15 Top Crystals With Healing Energy For Everyday Ailments (And Energy Boosts)

Ancient civilizations were the first to identify that everyday ailments were able to be treated with the healing energy of gemstones. In this post we reveal the 15 top crystals, still used in todays world for healing. In particular we look at those that are useful for releasing physical, spiritual, and mental energy blocks.

The 15 Top Crystals With Healing Energy For Everyday Ailments.

  1. Clear Quartz; headaches, concentration, focus, tensions.
  2. Amethyst; headaches, sleep, creativity.
  3. Lapis Lazuli; migraine.
  4. Fluorite; focus, concentration, self confidence.
  5. Sodalite; memory, organisational ability, communication.
  6. Rose Quartz; sleep. ease tension, worry.
  7. Citrine; sleep and focus.
  8. Red Jasper; emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding
  9. Black Obsidian; powerful psychic protection.
  10. Tigers Eye; release fear, anxiety, develop harmony and balance
  11. Yellow Topaz; faith, manifest positive things
  12. Blue Sapphire; personal expression, creativity, confidence
  13. Aquamarine; releasing fears, relaxing, positivity
  14. Green Jade; heal the mind, detoxify, cleansing negative energy and thoughts.
  15. Opal; emotional stability

More specific healing properties and details for how to use each of our 15 top crystals is detailed below.

Headache And Migraine Relief.

Amethyst and Clear Quartz are two of the most often used crystals and commonly used to treat any pain associated with the head.

Headache is often caused by stress or worry. Stress results in negative energy and blocks within our energy field. This in turn leads to tension which causes headache.

Place a quartz crystal, base side onto the central zone of the headache (temple, forehead) with the point facing away from the body. Clear quartz directs pain and negative tension energy away from the body and releases it through the termination point.

Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, can be used in the same way as clear quartz. It is especially useful for headaches which are caused through exhaustion.

You can also place Quartz and Amethyst, under your pillow or near your head, as you sleep to wake headache free.

Lapis lazuli is also known for its healing energy and it is included within out 15 top crystals because it has shown to be one of the few that are effective at treating migraines.

Clear Quartz


Lapis Lazuli

Top Crystals For Concentration And Focus.

There are a large number of healing crystals which can help improve our concentration and focus. They are brilliant for those studying, or simply for those times in life when we require greater focus.

The following three are our recommended crystals with healing energy for concentration and focus. Clear Quartz, is an incredible healer and a top choice for when you require improvement in mental clarity.

Fluorite is an excellent choice as it encourages and restores healthy brain function. Fluorite crystals cleanse and stabilise the energies within our aura. 

They absorb and neutralise any negative energies, especially those caused or associated with stress.  It is an excellent aid for learning and increases concentration, self confidence and helps us to make good decisions by encouraging positivity and balancing auric energies.

Sodalite works well alongside fluorite as it can improve memory, organisational abilities and communication skills.

Rose quartz is wonderful to begin with as it eases tension and worry.



Rose Quartz

Top Crystals With Healing Energy For Better Sleep.

If you have ever struggled to get a good nights sleep then the following 3 healing crystals are recommended for you.

If your sleeplessness is due to over thinking, difficulty winding down or calming your mind try placing citrine, rose quartz or amethyst under your pillow or beside your bed.

These healing crystals can help to soothe you and help you get to sleep.

Top Crystals For Grounding And Increasing Your Energy.

A lack of energy is often the root cause of many bodily ailments.

When you feel that you are not able to function to the best of your ability, try revitalizing Muladhara and Manipura Chakras by using red or yellow crystals.

These crystals will work to stimulate your mind and body energy flow and bring in physical energy restoration.

Red Jasper (for Muladhara)

Red Jasper carries with it a very strong grounding vibration. It is attached to Muladhara but resonates with the lower three chakras.

It resonates at the solar plexus, sacral and base chakras.  Its action takes the energy from the base, Muladhara chakra, and grounds the aura to Mother Gaia.

Red Jasper creates a strong connection to the earth which is incredibly helpful for emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding.

This crystal gives deep insight into our personal difficulties and gives us a strong, and needed. sense of stability.

Black Obsidian (For Muladhara)

Black Obsidian, while not red, is a stone linked to the energies of Muladhara as it is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog trapped within your aura, and is a powerful psychic protection crystal.

