Traditional Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss (6 Steps To Balance Qi)

Are you tired of diets? Sick of starving yourself? Unable to suffer the normal unrealistic calorie intake proposed in most weight loss plans?  Then here’s how to burn that belly fat naturally!  Traditional Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss enables you to balance Qi, stimulate meridians and lose weight safely!

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Using Traditional Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss.

There is a way to lose weight without starving, without submitting our body to unnatural drastic change and without damaging our self esteem further.

Many of us have tried endlessly to lose those stubborn pounds but yet we find they never shift, or if they do, they just come back as soon as we start eating normally again.

So is there an answer?


The answer to a holistic and healthy weight loss solution can be found in an ancient healing system, a healing system that continues to be practiced and remains exceptionally popular around the globe today.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM is a medicinal and nutritional philosophy which enables us to balance our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and brings about energetic harmony.

The practice of TCM for weight loss uses a range of techniques and remedies designed to restore balance and order to our body.

This includes the use of specific herbs, a balanced nutritional diet, meridian based exercises with specific movements to promote energy flow and balance, meditation and acupuncture.

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Balance Qi – Traditional Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine holds the belief that our health and well being is directly attributable to our body’s life force, known as Qi.

Qi runs throughout our body on specific energetic pathways known as meridians. As well as these pathways there are 14 major meridians which, in Western terms, translate as our organs.

TCM philosophy views our optimal health and well being as when our Qi is in balance.

This is a philosophy and school of thought that can be similarly compared to other Eastern holistic belief systems such as those defined in The 7 Chakras and Nadi system.

To impact our health in a positive way we need to develop, build up, store and conserve balanced Qi (life energy).

In a physically fit, emotionally well and spiritually attuned healthy person there is an abundant supply of Qi which flows freely throughout our body enabling our internal organs and bodily processes to function properly.  This keeps us well and healthy.

traditional chinese medicine for weight loss
traditional chinese medicine for weight loss

Forget Calories!

When we start to think about using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss we are not concerning ourselves primarily with calorie intake and expenditure.

In TCM we aim to fortify, channel and sustain ample healthy and properly balanced Qi flow.  With balanced and healthy Qi we help to enable a proper metabolic rate, healthy digestion and we gain higher self esteem and feelings of well-being.

Specifically when used for weight loss a strong Qi aides our digestive system allowing our body to optimally transform the food we eat into energy we can use.

Weak Qi, usually the result of excessive stress and/or inadequate sleep, raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes the body to store, rather than burn, fat.

Stress and a body depleted of energy, usually through lack of sleep, goes into protection mode.  It will not let go of or release its supply of nutritional reserves (fat). In fact it will often do the opposite and will try to store more!

By using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss we aim to raise and balance the level and flow of Qi.

When our life energy force is high and more stable there is no need for our body to enter protective mode, it is not threatened and our Qi is able to flow correctly.

When Qi flows freely and our body has plenty of energy our food cravings diminish and the urge toward compulsive eating lessens.  This is because our body is not sending signals of distress triggering the storing of fat.

6 Methods to raise Qi – Traditional Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss.

1 – Eat Food That Enhances Qi, Our Natural Life Energy.

Eat plenty of natural whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and non processed meats.

Avoid foods that are packaged and refined.

Do not use artificial sweeteners, artificial meal replacements or diet food replacements.  These have little nutritional value as they are packed with artificial coloring, flavoring and chemicals.

We should eat natural, non processed and high quality fresh foods. This is far more important than counting calories.

traditional chinese medicine for weight loss

2 – Don’t Drastically Or Continually Change Dietary Patterns.

Give your body time to adjust to the Qi enhancing foods.

Set and stick to our new and healthy pattern of eating.

Important key strategies when using Traditional Chinese Medicine for weight loss are:

  • don’t skip meals
  • Eat 30 minutes after waking,
  • Take a healthy mid morning snack,
  • Never skip lunch,
  • Take a healthy mid afternoon snack,
  • Never skip evening meals
  • Take the evening meal, if possible, before 7pm
  • Eat Qi enhancing foods.

