves. 

We start to explore the possibility that we are more than just the physical.  We begin to seek answers and to ask important questions.

We accept that our make up is more than previously thought, that it is a combination of spirit, (or the soul) and the already known physical earthly form.

HealthyNatured.com – What Are The 7 Chakras

Achieve Balance Within Anahata Using Heart Chakra Crystals.

When Anahata is balanced we have the power and ability to forgive, to love unconditionally and live a life in natural harmony.

We can give our love without compromise or expectation, spreading harmony and warmth to others around us.

But even more importantly, we are able to accept and understand that we must also provide this unconditional love and emotional nurturing firstly to ourselves. 

With a balanced and energetically aligned Anahata Heart Chakra we radiate love in everything we do and to everyone we encounter.

Anahata heart chakra crystals
The Selection Of Anahata Heart Chakra Crystals

Why Achieving Balance Is Vital.

When Anahata Heart Chakra is out of balance we lose the ability to “sense” or “feel” the reality around us. We lose touch with our true self, our true emotions and find it difficult to be at ease or at peace.

This left unchecked can lead us to make poor decisions, or misinterpret the actions snd intentions of others around us.

Eventually this leads to us building heart walls or emotional blocks for self protection which in reality leads us to become further detached from the world and everyone else in it.

Our relationships suffer. Our health suffers. We lose energetic balance and the ability to self moderate.

This imbalance leads us to retreat into ourselves, and to live in “the head”. When we try to live vis physical energies within the emotional world we encounter periods of over thinking, emotional confusion and the inability to express our emotions in a healthy way.

anahata heart chakra crystals
How To Recognise The Symptoms Of Overactivity – Anahata Heart Chakra Crystals

How To Recognise Symptoms Of An Overactive Anahata Heart Chakra.

An overactive Heart Chakra can bring about feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed.

This surge of heart energies causes an exaggeration of the true weight and reality of emotion. We experience extremes of high emotion such as grief, sadness, jealousy, greed and anger.

Due to the excessive energies we find we are unable to apply logic to situations and do not rationalize in the way we would usually deal with our emotions.

An overactive Anahata Heart Chakra is commonly associated with a lack of self acceptance and self worth. This can be seen by the tendency to live our life through other people and viewing our emotional wellbeing as being dependent upon others.

This sadly results in unhealthy associations and our difficulty in forming and maintaining positive personal relationships.

How To Recognise The Symptoms Of An Under Active Heart Chakra.

When Anahata is only partly open, or is under active, we do not receive the naturally required heart energy and we are unable to form, express and experience emotion.

This makes us feel that we are unloved and unloveable.  Sadly this is often confirmed in our eyes, as relationships are difficult to maintain and lead to us being seen by others as aloof, cold and distant.

A lack of naturally flowing and balanced Anahata Heart Chakra energy makes it very difficult to not only form relationships, but also to understand why we would want to.

However, regardless of the imbalance impacting emotions, those with under active heart chakras do notice that others view them as cold and distant.

This perceived lack of warmth from others and lack of meaningful connections often brings with it feelings of inferiority. The lowering self esteem triggers neediness and an almost constant cycle of seeking emotional support and validation. 

However, it is the start of a sadly repeating cycle. The neediness pushes others away. This lessons and lowers self worth further.

Anahata Heart Chakra Crystals

5 Of The Best Heart Chakra Crystals For Achieving Natural Balance.

1. Amazonite. (Heart Chakra Crystals)

Amazonite is a beautifully soothing stone.

As well as soothing our emotional state, and balancing the energies enabling the alignment of the heart, it is also excellent for calming an overactive mind, brain and nervous system.

Amazonite is the stone of balance,  making it perfect for the heart center. 

Anahata, as the center of our energetic balance, is responsible for the correct distribution of physical energies from the lower 3 chakras and spiritual energies from the upper 3 chakras.

When we use Amazonite we enable the heart chakra to align naturally and this in turn levels all other energy flow. All of our chakras find their natural balance.

As the crystal aids Anahata to reach an energetic equilibrium the Amazonite also brings about the balancing of our masculine and feminine energies.

Amazonite helps us view emotional issues clearly and without being drawn into second guessing our feelings and judging our worth.

