Crystal Grids For Energy Healing And Balance (Best Crystal Grid Layouts)

To build and use a grid you will obviously need to have a collection of crystals. You don’t need to have hundreds! As long as you have 20 to 25 gemstones you can use this technique. Most important is that your kit contains at least one clear quartz crystal. More than one is even better!

The reason is due to Clear Quartz being a Master Healer. This means it resonates at frequencies that align with all of the chakras in our subtle bodies and therefore can be used for healing all energetic levels!

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Creating Crystal Grids For Energetic Healing Of The Physical And Subtle Bodies

This grid is perfect for the everyday exhaustion caused by worldly pressures. It is ideal for those who suffer with stress or anxiety and other related issues such as “over thinking.” It is also great for bringing a sense of calm and peace for when issues in life cause us a constantly busy mind.

Likewise if you find that you suffer from unexplained physical pains, aches and tension you can use this grid to find relief. Your healing crystals will aide you in releasing any energetic blocks that may be the cause.

Whatever the ailment, whether a specific physical injury, unexplained pain or concerns of an emotional nature this crystal healing grid can help! It is a great layout for when you want to increase the positive, loving and protective energies of your crystals in your living spaces.

So let’s get ready and prepare everything you need to lay out your powerful crystal grids. It is a very simple process, we are not yet forming Sacred Geometry, simply a pleasing geometric pattern.

crystal grid
An example Crystal Grid

Preparing Space For Your Crystal Grid Layouts.

Before you begin, take the time to prepare the crystals that you intend to use. If you have a great number of crystals it is wise to plan ahead. Take the time needed to give them all a thorough positive energy cleansing. This ensures you are able to choose freely, from any of them, as you are actually laying out your grid.

If you are unsure how to do this, you may be interested in our post that details some crystal cleansing methods to charge and program your healing stones. Once your crystals are prepared you need to select the area within your home, or work place, that you would like to arrange the stones. I choose the location dependent upon what it is that I am hoping to achieve from the grid.

For example if I was aiming for better sleep and relaxation I would choose the bedroom. For greater harmony in the home I would select a focal point in the living area. If being used for specific illness or pain then I would choose a location where I could ensure my aura was close to the crystals energy flow for as much time as possible.

At times I may choose to place smaller crystal grids in several areas. This is a great way to ensure I am always in contact with the healing energy field. Then I spend time preparing sacred space. This can be any routine you choose that makes the space feel “prepared’. At minimum make sure the area is clean and that the crystals are protected and not going to be disturbed.

You may wish to lay a cloth as a base. You can light incense or burn your favorite essential oils. You may choose to place fresh flowers nearby or play restful music. If you are manifesting healing for others at a distance you may wish to have their photograph in the vicinity. Do whatever it is that enhances the energy in your space and brings you calm and peace. Your preparation enables you to focus your full intent on laying out the crystal grids.

Forming Crystal Grids For Energy Balance And Healing.

To begin place all your cleansed stones close to your chosen location and then spend time bringing yourself to a meditative state. Close your eyes and begin by taking several deep breaths, in and out. During each inhalation feel yourself becoming more relaxed, more peaceful and at ease.

With each exhalation feel any pressure and tension of the day slipping away and leaving your body. Once you feel at peace and sense you are ready to begin move your focus and thoughts to the healing you want to occur. Express in your minds eye the healing that you wish the crystals to aid. Spend time and clearly visualize your situation once healing has occurred.

See clearly, without any doubt, that what you ask for has manifested and is now reality. Once you have set your intention move your focus to the stones. Begin by choosing the the first crystal for your grid, the focus stone or center stone, using an energy scanning technique.

With your palms facing down slowly move your hands over top of the crystals. Select the stone that gains your attention. Select without thought. Choose the stone that attracts you and seems to be calling to you. Usually I sense a mild, almost electric, tingling in my palms or a slight magnetic pull on my palms when they are above the crystal required.

