What Is A Spiritual Awakening? (And 11 Meanings For Your Life You Must Know Now)

What is a spiritual awakening? This will be different for everyone. It will be dependent upon the persons current physical, emotional and spiritual health, their belief systems and their willingness to embrace change and face truth.

People assume a spiritual awakening is a moment of clarity. A moment in life when everything becomes clear. For some, this may be the case, however for many it does not happen like this at all!

In fact many people experience an awakening and they do not recognize it at all.

Others experience it as “Shock and Awe” (if you don’t listen…sometimes it needs to get obvious…).

Most of us will experience something in between.

However all awakenings have a few things in common. There are always moments that we recognise straight away, or later on in life, when we can pinpoint the moment our spiritual awakening began!

I think it is often an awareness later in life, in retrospect, and perhaps the background to that famous saying “Hindsight is a great thing”.

what is a spiritual awakening

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

I believe that for most of us it is more easily explained as the moment when we have, or feel, a sudden sense of “WOW”.

It may occur at a moment that doesn’t necessarily make sense, or doesn’t necessarily feel right, but suddenly and somehow things just seems correct.

Things that made no sense at all, suddenly and mysteriously seem almost blatantly obvious.

While that moment in our life is unexplainable, it suddenly makes every other aspect become clear to us as an individual. These moments impact upon us in a very deep and meaningful way.

When people speak of “seeing the light” they don’t normally mean they saw a beam of light emitting from Heaven, or from the Universe, or from Great Mother, or whatever your beliefs may be.

They mean this “WOW” moment was an experience and their awakening.

The things in life that were causing heartache, and stress, and uncertainty change. In an instant everything seems clear, make sense and enable you to see your path and the direction you need to take in life.

Regardless of our faith or how the awakening occurs what it always reveals is the truth. We see our strengths as well as our limitations.  

When our limitations are revealed we can often recoil. This is why some ignore the signs, or choose not to recognize them for what they are. Others embrace these signs and immerse themselves in the challenges they see ahead.

The signs are recognized because they touch our mind, our heart, and our soul as well as our physical being.  

As this awakening permeates deep into us we have that moment of WOW.

Then we have the physical conscious realization. This usually involves us realising how small we are in the universal bigger picture, how limited we are and how our choices in life have created the path we now walk.

As an individual we then need to accept this awakening and what we are shown. We will all individually decide whether we use this moment of enlightenment to make necessary change to our lives.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakenings and Experiences.

While everyone experiences their personal awakening differently there are some common trends that are often spoken of:

  1. a profound experience or realization (the WOW moment)
  2. a quiet inner knowing, often seen when someone you think you knew suddenly leaves everything behind and begins a new course in life for no “rational” reason and with no explanation.
  3. an explosion of consciousness and release of energy which propels the person into action and personal change – often referred to as a Kundalini awakening.
  4. A moment of clarity, where a long held desire, dream or wish suddenly is seen in clarity for what it is and either acted upon or simple released.
  5. The moment of personal truth and realization
  6. A collapse, when things that need to be let go of explode with force and give the individual no choice but to face the reality of their situation

All that we can say for certain is that when it does occur it is felt and known.  The choice always remains whether you embrace it or resist.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening

Clearer Understanding of reality.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening? It will almost always allow you the realization of what in your life is real and what is not. Sometimes this is a shattering experience. We see the decisions we made, the choices we have taken and then we see the reality of our situation.  

We recognize our actions bought into being our current situation. We made decisions about what was important in life, and what was not.  We decided how to live our life and what we focused upon.  

We suddenly recognize that our present is a conscious choice due to the path we chose to take. For some of us this will be a joyous revelation.  For others it will hold little joy.

If we accept what we see then we recognize that the reality of our life is not static.  Our conscious decisions have, and will continue to have, impact on every aspect of our being.  

When embraced our spiritual awakening often simplifies life and we realize that things such as unconditional love, truth and integrity are the aspects of life that are vitally important.

Often this awakening reveals the need for us to give up some of our current personal associations or change our belief systems.

