Achieve balance In Swadhisthana – Easy 10 Minute Meditation Script

In this post we focus on how to achieve balance in Swadhisthana the sacral chakra. Swadhisthana is the second of our seven major chakra center’s and known as the creativity and sexual chakra.

It is located below the navel, and above the pubic bone, encompassing the genital region. The term swadhisthana comes from the Sanskrit language and translates as “the dwelling place of the self”.

Sacral Chakra Element

The element that relates too the Sacral chakra is water, which governs our sense of cohesiveness. When we achieve a balanced sacral chakra we achieve a sense of total wholeness, which is a balance of wellness, abundance, pleasure, and joy.

When Swadhisthana is out of balance, a person may experience emotional instability, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression, and even become plagued with addiction.

Creativity: The Focus of The Second Chakra

It is part of being human that we have the urge to create. Our creativity can be expressed in many ways, from the physical need to procreate or other pleasant pastimes such as cooking, renovating or gardening.

Any time we partake in an activity that is focused on bringing something new into being we are involved in the act of creation.

So you are creating when you come up with a solution to a problem. You are creating if you take a corner of the yard and replace it with a new flower bed or food crop. You are creating whenever you take raw materials and transform them into something new. This is all using the energy of the sacral chakra.

However in todays society we often find that we are discouraged from expressing our creativity. Our workplaces like us to follow routine and stick within defined boundaries. So in order to conform, and to follow the rules so that we fit in, we can lose our creative energy.

The problem with this is that we can also begin to lose our sense of who we are and our uniqueness. As adults we train ourselves to do what is expected or follow the latest trends. This leads to confusion and sometimes the inability to take action if we are ever in a situation where we are asked create something new.

achieve balance in Swadhisthana chakra
Achieve balance in Swadhisthana chakra

Swadhisthana Chakra Energy Governs

Lower AbdomenWaterSexuality,
Reproductive organs,
immune system.
healthy libido,
Low libido,
fear of intimacy,
Over emotional,
fixated on sex,

How To Achieve Balance In Swadhisthana the Sacral Chakra.

The answer is simple. To achieve balance in Swadhisthana chakra we need to make time for creativity. It may be a hobby you wanted to learn, it may be spending more time preparing food for your family, or repairing items around the home. It could be planting out the garden or spending time writing, drawing or another creative task. Do what is that calls to you!

Cause of Imbalance:

The Sacral Chakra is closely intertwined with our pleasure center, our overall satisfaction and sexuality. A blocked Sacral Chakra can also signify difficulties accepting new people or experiences into our lives.

Signs of Blockage:

A blocked Sacral Chakra manifests itself physically in the reproductive organs, the kidneys, and the bowels.

how to unblock sacral chakra

10 Minute Sacral Chakra Meditation Script:

Close your eyes and take some time to relax. Take a few slow, deep breaths in, and out, and allow a sense of peace to envelop you and protect you.

Feel yourself as you are, sitting or lying down, but remaining aware that you are in the present moment.  And in this moment, you know that you are loved, and you are supported.

Now visualize in your mind’s eye the stillness of the earth.  You can see yourself, sitting or lying on a perfectly smooth line. As you become more aware of your visualization you notice the flat and smooth line is the surface of the earth, you sit connected to the earth and sitting on the horizon. 

You look out over the horizon and into a space that holds no fear, that holds no worries.  In fact, the more you gaze out over the horizon the more excited you are. You can feel the tickling of “butterflies in the tummy”.

They are reminding you what a wonderful place the world is and how much you there is to explore, enjoy and achieve.

This line that you are on is your horizon.  There are no obstacles in your path, there is nothing holding you back and you can sense all old worries and emotional baggage is lifting from you.  The space beyond the horizon is freedom. At this moment, you are free.

achieve balance in swadhisthana

Slowly, with your eyes closed, begin to visualize a vivid pin prick of radiant orange light appearing right below your navel. As you focus on this light you see and feel it pulsing and spinning in a clockwise direction, expanding out further and further.

This energy, the energy of Swadhisthana is a crisp, clear, and vibrant orange.  It reminds you of the joy that is felt when spring arrives and then leads into summer.

As you continue to gaze upon this glowing, growing ball of orange energy you see it begin to expand further. 

The energy expands outside of your body and streams out over the horizon, lighting up an ocean that was unseen until now. 

The orange light merges with the water, and you see the waves and currents of the ocean are highlighted, orange and bright, as if they are in the bright rays of the sun. 

Visualize yourself moving towards the ocean and placing your feet in the tide.  Warm and inviting and welcoming.  You immerse yourself in the water and dive in.  You can feel the orange glow of energy in the water as Swadhisthana gently washes over your body.

You can feel the orange light re-enter your body, like waves and water.  You feel it filling you with a sense of joy and purpose and excitement. Feel the waves as they wash through your toes, your calves, your thighs.

Watch as the waves of water rush up your spine and fill every inch of you. Soaking and washing and flowing down your arms, into your hand and fingers.  Feel the waves of orange light as they move all the way up to your neck and head. 

The water flows warm. The water holds you, hugs you, protects you. The waves support you and you know they always will.

And you know you are free, like the ocean within you. 

You are free.

You are free.

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Achieve balance In Swadhisthana - Easy 10 Minute Meditation Script