33 Aura Colors and Their Meanings – Your Detailed Aura Reading Guide

Have you ever wondered what the colors of your aura mean? A person’s aura is a unique energy field that surrounds them, and the colors of this field can reveal a great deal about their personality.

The aura is a subtle energy field that surrounds and penetrates the human body. It is composed of different layers and colors that reflect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. It can be seen by people who have developed their ability, or by using special kirlian technology.

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Aura Colors Explained.

The theory behind aura colors and their meanings is based on the idea that each color has its own frequency and vibration. Each color carries with it certain qualities, such as creativity, emotions, power, or spirituality. By understanding these qualities associated with each color, we can gain insight into our own personalities and make more informed decisions.

The auric colors can vary depending on the state of consciousness, mood, health and personality of the individual. Each color has a specific meaning and vibration that can be interpreted to gain insight into oneself and others.

In this blog post, we will explore 32 aura colors and their meanings in detail to help you understand what your own might be saying about you.

aura colors and their meanings explained

Common Aura colors and their meanings.

1. Red

Red is the color of vitality, passion, and survival. It indicates a strong will, determination and enthusiasm for life. It can also signify anger, aggression, stress or danger. Red is associated with the root chakra, which governs the physical body, security and survival needs.

Red is also the color that symbolizes strength and courage. It can often be seen in people who possess leadership qualities. People with red are usually confident, energetic, adventurous and competitive.

However Red may also be a signal to take care of your health. Red people may may be prone to suffering from high blood pressure, inflammation or fevers. They can also be prone to accidents or injuries.

2. Orange

Orange is the color of creativity, joy, optimism and social interaction. It indicates a playful, adventurous and outgoing personality. People with orange are usually warm, friendly, cheerful and expressive. They may also be artistic, inventive or entrepreneurial.

In terms of health those with orange have strong immune systems, good digestion and fertility. Pale or dirty shades of orange can signify emotional imbalance, anxiety or addiction.

Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, which governs the sexual energy, emotions and creativity. Orange signifies the person will have natural curiosity, a love of exploration, and will focus on learning and personal growth.

3. Yellow

Yellow is the color of intellect, logic, wisdom and clarity. It indicates a bright, alert and curious mind. It also indicates someone with great confidence, who loves learning, and is excellent at teaching and problem-solving.

People with yellow are usually highly intelligent. They tend to be very rational, analytical and organized. They will have a good memory, deep concentration and mental agility. When yellow is balanced bright and clear they will be optimistic, cheerful or humorous. When the yellow is pale or murky it can signify nervousness, worry or fear.

The yellow color and meaning is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which governs personal power, self-esteem and willpower.

4. Green

Green is the color of nature, healing, harmony and growth. It indicates a compassionate, generous and nurturing personality. Those with green in their aura are highly sensitive and display the characteritics of love, empathy, forgiveness and healing.

People who display green are kind, caring, supportive and loyal. They have a strong immune system, good health and vitality. Green people will tend to be in the healing professions, or will be teachers or environmentalists.

Green is the color of compassion. When green is radiant and strong these people will have a loving, generous and nurturing personality. However murky or translucent green may indicate someone who struggles with jealousy, envy or resentment. Green is associated with the heart chakra, which governs love, relationships and empathy.

5. Blue

Blue is the color of communication, expression, truth and peace. It indicates a calm, honest and loyal personality. People who radiate blue are usually calm, gentle, trustworthy and faithful. People with a lot of blue are connected to their throat chakra, they will have a natural ability to communicate, have a strong voice and will have developed their ability to listen. They are often spiritual seekers or guides.

When blue is vibrant and clear it indicates a person who has a serene, tranquil and intuitive personality. They will have natural abilities in communication and expression, as well as displaying the virtues of honesty and loyalty.

When the blue is pale or murky it may indicate someone who is going through a period of sadness, or is feeling isolated. When the blue is solidly formed around the chest they may suffer from depression.

Blue is associated with the throat chakra, which governs communication, expression and listening.

6. Indigo

The color indigo has a deep and profound meaning. It is associated with spiritual insight, intuition, creativity, and psychic abilities.

People with indigo are often seen as wise and insightful, possessing a heightened sense of intuition and creativity. They also tend to be highly spiritual individuals who are in tune with their innermost thoughts and feelings. Indigo is also linked to physical health as it indicates that the person has good energy balance in their body.

People with vibrant indigo are usually intuitive, creative, artistic and mystical. They usually have a well developed third eye chakra, and receive visions and highly detailed dreams. They have a connection to the mystical and often are psychic, mediumistic or telepathic. When the indigo is pale, or patchy it may indicate confusion, illusion or detachment.

Indigo is associated with the third eye chakra, which governs intuition, imagination and perception.

7. Violet

Violet is the color of transformation, inspiration, connection and transcendence. It indicates a creative, charismatic and spiritual personality. People with violet often display characteristics that are noble and inspiring . This is the color that is most closely related to spirituality, transcendence, enlightenment and divinity.