Some people feel the draw of the crystals in other ways. Some people feel absolutely nothing. Most importantly, regardless of sensation, a crystal will be chosen. Trust and believe, without any doubt, that the stone you select is correct. Because it is! Continue to choose each following stone in this way and begin to lay out your Crystal grid.

As you place the stones focus your thoughts again on the healing or the manifestation that you wish to occur. This focused thought charges each crystal with your intent. See clearly that what you wish to manifest has already occurred.

Place the selected gemstone in the location which intuitively feels correct. The first healing stone is the only one that requires specific placement. It will be the center of your grid. After the first, you simply need place each additional stone at a location slightly further away from this central point. Try not to shift your focus away from your healing intent. Don’t allow your focus to shift towards forming a particular pattern, or style, or creating what you “believe it should look like”.

Place each of the stones and crystals, as you select them, in the area that feels correct. As you lay each in the crystal grids feel more at ease. This sense of peace is associated with manifesting a new reality. Trust that each crystal brings with it the energies required for achieving abundance, positive energy, optimal health and vitality. Your crystal grid layout will form as it needs to be. It will attract the energies required to manifest your intent.

Our crystal grid draws in universal energy and resonate at the frequencies which amplify healing. Keep selecting stones that attract you. There is no time limit. It may take minutes and be formed of just a few tumbled stones, or it may take longer and be created of large numbers of crystals.

You will sense when the grid is complete. You will intuitively know when no further crystals are required. When this occurs bring your focus back into yourself. To finish visualize one final time the manifestation of your new reality. See the finished grid and spend time admiring its beauty. Then thank the universe and when ready bring yourself back to the present.

crystal grids and the best crystal grid layout for energy healing
crystal grids for healing

How long should you leave your crystal grids in place?

You should keep your crystal grid in the same place for as long as you feel it is necessary! This could be a few hours, or may require a few days or even weeks. You must trust in your intuition. You will know when it is the correct time to remove them from the grid.

When you do move them from their formation it is important to cleanse them again. This is to clear any negative or unwanted residual energy that the crystals may have absorbed.

Making Crystal Grids To Balance Chakra Energy.

The following technique uses your healing stones for balancing your Chakra energy centers. This exceptionally simple technique can be used whenever you wish. It takes little time and attracts the energies that manifest positive healing in the physical and subtle bodies.

This crystal healing technique is excellent for whenever you feel lacking in energy or off balance emotionally. It supports you by opening, aligning and balancing the chakras and connected meridians.

While it is possible to do this alone, you may find it helpful if you have someone assist you in placing the crystals.

To begin you need to lay flat on your back. Then place a corresponding stone, one or more, on or near the associated chakra location on the physical body. You are now forming your own chakra crystal grids.

Once each of the seven stones have been placed on the 7 chakras energy center, close your eyes and begin the following visualization.  Through the act of visualization you draw upon the specific vibrational frequencies of each crystal to balance the chakras. 

The crystals act in a similar way as a musical tuning fork. They emit a constant vibration which is aligned to each specific chakra. Crystalline vibrations do not alter or change. It is for this reason that quartz crystals are used in watches and other devices that rely on accurate vibrations with consistent energetic pulsations.

As with a tuning fork, each crystal emits a constant non-changing and consistent frequency. Our physical and energetic body alters to match the crystal vibrations. This brings the body back into its correct frequency for health. This balances and aligns each energy center and removes “dis-ease”

Start with Sahasrara the Crown Chakra, located on the top of the head. Visualize the violet coloration of Sahasrara. See it lighting up and beginning to glow. Note the chakras color growing ever more intense, vibrant and pulsing strongly.

Once you see it fully open and glowing visualize the associated crystals energy begin to pulsate and mix within the chakras energy. See the violet color become even more vivid and glowing intensely completely surrounding the stone. Focus on Sahasrara the crown and take 5 deep breaths.

