The Power Of Crystals – Healing Crystals Guide For Manifesting Intent.

In this post we explore the power of crystals in our healing crystals guide. Discover the 6 best healing stones that enable our intentions to manifest. Learn how scientific research supports this theory and discover how vibration and thought enables manifestation.

Our healing crystals guide provides the information needed to bring about the positive state required to manifest intentions and achieve goals, dreams and ambitions.

Crystals can be used for a multitude of purposes. They can be used for healing, meditation, manifestation and protection. Each crystal has specific properties and their uses are based upon their unique energetic properties and vibration.

Ancient Cultures Recognised The Power Of Crystals.

The Power Of Crystals - Healing Crystals Guide

Before we look at how crystals help manifest intent let’s first explore their energy and vibrational properties.

To do this let’s look at the most well known, and most used of all healing crystals, the clear quartz.

From the first recorded history of our ancestors we see that all ancient civilizations understood the properties of quartz crystals.

The Romans used crystals for enhancing health, to attract and manifest desires and believed they provided protection in battle.

Ancient Egyptians were known to bury the dead with a quartz crystal placed on the forehead.

They believed this crystal would help guide their dead ancestors safely to the afterlife.

In Ancient Chinese medicine quartz crystal usage was common place. This included use of crystal tipped needles in acupuncture and Pranic healing sessions. This practice dates back 5000 years.

The Ancient Greeks used several crystals such as quartz and hematite. These were crushed and rubbed onto the bodies of soldiers and gladiators before a battle. They believed this crystalline powder made them invincible. 

In India crystals were often used in Aryuvedic medicine. They were used specifically for healing imbalance of the emotional and metaphysical. In the Hindu Vedas we find detailed references for many types of crystal as well as their specific healing properties.

In ancient Japanese culture a common practice was crystal scrying (similar to crystal ball reading). The Japanese considered the quartz crystal spheres to represent the heart of a dragon, signifying wisdom and power.

Science Meets Metaphysics.

Scientific evidence relating to the power of crystals was first noted in the research and development work done by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel.

His discovery was made as he was observing crystals grow under a microscope.  While watching he noticed that the crystals took the form and shape of what he was thinking about.

He replicated this research, and each time the results were the same. The crystals took the shape and form of whatever it was that he was thinking of.

He hypothesized that the shape change was due to vibration. His theory was that vibration caused a constant assembling and disassembling of bonds between molecules.

marcel vogel
Marcel Vogel – Healing Crystals Guide – The Power Of Crystals

This led him to focus his scientific studies on crystals. This research included the “metaphysical power of quartz crystal”.  This research led to the discovery that quartz crystals could be used to store vibrational thought, similar to how tapes use magnetic energy to record sound.

It is these vibrations that enable healing crystals to amplify and energize our thoughts and to manifest intent.

Get The Scientific Low Down!

Quartz is a natural part of the Earth’s structure and makes up 12% of the Earth’s crust. It is used for many purposes and is included within many modern day technologies.

This includes time keeping (watches are a good example), electronics, information storage, and much more.

Therefore if science has proven it is possible to use crystals for communication purposes and utilize their vibration within computer chips, then surely it’s possible, even for the most skeptical of us, to accept that this vibrational energy could be beneficial in other ways?

Everything in life is vibration,

Albert Einstein

Just like sound waves, the vibration of our thoughts manifest into whatever occurs in our life. Therefore, if your thoughts are positive, or negative, the crystals will amplify those thoughts. Before you start using crystals for manifestation ensure that you hold positive, self affirming thoughts at the forefront of your mind!

crystal healing techniques - Your Complete Healing Crystals Guide
Healing Crystals Guide – The Power Of Crystals

Healing Crystals Guide – 6 Best Crystals For Manifesting Intent,

Crystal healing is a legitimate type of therapy centered around vibrations. It is an “ancient metaphysical art” that can help you bring balance and prosperity to your life through vibrational harmony

In the same way as a tuning fork is used to gain correct pitch so do healing crystals help us gain specific healing resonance.

The vibrations of crystals help to clear energy blocks, or imbalance within the “auric field”.

They re-balance and realign our body’s energetic vibration to the correct pulse. Once the healing crystals are in tune with our body we are able to realign our own vibration to the harmonics of nature. This realigns our higher self to our soul desire and our true purpose.

Healing Crystals Guide – The Power Of Crystals

Healing Crystals Guide.

1. Agate – Manifest Your True Path.

Agate opens us to our reality.

It allows us to have safe, but real conversations with ourselves about our current reality.

It is known as the communication stone, and helps us connect with nature. Using Agate helps us open communication channels, no matter how difficult.

Hold your Agate in your right hand and let it ground you. This allows your natural self to guide the conversation and communication.

Agate enables you to manifest your true self identity, speak your truth and achieve goals and ambitions without self doubt.

2. Rose Quartz Geode – Manifest Love.

Rose quartz is the crystal of love. It is said to have the highest vibration in the universe.

When in geode form the Rose Quartz combines the properties of rose quartz (unconditional love), with those of the agate exterior, which enables the “looking within.”

Rose quartz geodes help us to look within, and understand the ways that we have not shown love to ourselves. It helps us connect with ways to be kind and show love to ourselves.

It is only after self love manifests that true, real, love with others can be achieved. Start by manifesting the energy needed to be kind to yourself.

3. Prehnite – Manifest Confidence.

Prehnite, is an almost clear green crystal which bridges the energies between the navel and solar plexus chakras.

It is used to gain understanding of how our emotions may impact us achieving our goals and dreams.

Prehnite helps us identify how our emotional state impacts us. It helps us manifest a healthy positive emotional state, the state needed to achieve our ambitions.

It is a wonderful stone for those dealing with low self-esteem, or self-worth, and for those recovering from addiction.

Prehnite helps manifest self confidence, self belief and internal courage.

4. Manganoan Calcite – Manifest Acceptance Of Love.

Manganoan calcite radiates vibrations of nurturing and love.

It is particularly helpful for those who find it difficult allowing others to love them.

For those who are good at giving love but not so good at allowing someone to love them back, Manganoan calcite helps manifest emotional energies that rebalances love and emotion.

It is the stone that helps manifest balanced emotions and enables us to accept the brilliance of us!

5. Lepidolite – Manifest Trust and Acceptance.

Lepidolite is the stone that enables us to manifest calm, trust, and acceptance which brings about the balancing, and calming energies needed to achieve goals, dreams and desires.

Lepidolite has a strong lithium content, which helps balance the mind in energetic mineral form.

This is the stone to use if you have a hard time making decisions.

6. Hematite – Manifest Stability And Connections.

Hematite is also known as the Root chakra stone, therefore it is useful for everyone.

Hematite helps ground our energies, and keeps us connected to the supportive energies of Mother Earth. It helps us keep our feet on the ground, and manifest the energies required to achieve our dreams and ambitions.

Hematite allows us to achieve dreams, rather than just having our head in the clouds.

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I hope you enjoyed the power of crystals guide, and that you manifest with positivity the life you wish to live.

The Power Of Crystals - Healing Crystals Guide For Manifesting Intent.

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