People with violet that is vibrant and strong are most often spiritual leaders, teachers, visionaries and humanitarians. They will have a well developed crown chakra, and be connected to higher realms and spiritual gifts. They will have a talent for creativity and be artistic or musical.

Those with violet that is dark, patchy or very transparent may display traits of arrogance, fanaticism or escapism. Violet is associated with the crown chakra, Sahasrara which governs the connection to the divine source, higher self and purpose.

It is important to remember that these colors are not fixed or absolute. Aura colors and their meanings change over time or depending on the situations. they find themselves in. They can also blend or mix with other colors to create different shades and nuances. The best way to understand the colors is to observe them and then make connections to observed behaviors.

complex aura colors

Complex aura colors and their meanings.

8. Pink:

Pink indicates a person who is loving, compassionate, and nurturing. They are often very romantic and have a strong sense of empathy. Pink in the aura may also reflect a person who is artistic, creative, or intuitive.

People with pink tend to be gentle, kind, and generous. They may have a strong connection to their inner child and enjoy playful activities. If the pink is patchy or dark it may indicate a person who is still healing from emotional wounds or trauma .

9. Gold aura colors and their meanings:

Gold indicates a person who is enlightened, spiritual, and wise. They are often very charismatic, inspiring, and influential. Gold colors show a person who is good at securing wealth, and will be successful, or ambitious.

People with gold tend to have a high self-esteem, a positive outlook, and a strong sense of purpose. They may have a deep connection to their higher self and the divine. Gold can also signify a person who is generous, noble, and courageous .

silver aura meaning
Silver – aura colors and their meanings

10. Silver:

Silver indicates a person who is intuitive, psychic, and visionary. Silver is often seen in those who are imaginative, creative, and innovative. Silver also reflect someone who is adaptable, flexible, and versatile.

People with silver auras tend to be curious, open-minded, and adventurous. They may have a strong interest in the paranormal, the occult, or the unknown. Silver can also signify a person who is graceful, elegant, and refined .

11. Tan:

Tan indicates a person who is practical, reliable, and realistic. They are often very hardworking, diligent, and disciplined. Tan often reflects a person who is logical, rational, and analytical. Aura colors and their meanings when it comes to people displaying large amounts of Tan indicates they will be organized, efficient, and productive. They will have a strong sense of duty, responsibility, and be exceptionally loyal.

12. Grey aura colors and their meanings

Grey indicates a person who is neutral, detached, or indifferent. They are often very reserved, aloof, or secretive. A person with large amounts of grey may display traits of confusion, uncertainty, or be prone to doubt. People with grey tend to be indecisive, uncommitted, and uninterested. They may lack energy, enthusiasm, or motivation. Murky and heavy grey is an indication of a person who is depressed, anxious, or highly stressed .

13. Bronze color meaning:

Bronze indicates a person who is passionate, adventurous, and courageous. They are often very energetic, dynamic, and spontaneous. Bronze may also reflect a person who is confident, assertive, and bold.

People displaying Bronze tend to be charismatic, charming, and physically attractive. They may have a strong desire for excitement, challenge, and change. Bronze is usually are seen in those who are competitive, ambitious, and driven.

specific aura colors

Specific Aura Colors and Their Meanings

14. Garnet:

This deep red color indicates passion, courage, strength, and vitality. It is related to the root chakra and shows a connection to the physical world and survival instincts. A garnet aura signifies leadership, determination, and charisma .

15. Amber:

This is a golden-orange color that indicates creativity, optimism, joy, and enthusiasm. It is related to the sacral chakra and shows a connection to the emotional world and sexual energy. An amber coloration also signifies intelligence, curiosity, and confidence .

16. Lime:

This is a bright green color that indicates healing, growth, renewal, and harmony. It is related to the heart chakra and shows a connection to the natural world. This is someone with great compassion, but some who is just a the beginning of their journey and is yet to unblock all of their latent potential.

They have an aptitude for the healing arts, but may be highly empathic and therefore could be impacted by the pain and suffering of others. The lime coloration signifies their true personality and nature of generosity, kindness, and adaptability .

17. Olive:

This is a dark green color that indicates balance, stability, peace, and wisdom. It is related to the heart chakra and shows a connection to the spiritual world and inner guidance. To look at the olive color is too look at a successful lime green person in years to come.

Olive is the color that lime will change into once a person has come to terms with their nature, have balanced their need to help with the need to preserve energy for themselves. It is an energetic signal of maturity, responsibility, and reliability .

When the color has turned to deep muddy Olive, more brown than green, we see the unfortunate opposite of Olive. This is our lime person who has been beaten down by life, and whose once generous and kind nature has been broken by experiences. When looking at aura colors and their meanings, when you see this dark brown green is the energy that portrays hostility at life and jealousy of those those deemed more fortunate. It is this color that is the true representation of jealousy and envy.

emerald aura meaning
Aura colors and their meanings in the Green Spectrum

18. Emerald:

This is a rich green color that indicates our olive beginner who has found abundance, prosperity, success, and wealth. It is related to the heart chakra and shows a a movement away from nature and a greater connection to the material world and manifestation. An emerald color can also signify ambition, motivation, and achievement .