As you inhale see the energy from the healing crystal entering the chakra and flowing down your spine. As you exhale you see your breath flowing back up the spine and out of the chakra back into the crystal.  Sense that this breath is replenishing the healing crystalline energy.  Feel more and more energized with each inhalation.

Complete this technique and breathing visualization exercise for each of the remaining chakras. Make sure you visualize the color associated with each center.

At the end of this visualization take some to intuitively scan each of the chakras. This will enable you to sense if any remain imbalanced and require further energetic balancing and attention.

chakra crystal grid
Chakra Crystal Grid

How To Perform An Intuitive Energy Scan Of The Chakras

Stay within a meditative state and move your focus to the center of each chakra. Allow yourself to sense if any of the centers require further crystal healing energy. As you do this do not over think it and trust your intuition.

Focus on each energy center.  Do you see or sense vibrant color? Do you feel the energy flowing smoothly?  Do you sense the waves of colored energy expanding out through your aura from your chakra evenly and fluidly?

If you sense any blockage, any weak spot, low vibration or dull coloration spend additional time drawing energy into the chakra via the crystal. You may even wish to build a crystal grid to enable a constant flow of energy for an extended period of time.

You could also wear the associated crystal as jewelry. A necklace, pendant or ring will keep a constant flow of energy at the correct frequency flowing into the chakra.

How should I display my crystals For Sleep?

This is so simple, but highly effective! Choose one stone that aligns with each of the 7 chakras. Place each stone in the coordinating chakra location. You can place them under your mattress or under the beds base.

crystal healing techniques bedroom alignment
Crystal healing techniques bedroom alignment

If your bed doesn’t have a solid base just place your healing crystals in the coordinating position on the floor under the bed. It may be easier if you lay on your bed in your “usual” sleeping position and ask someone to place the crystals. It is possible to do this independently but can be hard to see if they are in the correct spot!

Crystal Grid Body Technique – Wear Your Healing Stones.

This is great for helping manifest long term goals. It is equally effective for healing deep rooted energetic blocks occurring because of emotional trauma or long term acute pain such as arthritis. Wearing a programmed crystal provides constant crystal healing energy as well as acting as a visual reminder of our goals.

Each time we see or feel the crystal it triggers our memory. This reminds us of our goal acting as powerful positive reinforcement. Thinking of our goals reinforces our desires and intent. This helps manifest intent into reality.

How To Program Your Crystal:

Cleanse your chosen crystal. This can be done by soaking your crystals in salt water overnight, by burying them in rock salt overnight or by passing them several times through sage smudge smoke.

Once the stones are cleansed clear your mind. Take several deep breaths and feel the tensions of the day melt away. Focus your mind on the crystal and the intent you wish to program it with. Hold your chosen crystal in your dominant hand.

Mentally and verbally state your chosen goal. State your intention and what it is you wish to achieve.  Repeat this intent several times. As you do sense that this messaging of intent is being absorbed into the crystal.

Now move your focus and visualize yours reality when this goal is achieved.  See the intent as having already been accomplished. See it as reality, as part of your normal routine and a natural part of your life. Keep stating the intent for this goal to manifest and be present in your life. See it as reality. Keep doing this until you feel the stone is fully programmed with intent and is energetically working to help you achieve this.

An example of programming intent is as follows:

“I am happy and healthy,  I am clear of all emotional blockages from my past. I willingly and gladly release all energy that no longer serves my higher good.

I am excited about life, I am happy with life, I am positive about the future, I see my success, I sense more success. With crystalline energy I am able to achieve everything that is positive and do so in optimal health”

Positive framing – crystal grid healing techniques

I hope you have enjoyed this post about crystal grids and the energies for healing. Please let me know if you use any of these techniques. I would love to hear of your experiences.

Do you know of other techniques using healing crystals or crystal grid layouts that you believe should be shared? Please do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.  I’d love to learn from you and your experience.

crystal grids for energy healing and balance (best crystal grid layouts)

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