5 Minute Guided Meditation To Balance The Sacral Chakra: Gain Creativity And Sensuality

In this post you’ll find a 5 minute guided meditation to balance the sacral chakra. Learn the purpose of the second chakra and its association with creativity, desire, intimacy and sexuality.  The sacral chakra meditation for healing helps you gain clarity, contentment and boost your self-worth as you clear blockage and imbalance. Join us on a journey of discovery and learn how to balance your 2nd chakra. 

The chakra name Swadhisthana is derived from the Sanskrit words

Svā which means Self, 

Adhishthāna which translates as seat, or residence

In the physical body your sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen approximately 4 centimeters below your belly button and sits about 3 centimeters above Muladhara the root chakra.

It is the energy center associated with your reproductive organs, emotional well-being and growth of individuality.

guided meditation to balance the sacral chakra

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Sacral Chakra Healing Symbols And Color.


Swadhisthana is associated with the color orange and represents , creativity, activity, joy, hope and self-confidence.

The orange light and tones of Swadhisthana symbolize the strength, warmth and purification of fire, as well as the sunrise that heralds the hopes and dreams of each new day.

When we have alignment we cultivate cheerfulness, faith, confidence and the way we act towards others.

Orange is also the color of sunset and autumn. This reminds us that as the sun fades in the sunset and day shorten into autumn we too are required to find quiet, meditate and look inwards.

When we look within, we develop a meditative state of mind that enables us to ask questions, find solutions and gain an understanding of our true purpose and authentic self.

Muladhara the Base Chakra is our raw power storehouse.  It is the center where all of our past experiences and our karma is held.

It is the chakra that provides us with our sense of security, safety and self, enabling us to recognize the difference between chosen experience and karmic debt, to learn from both and to purify.

Our weaknesses and mistakes are located in the sacral.  When the chakra is healthy and aligned it allows us to explore ourselves as a unique person, different from parents and family, and to develop our human consciousness at a higher level.

When we use this guided meditation to balance the Sacral Chakra we can develop our unique nature.  Swadhisthana enables us to bring our base instincts under control.  We are able to transform them and ultimately transcend them.

the six human obstacles on the path of development - the sacral chakra

What Does The Sacral Symbolism Mean?

When represented as a symbol, or image the chakra is shown as a lotus with 6 petals. These petals symbolize the six human obstacles on our path of development. The symbolism means we all must face life obstacles of:

  1. Anger,
  2. Hate,
  3. Greed,
  4. Jealousy,
  5. Cruelty,
  6. Laziness.
sacral chakra meditation for healing

Moon and Water Element

The element associated with Swadhisthana is Water. A half-moon is found in the center of the lotus which symbolizes the centers relationship to emotion and the feminine.

Water, like emotion, can be gentle, soft and yielding. It can be cleansing.  It can nurture and provide sustenance. We are unable to survive if there is a lack of water.

Water also has immense power. It is hard to contain, and as we know if a dam bursts the water will carve its own channel.  Nothing can stop it.  It will go through, or around, over or under but it will not stop. These links with water are representative of our Sacral Chakra energies.

Cleansing, nourishing and gentle, but if excessive they can burst, and once released, will not stop. This is why it is essential that we find balance. The following Sacral Chakra healing meditation aids achieving this.

Guided Meditation To Balance The Sacral Chakra

YouTube video

Below is the 10 minute guided meditation script used in the video above.  

Healing Music and Sound

The mantra for this center is “Vam” (pronounced “vum”). You are able to chant or sing the bija sound as you perform your chakra meditation, or during yoga practice, or any other complementary therapies and practices. You can also focus on the seed syllable Vam’s vibration with singing bowls or play music that is tuned to the Frequency 417 Hz (or musical note D) to activate your chakra’s center

Sacral Chakra Meditation Script

Sit comfortably on a chair or a cushion on the floor, keeping your back straight and in line with the shoulders. Place your forearms on your thighs with palms facing upward.

Clearing And Deep Breath.