19. Turquoise:

This is a blue-green color that indicates the mix of greens healing and compassion, with blues communication, expression, creativity, and intuition. It is related to the throat and heart chakra and shows a connection to the mental world and a firm belief in finding the truth. A turquoise coloration also signifies inspiration, originality, and innovation .

These people tend to be able to have feet firmly in both the material and the spiritual world. They are often healers, or in one of the caring professions such as a teacher, a nurse, doctor, counsellor or therapist.

20. Teal:

This is a dark blue-green color that indicates healing, protection, calmness, and spirituality. It is related more to the third eye than the heart or throat. It shows this persons connection to the higher realms and speaks of their psychic abilities.

Those with a mainly Teal energy are highly sensitivity, empathetic, and will have a heightened awareness of the worlds around them. They are the friend you cannot tell white lies, the person who somehow knows exactly when to call, when you really need a hug or when you really need your space. They are also the stranger on the street who strikes up a conversation the very second before you were about to explode with anger and whose presence simply brings you back to a balanced state.

21. Cobalt: aura colors and their meanings

This is a deep blue color that indicates wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, and logic. It is related to the third eye chakra. It is also indicative of someone who is able to tap into their intuition and latent psychic abilities while remaining to keep a solid connection to the intellectual world because of a passion for learning. A cobalt coloration signifies clarity, focus, and rationality.

22. Sapphire:

This is a deep blue color that indicates a person with high spiritual awareness and intuition. Sapphire people are one step on from Cobalt. This can be a good or bad thing. When Sapphire people move into the more spiritual world they either blossom and use their insights in the best interest of themselves and others or they disappear into the spiritual and throw themselves headlong into a mission for spiritual attainment.

Thankfully because this is still a color with the essence of blue those that pivot to purely the spiritual start to miss regular conversation and companionship. They most often balance their needs and then are able to understand the real mission and requirement of a Sapphire aura, the need to maintain balance of the spiritual and the physical. Sapphire people are found working as healers, teachers, and leaders who have a strong sense of purpose and vision. They are loyal, trustworthy, and incredibly compassionate .

23. Aquamarine:

This is a light blue-green color that indicates a person with a calm and peaceful personality. Aquamarine auras are often found in people who are creative, artistic, and imaginative. They are also sensitive, empathic, and gentle .

24. Magenta:

This is a bright pink-purple color that indicates a person with a nonconformist and unconventional attitude. Magenta auras are often found in people who are innovative, original, and visionary. The magenta aura color indicates adventurous, spontaneous, and playful .

25. Amethyst:

This is a dark purple color that indicates a person with a mystical and magical nature. Amethyst auras are often found in people who are psychic, intuitive, and spiritual. They are also wise, compassionate, and inspiring .

26. Umber:

This is a dark brown color that indicates a person with a grounded and practical personality. Umber auras are often found in people who are hardworking, reliable, and realistic. They are also loyal, honest, and supportive .

27. Byzantium:

This is a dark purple-red color that indicates a person with a powerful and authoritative personality. Byzantium auras are often found in people who are leaders, influencers, and achievers. They are also courageous, decisive, and assertive.

28. Magnolia:

This is a light pink color that indicates a gentle and compassionate personality. People with magnolia auras are often kind, nurturing, and empathetic. They may have a strong connection to nature and animals. Magnolia auras can also signify creativity, romance, and innocence.

beige aura meaning
Aura colors and their meanings for lightened spectrum colors

29. Cream:

This is a soft beige color that indicates a calm and balanced personality. People with cream auras are often reliable, practical, and loyal. They may have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Cream auras can also signify wisdom, maturity, and stability.

30. Taupe:

This is a grayish-brown color that indicates a skeptical and cautious personality. People with taupe auras are often analytical, rational, and objective. They may have a high intelligence and a keen eye for detail. Taupe auras can also signify independence, self-reliance, and realism.

31. Nickel:

This is a metallic silver color that indicates a futuristic and visionary personality. People with nickel auras are often innovative, original, and progressive. They may have a high intuition and a knack for inventing new things. Nickel auras can also signify adaptability, flexibility, and curiosity.

32. Pewter:

This is a dark gray color that indicates a secretive and mysterious personality. People with pewter auras are often reserved, introverted, and private. They may have hidden talents or abilities that they do not reveal to others. Pewter auras can also signify depth, complexity, and mystery.

33. Obsidian:

This is a black color that indicates a protective and powerful personality. People with obsidian auras are often strong-willed, determined, and confident. They may have a high authority or influence over others. Obsidian auras can also signify transformation, resilience, and regeneration.

aura reading meaning
aura colors and their meanings for darker spectrum (and its not all bad)
33 aura colors and their meanings - your detailed aura reading guide

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