Black Obsidian has powerful metaphysical properties and will help to shield you against negativity.

It is said that the energy of black obsidian may also stimulate the gift of prophecy.

If your choice of black obsidian stone has a shiny surface it can be used as a tool for scrying.

It an excellent crystal to use for when doing spiritual or healing work, this is because it has a strong connecting action which will ground you to Mother Earth.

Black Obsidian is an excellent healing stone to assist you in releasing any disharmony that has built up in your day to day life.  It will clear you of any resentment toward others and remove the negative energies associated with fear and anger.

Tigers Eye (For Manipura)

Tigers Eye is a great stone for crystal healing techniques with its lovely bands of yellow. gold and brown color through it.

The Tigers Eye Crystal helps you to release fear and anxiety as well as aiding the development of harmony and balance.

This stone helps you to take action, and make decisions with discernment and understanding.  It clears clouded judgement and allows you to see the decision to take.

Traditionally Tigers Eyes was carried as an amulet to ward of any curses or ill-wishing.  Tigers Eye is known to enhance your courage, self confidence and strength of will.

Tigers Eye also helps to balances our natural brain chemistry, so is of benefit to those suffering from any emotional or mental health personality disorder.

Yellow Topaz (For Manipura)

Yellow Topaz is used within crystal healing techniques to manifest your intentions and ensure these intentions are in alignment with the Divine Will.  Therefore it ensures any manifestation is in your best interest.

Yellow Topaz has strong metaphysical properties that help instill faith, allowing you to manifest all manner of good and positive things into your life.

The yellow topaz also brings the bonus benefit of ensuring that any manifesting wishes you send into the universe are in alignment with what is for your highest and best good.

Yellow Topaz vibration is strong and attracts helpful people into your life at the right time.  These associations are only ever those that will benefit you.

Another technique for gaining energy is to hold a clear quartz crystal with the point upwards. This will give you a boost of energy.  Clear quartz is a master healer as it works to balance and align all of the chakras. This is why it features so prominently in our top crystals list.

Blue Sapphire For Creative Expression.

Blue Sapphire should be the choice for those who are looking for amplified creative expression as it work directly with Vishuddha – the throat chakra responsible for communication and expression.

The Blue Sapphire crystal can also aid in meditation and bring a sense of serenity and peace due to their very calming effect.  This calming allows a person to express and deliver their highest levels of creativity.

Blue sapphire is beneficial for enabling personal expression and for those who wish to expand or tap into their true creative selves.  

Surrounding yourself with the vibration of blue sapphire allows you to truly experience your own personal creativity.

Many people who work in creative industries wear sapphire daily to bring out the best in their minds and creative processes.

Aquamarine And Amethyst Crystals For Courage.

When in times of adversity or when extra courage is needed aquamarine or amethyst are our recommended healing gemstones for you.

Both of these healing crystals give us courage during any particularly rough time in life.

Aquamarine is well known for releasing fears, relaxing a person, and providing mental clarity.

Amethyst helps bring our personal energies back to balance and builds personal inner strength as well.

These wonderful healing crystals give you the strength to take on tough situations, and make tough decisions along the way.

Crystals For Amplified Energy and Concentration.

No need to reach for the caffeine when you need a boost as the following crystals can help with both energy and concentration.

For those in the need of energy, concentration, and a clear mind the clear winner is to surround yourself and your energy with clear quartz.

For those that want to increase or stimulate memory, citrine and amber work exceptionally well and are highly recommended.

Fluorite will help balance your brain hemispheres making it easier to study.

Team the Fluorite with Amethyst to add courage and to also help increase brain transmissions making it easier to think through a problem or issue with a clear mind.

Have these crystals on your office desk, wear them to exams, place them in your home.

Clear Negativity And Build Esteem.

To aid your release of any stored toxic or negative energy, allowing a soothing of stress and the ability to heal your mind, turn to Green Jade, Rose Quartz or Opal.

Green Jade is wonderful for its many healing properties, especially to focus and heal the mind.

Rose quartz is known for detoxifying the mind and cleansing negative energy and thoughts.

Opal helps with emotional stability as well.

Green Jade

Rose Quartz


Team all three of these crystals and form into healing circles or grids within the home, or alternatively wear them on your person.

If you have used any of these crystals for healing or treating ailments I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  

Did the use of the top crystals healing energy have positive impact on your health? What other recommendations do you have?

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