If you feel sluggish, bloated, or gassy after eating think about what you ate and try to remove elements individually from your diet until you recognize which food type it is you need to remove.

Pay attention to how you feel after meals to determine which foods support your well being.

traditional chinese medicine

3 – Eat slowly and mindfully.

Savor Your Meal.

Don’t rush eating your eating. Pause between bites, chew slowly and pay close attention to flavor.

Set aside time to enjoy eating and avoid any distractions during mealtimes. Turn off the computers and televisions and focus on the full food experience – flavor, texture, company, sensations etc.

Spending time to focus on our eating experiences and enjoying dishes enables us to feel completely satisfied, supports our digestion and helps us avoid over eating.

Also add color to your diet.

The color yellow, energy color therapy, is associated with the stomach and spleen.

So remember that as well as eating plenty of green leafy vegetables add butternut squash, corn, yellow peppers, golden beets, and sweet potatoes to your diet!

4 – Retire And Sleep At A Regular Time.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for weight loss relies on us implementing systems that enable our bodily process to function well.

In particular TCM understands that our liver is hugely important.  It is the organ that cleanses our blood and supports our other organs to detoxify our body.

TCM believes that during a regular pattern of sleep our liver cleanses our blood at specific times – between 1 and 3 a.m.

Therefore to gain maximum benefit we need to have reached a deep sleep state by 1am.

We also know that getting regular and sufficient rest is essential for a healthy metabolism.  Healthy metabolism is essential for weight loss.

5 – Participate In Energy Exercise To Promote A Healthy Flow Of Qi.

Go for a gentle walk somewhere beautiful;

Take up gardening

Start a swim class

All the above gentle exercises help, as well as the following specific techniques:

These types of exercise help bring our Qi energy into balance.  It is vital to include one or more of these exercises for those of us who suffer any stress, anxiety or exhaustion.

6 – Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture For Weight Loss.

Acupuncture does not hurt and is not painful. Truly!

It is an amazing remedy which amplifies the results of other TCM weight loss techniques.

In TCM, we know that a poorly functioning digestive system is the root cause of our unwanted gain in weight.

When our spleen and stomach do not work in harmony we also manifest feelings of anxiety and overthinking and this also affects our ability to metabolize the food we eat.

As already discussed TCM focuses on us balancing Qi energy.

Acupuncture targets very specific points on our body. These points are meridian points and when stimulated, through acupuncture, they re balance Qi in specific meridian related areas of our body

Auricular (ear) acupuncture is the method we most often use when wishing to burn belly fat and aide weight loss.

TCM believe that through stimulation of the auricular nerves we can decrease cravings, stop hunger pangs and curb our appetite.

Acupuncture also facilitates the quick release of neurotransmitters, which help us to regulate food intake, improve our mood and reduces levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

Common auricular acupuncture points used are:

  • Hunger and Stomach points (satiety and fullness)
  • Shen-men (sedation and pain relief).

Meridian points do not necessarily reflect the actual position on our body. So when we target the lungs we are not sticking needles into our lungs, we are placing a needle into a meridian point which stimulates the Qi flow to our lungs.

Other meridian points often used for weight loss are:

  • the mouth, this is said to reduce impulsive eating;
  • the lungs, said to spread Qi down towards our kidneys;
  • the endocrine glands, which prevents water retention;
  • the adrenal glands and ovaries, this helps to address menopause related weight gain;
  • the spleen, helping us to balance hormonal levels and blood sugars;
  • the kidneys, this relieves anxiety;
  • the thyroid, which will accelerate our metabolism.

When we use Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet For Weight Loss we also lessen carbohydrate absorption, lower our blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  We also help resolve any issues related to fatty liver.

I sincerely hope you try these techniques.

I would love to hear your feedback if you do.

You can leave me a message or ask further questions here in the comments forum and I will respond as soon as possible.  Alternatively you can contact us directly.

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traditional chinese medicine for weight loss (6 steps to balance qi)

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