Boost Your Self Esteem – 3 Steps To Silence Your Inner Critic!

Are you struggling to find the confidence to pursue your dreams? Do you feel like you’re constantly held back by an inner critic? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with low self-esteem and a negative inner voice. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help boost your self-esteem and silence your inner critic. In this blog post, we will discuss how to do just that. We’ll explore ways to recognize and challenge negative thoughts, practice self-care, and set realistic goals for yourself. With these strategies in hand, you’ll be able to take control of your life and start building the confidence needed to reach your goals!

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Boost Your Self Esteem By Challenging Your Inner Thoughts.

We all have an inner critic that can be very damaging to our self esteem and confidence. It is important to challenge these negative thoughts and build a positive self-image. This article will provide practical steps and guidance on how to do just that.

It is possible to learn how to challenge your inner critic, stop negative self talk, and build a positive self image. You can begin to tackle your negative thoughts and start feeling more positive about yourself by exploring and focusing on the source of these thoughts, understanding their root cause and replacing them with affirmations. With these steps, it is possible to boost your self esteem and create a healthier relationship with yourself.

Negative self talk is truly destructive to your self esteem. The first step you need to take is to mindfully monitor all your self talk. When you find yourself having negative thoughts or pessimistic thinking starts you must stop and rephrase. Verbally inform yourself that thought is not true and it is not acceptable. You should never ignore it. Ignoring it simply “feeds the critic” and so it keeps occurring.

Instead you must challenge and question the foundation of all negative thoughts. You do this to figure out whose voice this thought really represents. Ask yourself, why is this thought with me now? Where has this thought come from? Is it my voice or am I remembering another? Then remind your inner self the only thoughts you will own are your own. Now rephrase the negative thought with your new, positive and affirming one. This needs to occur Every time!

Following the infographic you will find more detailed information and the positive action steps you can take daily to boost your self esteem.

Below is an infographic that I hope will help remind you of the steps required to boost your self esteem. Print it out, share it!

Accept Compliments

When someone compliments you, thank them humbly and accept it. People don’t offer compliments for no reason. If you feel uncomfortable, stop and remind yourself, The compliment I just received is correct.

Get Rid of Perfectionism

Noone is perfect, and we all have a few things we would like to change. So instead of looking for flaws set yourself a challenge to spot your success, find the fantastic. Every day find something you love about yourself and remind yourself how good it is to be you!

Surround yourself with Positive People

Seek out the people who make you feel good, who are positive and who make you feel good about yourself. While you don’t need other peoples approval research shows that being around happy people makes us happy…so positivity is contagious

Focus On Your Strengths

Each day remind yourself of your strengths. The more positive inner talk you practice the more you will boost your self esteem.

Focus on

Life is too beautiful to waste time on what you don’t have. Each day list the things or people you are grateful for. What are you thankful to have in your life? Remember – live in the present moment. See the good things in yourself and give thanks.

Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful positive statements about yourself. They are an effective way to build self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, and self-respect. Say to yourself these words: “I am strong.” “I am good enough.” and “I am worthy of love and respect.”

improve your self esteem - ways to boost your self esteem

What Influence Does Your Inner Critic Have? Boost Your Self Esteem.

Negative self talk can be a major obstacle in life, but it is possible to identify the source of the negative thoughts and reduce them. It is important to recognise where these negative thoughts are coming from in order to boost self esteem and make positive changes.

Some people may not realise, or even be conscious of, the influence that their inner critic has over them. Often we are so busy during the day we ignore negative self talk. Unfortunately that can lead to you accepting it as your own personal truth.

When you hear the voice of your inner critic, you need to stop and take time to examine it. To really boost your self esteem you need to be able to find the source of the voice. This enables you to determine who the voice belongs to, if it is constructive (sometimes it is as it may be offering words that will keep you safe) or if it is simply fuelling self defeating patterns.

A simple way to begin to identify where this voice comes from, and who it belongs to, is to think about the problem or issue it referred to. When you think about your inner critics words what thoughts come to mind.

What was the issue? Why did that thought arise? Why would you think this thought? Is it really negative or is is self protection? How would you rephrase this thought to make it acceptable to you?