Close your eyes and move your focus to your breath. Take a long, deep, slow breath in, focus on your breath travelling down into the lungs. Slowly exhale, focus on the exhalation, feel the breath relieving every muscle as it leaves your body and takes with it all the stress and tension of the day.

Breathe In, see the breath being drawn deep into your lungs. As it does you feel yourself becoming more relaxed, comfortable and at peace. Breathe out slowly, focusing on your breath. Sense it leaving your body, clearing any tension and leaving you relaxed and at peace.

Achieve Energetic Balance

Now slowly move your focus to where your Sacral Chakra resides. Focus on this area, around 3 centimeters below the navel. Notice a small point of light beginning to emerge at the center of your focus. A small but radiant point of light.

As you maintain your focus you see this light expanding, its dimensions beginning to grow. You see it starting to form into a vibrant beautiful lotus of radiant orange. As you inhale see that your breath is being drawn down your spine and into this brilliant orange orb.

You note with each inhalation the brilliant and vibrant orange expands, glowing brighter and becoming more vivid. You can see that the lotus is now fully open. You can see the vibrant orange energies swirling, like waves, flowing in a constant clockwise fashion.

See the vivid orange waves, the vibrancy of color pulsing, swirling and radiating outwards as you remove barriers and heals the chakra. Now breathe in slowly and deeply, as you do focus on your breath, see it, feel it, travelling down your and into your Sacral.

Hold the breath.

Slowly exhale and see your breath is now a vibrant orange as it travels back up the spine and exits through the crown.

You are aware that as you exhale these orange waves of energetic vibration you are also removing and clearing all barriers in your life.

As you align this chakra you are also releasing old behavioral patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your higher good. Inhale deeply and slowly, focus on your breath as it travels down and fills the chakra.

Hold this breath.

And again slowly release your breath. As you exhale see your breath, flowing like a stream, swirling back up and exiting through the crown. See as you exhale, your breath as a waves in a stream, an orange river that is washing away, clearing all blockage and sweeping away all negative thought and any stored past trauma.

Sense the waves washing away energetic blocks that no longer serve you. Again, take a slow and deep breath, focusing on this breath as it travels down and fills the chakra.


Slowly release your breath. As you exhale see your breath, like a stream, swirling up and exiting through the crown, See the breath as a flowing stream. This orange river is washing away and removing all blocks, washing away negative patterns any symptom of these that remain.

Sense the waves of energy washing away all vibration, imbalance and emotion that no longer serves you.

swadhisthana sacral chakra

Water and Sense Of I – Meditation To Balance The Sacral Chakra 

Now bring your focus back to the center of Swadhisthana. See the vivid orange, see it swirling like water in a clockwise direction. Now visualize the waves of vibrant orange from Swadhisthana spreading outward, the waves maintaining their clockwise motion.

See the vivid orange waves flowing and spreading wider and wider filling your entire body. Visualize these waves of orange expanding, spreading, swirling and filling your aura completely. See the beautiful orange energies expanding and filling you. Filling your aura with its purifying waves.

As you listen to this Meditation sense your entire being still radiates its orange glow and repeat the following sacral chakra affirmations to yourself:

I love and enjoy my body

I am open to experiencing the present moment with all of my senses.

I am passionate, sensual and have healthy boundaries.

I feel pleasure with every breath I take.

I nourish myself and take care of my needs in only healthy ways.

I value and respect my body and myself.

Now slowly bring your focus back to the center of Svadhisthana. See and sense how light, refreshed and alive your body feels. Enjoy these sensations, the waves of orange, flowing like water throughout your body, washing away all that is no longer needed and nourishing your sense of self and worth.

You can bask in this feeling of harmony and peace for as long as you wish. Knowing you can return to this space and use this routine whenever you wish. 

When you are ready you begin the healing for Manipura the Solar Plexus Chakra, or finish the Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation by slowly and gently bringing yourself back to the room, your physical self and opening your eyes.

Remember you can download this script and use as often as you wish. You can find mediations for all the chakras on this site or our YouTube channel @healthynatured (and remember to subscribe)

5 minute guided meditation to balance the sacral chakra: gain creativity and sensuality

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