How To Balance Muladhara In Under 10 Minutes Plus Gain The Best benefits!

Feeling like something is missing in life? Know you should spend time clearing your energy? But don’t have the time? Welcome to the 10 Minute Morning Meditations! Discover how to balance Muladhara, the root chakra, in under 10 minutes and still gain all the benefits of aligned energy.

Overview Of How To Balance Muladhara.

Before we look at balancing Muladhara let us remind ourselves of the energy function and the behaviors the energy controls.

Muladhara is pure energy, meaning it is raw and unrefined. It is the energy of primal being and instinctual needs and desire – to be safe and secure!

LocationElementEmotionalPhysicalBalanced BehaviorBlocked BehaviorOveractive Behavior
Base of SpineEarthSafety,
circulatory system
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How To Balance Muladhara The Root Chakra
Root Chakra Energy Balance

Cause of Imbalance:

A blocked root chakra is generally related to your emotional or physical well-being.

If there is an imbalance in this chakra you may experience stress, often involving career worries or your financial dependence (or independence, accordingly). Imbalance in Muladhara the Root Chakra can also lead to anxiety disorders, and may even result in chronic nightmares.

Symptoms of Blockage:

A blocked Muladhara chakra often manifests through pelvic or lower back pain. People may find that they have cold extremities such as fingers, toes and nose. They may also find it difficult to concentrate. Eating disorders may also be a manifestation of a root chakra imbalance.

Physical imbalances may also manifest as problems in the colon, with the bladder, with bowels, and often issues related to the lower back, leg, and/or feet.

In Men, you may find that the development of prostate related problems.

10 Minute Muladhara Script: 


Make yourself comfortable, seat yourself so your feet are flat on the floor and your spine is straight.

As you start to wind down, feel the floor or earth below your feet supporting you. Feel yourself becoming one with the solid base at your feet. Feel the soles of your feet become heavy and more and more immoveable from the earth below.


Notice how this connection makes all your worries wash away.


You are here, you are here now.


You are alive, and you are cared for.


You are protected. You are loved.


Allow your eyes to close and notice how it feels as slowly all the worries and anxieties of the day grow still and subside.


Calm.  You feel calm. You are calm.




Eyes closed. You are safe. 


Take a deep, long breath in.

Place your focus on your breath. Feel it as it enters your nostrils, as it fills your lungs and travels down as if to every inch of your body.

And let it go. Out through the mouth, leaving your lungs. And as it leaves it is releasing all tension, all worry. Let it go.

Place your focus on your breath. This time visualize as much detail about the journey the breath takes as you can. Breathe In.

See it, feel it, sense it, as the breath enters in through your nose, then moves down your throat and into your lungs. Feel your chest expand as the breath fills your lungs. Feel the breath passing further.

Your breath is flowing down your arms, into your hands an fingers.

It is going down into your belly, filling your abdomen and your hips. It passes into your pelvic bone, and then your thighs.

You notice that your legs grow even heavier as you visualize the breath flowing down them and filling them. You can see that the breath is exiting your body at the base of your spine and soles of your feet. You can see it is connecting with the ground and flowing down into the earth.

how to balance muladhara energy

Continue to breathe, continue to visualize your breath and see the path it travels. Visualize your breath and it’s journey.

And let it out, expel the breath. Let it go.

Take another deep breath. In through the nose, then travelling down the throat, filling your lungs, your belly, your lower back and then into the base of the spine. Move your focus gently to the base of your spine. You can see at the base, by your tailbone that Muladhara your root chakra is beginning to form.

Initially as a tiny pin prick of light, but with each breath this light is growing brighter and getting bigger and is pulsating with beautiful vivid red light.

The bright, vivid red of Muladhara is expanding with the breath your sending, and now you can see that it is sending energy back to you.

Focus on Muladhara and see that the red energy is growing larger. The energy is spinning in a clockwise direction and is expanding across your lower back.

With each breath you take the red energy from Muladhara spins even faster and the light expands further. Notice how this energy, the energy of Muladhara is warm and soothing.  

The light from Muladhara is like a supportive hand, a warm touch of comfort that is growing and spreading across your lower back. Let this red glow of energy spread into your back and feel as the energy begins to comfort, soothe, and heal.


See Muladhara as her energy now begins to ground you to the earth. The red energy is now travelling down from the base of the spine and into your legs. You can see and feel it exiting through the soles of your feet. 

As you watch you can see the red light of energy from the root chakra is going deep, deep, deep down into Mother Earth. Branching off in all directions as if the energy were the roots of a mighty oak. 

Like the roots of trees you feel that these red energy trails are making you strong, connected and stable. You feel safe, your feel secure, you feel grounded.


Notice now the energy of Muladhara is also travelling upwards from its home at the base of your spine. Your can see that your body is filling completely with this wonderful healing, red energy.

Feel the light and the energy of Muladhara as it moves throughout your body.

Sense that the energy is burning away all physical and emotional blocks and baggage. All the doubts, all the self imposed barriers are falling away, tumbling away, burnt away and then cleared from your body by your breath.


Stay in the light of Muladhara for as long as you wish.  When you are ready, and only when you are ready, open your eyes. Enjoy the day, knowing that your root chakra is balanced and will always continue to glow, to support and to cleanse.


I hope you enjoyed this script for balancing Muladhara. We will be following up with a 10 minute meditation script for each of the 7 major chakras. Please do let me know if you try them and how you found the experience.

How To Balance Muladhara In Under 10 Minutes Plus Gain The Best benefits!