Often and perhaps the hardest of all it reveals to us the illusion we had built of who we thought we were.

When this happens we will feel it, physically, emotional and spiritually and it will have impact on every level of energy within the subtle bodies.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening and why does it occur?

It is almost impossible to give absolute signs for a spiritual awakening, however from my readings, experiences and speaking to others who have experienced this phenomenon I offer some common signs that may be present if, and when, an awakening occurs.  

what is a spiritual awakening

The Signs – What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

What is very common and almost always known is the inner realization of why the awakening occurred.

While this is deeply personal to each individual it can be expressed easily – “Now is the time to clean the house, remove the junk, rest, heal, accept and then take action to expand personally and spiritually for the benefit of yourself and others”

When an awakening occurs it can be dramatic, it may leave you questioning why. Why is this happening? What did I do to deserve this? All you need to do is be aware that consciously, or subconsciously, you are ready for the next phase in your life.

You are able to accept the change, you are able to cope and you are ready for this to occur.  

While our ego may battle with us and try to hold on to what is known, our spirit is calling upon us to accept that the aspects of our life that have a negative influence on us need to change.

This is a calling that will enable us to take the next step in our growth and enlightenment and accept a bigger and truer mission in life.  

It is a revelation that exposes the changes we are already subconsciously aware we need to make.

11 Feelings A Spiritual Awakening May Bring About.

  1. Feelings of acceptance;
  2. Deep feelings of loss or sorrow;
  3. Feelings of unconditional love;
  4. The ability to see with absolute clarity what is real in their life;
  5. A loss of desire for things, usually material, that previously were important;
  6. Feelings of completeness, without the necessity for external recognition or verification of others;
  7. A sense of inner peace and happiness;
  8. Unexplained feelings of calm when presented with what would have previously been a stressful experience;
  9. A serenity within and a desire to give back;
  10. An overwhelming feeling of utter change and therefore the need to transition from the current state;
  11. An inability to return to life as it was.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening? When it occurs it the impossibility to return to how we were. Everything is illuminated and you see the truth.  

You may try to avoid the change or ignore the signs but within yourself you are aware and you know that you can never go back because internally you know the truth.

the truth - what is a spiritual awakening

The Revelation and Letting Go!

We hear of people seeking spiritual enlightenment, ascension and awakening but often we dismiss this as “something for others” whilst intuitively wishing for the same.

The truth is that an awakening can occur to anyone at anytime, whether they seek it or not.  

Those who consciously seek awakening may well be ready when it occurs (or they may well find it equally as shock and awe).  However when it occurs and to  whomever it occurs there is always a revelation and the need to let go.

When aspects of our life, persona or existence that need to be released are revealed to us we have a choice.

We can accept and release and let them go…even if it is painful to do so or we can ignore and allow these associations to cause us and those around us further damage.  

We get caught up in the physical world and the things we want, we feel we need and we separate ourselves from what spiritually and holistically is needed.

It is easy for the physical world to separate us from the spiritual.  We live in it everyday.  I am sure you have seen examples of this. People that appear totally oblivious to any spiritual thinking or teaching yet have amazing insight, intuition and perception.

Or those that preach and claim spirituality but spend time on the promotion of hatred about the belief system of others.  

In both situations the physical world has separated the individual from the spiritual and the balance is out of alignment.

When spiritual awakening occurs we must recognize it, accept the revelations and just let go.  

Letting go and trusting allows us to receive the truth and ultimately brings new depths of feeling, deep unconditional love and a true and balanced connection to both the physical and spiritual worlds.  

The awakening marks a shift in perception, awareness and allows for further growth and revelations of truth.  

When you experience a spiritual awakening it is a signal of change and the mark of a new beginning.  

The awakening is always for our good and it marks a transition point and a moment for change.

It is the start not the end and the signal for a new chapter of learning and development.  It reveals the new enlightened path.

what is a spiritual awakening for

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What Is A Spiritual Awakening? (And 11 Meanings For Your Life You Must Know Now)


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