You should also note down and monitor negative thinking as it will let you uncover any patterns or habits.

This active thought assessment allows you to consciously identify you inner critic at work. You will begin to understand the extent to which it influences your decisions. This alone can help to boost your self esteem. Because you are actively rephrasing you will start to realize, and embed, your true voice.

Identifying and Combating Your Inner Critic  

Because most of us have let our inner critic thrive for a long time, or assumed the voice was a reflection of our own, overcoming its influence can be a challenging and scary thought.

When you challenge your inner critic start by clearly stating that you want to identify the source of this inner criticism and negative thinking. This sets intent. You are stating consciously your intention of removing negative thoughts and unwarranted criticism.

Think about the words that were used. You want to retrace those words and seek their origins.

Your inner critic does not appear out of the blue. The voice slowly, but surely, developed and was given energy. The voice is fed from the environment you grew up in, or adults exposed to, or even your own voice.

The reason for retracing your inner voice is because it may not belong to you at all. It could be the critic is repeating conversations from toxic personalities in your past, or present.

If you grew up in an environment that constantly bombarded you with negativity or criticism you may have unconsciously started to believe that you are inferior or inadequate. The inner critic therefore is not a reflection of you. It is a replay of a negative and toxic past.

If you had a wonderful and happy childhood you may be in a work or social environment with people whose negativity is undermining your self-esteem. Then your inner critic would be replaying the negativity of others.

Once you are consciously aware of the source of our inner voice you can deal with them. It is easier to remove negative thoughts if you realize they do not belong to you. You can shed them and replace them.

If you identify the negativity as being from someone you still associate with you need to either remove them from your circle or prepare yourself when in their presense. Remind yourself when in their company that you do not accept their views and will not take on any negativity from them.

If the inner critic appears again with the same dialogue, stop and remind yourself the origins. Then actively replace the thought with your rephrased positive version.

Verbally reinforce your true values and beliefs, phrasing them as positive statements that already exist in your life. For example rather than “I am on a diet and will lose weight” turn it into an existing statement “My diet is successful, I feel good and look great”.

Your inner critic will immediately stop and over time will start reflecting your own rephrased thoughts back to you. This will truly boost your self esteem and enables the unconditional self love and compassion that you deserve. 

7 ways to be more self affirming and boost your self esteem.

Quick Action Steps To Boost Your Self Esteem.

Many people block their own success and happiness through fear or a lack of faith in their abilities.

1. Find Your Passions and Recognise Your Abilities

It is important that you begin to align yourself with your real passions and recognise your own abilities.

Note down “What is it you truly want to do?” What do you want to achieve? What are you passionate about? What motivates you? What spurs you on? What ambitions do you secretly hold?

Once you identify a passion or ambition you need to articulate the steps required to achieve it.

List down the steps you need to take. Then list your abilities and talents, as well as the skills you have that will help you reach your target. A great boost to self esteem is when you recognize you have many talents that you can apply and make your dreams a reality

Now don’t put the list away. Make yourself take the first step to achieve your goal. Trust and believe in yourself and watch with pride as you succeed. Don’t look back. Look ahead and boost your self esteem.

2. Believe in Your Brilliance

Take some time to reflect on those things you know you are good at, those things that make you a good person.

Don’t compare yourself to others, or seek their approval. Recognise that you know yourself and you know yourself well!

Each day look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of your brilliant qualities and the things that you are great at!

3. Identify your core values

Not living life in accordance with your Core Values has a truly negative impact on our self esteem.

Make sure your outward behaviour mirrors your true core values, and not those of others!

Be true to yourself and don’t live your life based on the values of others, and don’t try to reflect the values you think other expect of you. Each day be true to your own moral compass!

4. Learn to love yourself

Differences are not imperfections.

Values that differ from others are not inadequacies.

Interests and passions will be and should be unique to you.

Remind yourself daily that you are brilliant as you are, know your values and live to them, accept your differences and see them as unique features to be loved.

When you value your uniqueness, your talents, your abilities and live according to your values systems you will learn to love yourself and will boost your self esteem hugely.

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boost your self esteem - 3 steps to silence your inner critic!

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