As the stone of balance its energies allow us to see both sides of an argument, value differing points of view and enable us to rationalise and put emotion into perspective.

It is a brilliant stone, assisting us to find calm, to achieve emotional peace and soothe and heal long seated emotional trauma. When we calm our mind we also dispel worries and fears clearing negative energy and breaking down emotional walls and energy blocks.

Amazonite is recognized as a the stone which assists in manifesting unconditional universal love.  It is one of the very best Heart Chakra Crystals.

2) Rhodochrosite. Heart Chakra Crystals.

Rhodochrosite is another wonderful choice of heart chakra crystals because of its properties for emotional balancing and healing. This is the stone of pure love and it emits the most tender, nurturing and loving energies
of any stone.

Rhodochrosite brings our focus back to ourselves. It gently and lovingly brings forward energies that soothe the heart, comfort the soul, and enable us to find calm and inner peace.

Rhodochrosite symbolizes and manifests a selfless love of the self.

It is a crystal that with its soothing and safe vibrations builds within us true emotional strength. It directs balanced energies of acceptance and love inwards for the personal and emotional healing we need.

It allows us to experience emotion in an honest and healthy way which enables us to accept, acknowledge and then release past pain and trauma.

Rhodochrosite emits vibrations we naturally associate with the heart, those of self-love, forgiveness and compassion. It gives us the energy required to love ourself, and heal personally, before we begin sharing and expressing our emotions outwardly. and with others

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3. Malachite – Anahata Heart Chakra Crystals.

Malachite is the third of our heart chakra crystals.  It is also a stone of balance, but of balancing abundance, of manifestation and of intention.

Malachite actually absorbs energies that are associated with emotional imbalance by drawing out any buried or suppressed emotions.

This enables a true clearing of the Heart Chakra and aids in the activation of Anahatas balancing role. We achieve aligned balanced and optimised chakra flow.

Malachite is often referred to as the “stone of transformation” because of these properties for deep energetic cleansing.  It emits energies that provide emotional healing and positive transformation.

Malachite draws out and disburses trapped negative energy. It brings forth and uncovers old and unhealthy emotional patterns, past traumas, and suppressed feelings.

However, like Rhodochrosite, it does this with very gentle energies and never in a way that is overwhelming. 

It should be noted that because Malachite absorbs all of these negative energies it is important you “clear & cleanse” the Malachite stones often.

4. Aventurine – Anahata Heart Chakra Crystals.

Green Aventurine is an excellent stone to use following Malachite. It helps release patterns, habits and disappointments that could potentially lead to a return of negativity and imbalance.

It allows us to feel hope and optimism, enabling us to move forward with confidence and embracing the positive change.

Aventurine resolves any final energetic blockages and rebalances Anahata.

It helps us to truly understand our own needs and emotions clearly.

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, making it excellent for our general wellbeing and the achieving of emotional calm.

It is a powerful stone specifically for the protection of Anahata. Its properties provide us with an energetic auric shield that prevents “energy vampires”, negative attachments and those who seek to drain others of healthy emotional energies.

5. Rose Quartz – Anahata Heart Chakra Crystals.

Rose Quartz is probably the best well known of the heart chakra crystals. And rightly so. It is the stone of Unconditional Love.

It emits vibrational energies of heart healing, of compassion, of peace, of tenderness and emotional comfort.

Rose Quartz helps with the release of stored and trapped emotions and as it does it aids healing of emotional wounds, fears and held resentment.

Rose Quartz emits tender and loving energies that are felt throughout our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Rose Quartz vibrations bring about a reawakening within Anahata. This reawakens the heart chakra to its own innate properties and potential for love.

This in turn provides the energies required to develop our sense of personal fulfilment and contentment.

It is one of the best of the heart chakra crystals because it enhances both the energy to give love and to receive love from others.

Rose Quartz vibrations penetrate the innermost chambers of the Heart Chakra where our traumatic and deep emotional experiences are recorded.

These deeply rooted energies are able to be released through the use of Rose Quartz and through this we lighten and lift the spirit.

Rose Quartz aids the removal of deep seated, long buried energetic sorrows and trauma. This breaks down any heart walls we built for emotional protection and replaces them with softer energies of healing, of understanding and of comfort.

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Heart Chakra Crystals (Best 5 Crystals For The Heart To Balance Anahata)


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