Deep Guided Chakra Meditation (For Leading A Successful and Extraordinary Life

Discover how you can clear blocks, release negative conditioning and unlock your true potential with our Deep Guided Chakra Meditation selection. Learning how to unlock, align and balance chakras doesn’t need to be difficult.

In this post we offer a selection of our favorite meditations that enable you to access powerful universal energies. Whether you want to work on a specific energy center or all 7 of the major chakras we have you covered!

It might be that you are seeking a specific focus, such as peace and harmony or ways to gain greater self trust, or you want to work on finance, career or self esteem. Whatever your focus you will find a deep guided chakra meditation that will benefit you!

If one of your chakras is blocked, or out of balance, the energy that is vital for your health and wellbeing can lead to issues within both your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, known as the subtle body.

When you use a deep guided chakra meditation you will clear energy blocks or imbalance. Once aligned, open and balanced your chakra energy flows freely and naturally enabling you to regain energetic balance and ultimately lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Choose Your Deep Guided Chakra Meditation.

Here are 9 of our favorites! These meditations are specific to individual chakra centers. They are wonderful used alone or you can choose any number of them to target specific needs.

Trust in your intuition as to which are right for you at this moment in time. It may be that you choose to try them all and discover what unfolds.

I recommend you, at some stage, try all of them. You will soon know which of the meditations align to your current space energetically. I hope you enjoy this selection!

Deep Guided Chakra Meditation Selection For A Successful And Extraordinary Life!

This selection of guided meditations focus on deep chakra healing and balancing and are designed for those with a fast pace of life.

They are all approximately 5 minutes in length, they will teach you the chakra healing techniques. You are then able to implement these techniques in your own meditation programme for the length you wish whenever you wish.

For a longer full chakra cleanse and balance, start with Muladhara, working through each in order, and finish with Sahasrara.

deep guided chakra meditation - muladhara

#1 Muladhara Root Chakra – 3 Stage Balance

Our first deep guided chakra meditation is of longer duration, around 15 minutes. In this post you will find an overview of why it is vital we start with a balanced and grounded Root Energy if we wish to build the solid foundations required for leading extraordinary lives!

You will find the guided meditation as a video, simply get yourself ready for your meditation and press play.

For those who prefer not to watch or listen to video as they meditate you will find the meditation script. Easy to read and then put into practice!

#2 Activating Muladhara The Root Chakra.

This meditation for Muladhara focuses on grounding and connection and helps enable you to experience these as sensation – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

All you need do is be open and allow yourself to be aware to any sensation you experience. This will be different and felt differently for everyone.

When we work with Root chakra energy we allow ourselves to open to pure physical raw energies, those of birth, of creation, of nurture. In this meditation we connect with the Earth, for grounding and connection, to bring us strength and solidity.

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#3 Balance, Align and Heal The Sacral Chakra.

video thumbnail: best chakra meditation – stage 3 – activate swadhisthana the sacral chakra
Video Thumbnail: Best Chakra Meditation – Activate Swadhisthana The Sacral Chakra

Swadhisthana the Sacral Chakra enables energies responsible for our sense of self. This energy starts our path of learning and thinking beyond our immediate family and situation. We start to experience individuality.

For this reason all of our individual weaknesses and any mistakes we have made are situated in the Sacral Chakra. It is because of this we require balanced Sacral chakra energy. Only with balance can we truly explore our potential, our true unique nature and enable our human consciousness to expand.

Swadhisthana is the energy that enables us to control our more base instincts and ultimately move beyond them.

#4 Activate Swadhisthana Deep Guided Chakra Meditation.

Swadhisthana is our center of emerging individuality, sexuality and creativity.

This meditation focuses on seeing our energy expand beyond just “the Me” by using a process of creative visualisation and seeing your energies expanding out into the universe.

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Deep Guided Chakra Meditation

#5 Activate Manipura The Solar Plexus Chakra

In this meditation we place our attention on Manipura the Solar Plexus, the third of our chakras.

If you are moving from the previous Sacral Chakra meditation, just gently shift your focus to Manipura. If starting with this meditation then take time to ground and center yourself and only when you are ready gently move your focus onto your Solar Plexus.

Manipura is the spark of fire, where we become truly individual with our own desires and wishes, accessing wisdom, building self-confidence, and where all feelings of wellbeing reside.

When Manipura is imbalanced, we lose our fire, our spark and this leads to feelings of being tired, weakness and general feelings of being ill.

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Deep Guided Chakra Meditation

#6 Anahata Chakra – Activate Love And Heart Center

Anahata is the central chakra and the filter for all our chakra energies, the top spiritual 3 and the lower earthly 3.

When our heart chakra is open, we feel deeply connected with the energies of everything around us, and we can appreciate the beauty in all that we see.

However if we have a blockage in our heart chakra, we have difficulties relating to others. This may be seen as jealousy, dependency, or being withdrawn.

In this short meditation we focus on opening our heart, accepting unconditional love and then expanding it outward, to anyone and anything that require it.

This meditation truly opens heart center and clears all blocks standing in the way of you achieving an exceptional life!

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Deep Guided Chakra Meditation

#7 Vishuddha Chakra Meditation For Communication And Truth.

Vishuddha the Throat Chakra is responsible for energies of Expression and in particular our ability to express our own unique truth, enabling us to speak out.

Vishuddha regulates all energies linked to communication, including all verbal or non-verbal communications, both external or internal, and our connection to our spiritual and intuitive abilities.

It is also one on the most likely places to have energy blocks. The narrow passage of the throat is prone to blocks particularly if we are not confident in our own voice or ability to express our own personal truths.

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Deep Guided Chakra Meditation

#8 Ajna the Third Eye – Activate Intuition and Sight.

Ajna out Third Eye Chakra is responsible for intuitive Vision and Intuition. This allows us to gain greater perception of the more subtle dimensions and energies.

This is where we start to understand our psychic abilities and develop the senses of clairvoyance and clairaudience. We are able to express our creativity openly and trust more in our intuition.

This short meditation helps guide us to accept our intuitive vision and trust in our own sight.

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Deep Guided Chakra Meditation

#9 Sahasrara The Crown Chakra – Connect With Universal Wisdom

Sahasrara the Crown Chakra is responsible for the energies associated with transcendence of limitations.

It is the energy where opposing opposites become a harmonious state of one. The personal awareness that comes from the crown chakra is our connection to the Divine.

The Crown Chakra allows us access to spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. In this meditation we access our higher consciousness and make lasting connections to universal knowledge.

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Deep Guided Chakra Meditation

I hope you enjoyed these short energy balacing chakra meditations. In the next post we offer a collection of full length and fully guided meditations that can be practiced in the comfort of your own home.

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