Healing Hands Massage – Your 8 Taoist Self Healing Techniques.

When we begin the practice of Taoist Healing Massage, or Chi Healing Hands Massage as it is also known, we need to let go of some of our thinking around massage techniques.  This is totally unique.

For the majority of people the term massage probably conjures thoughts and feelings associated with relaxation and stress relief. Your thoughts may also be linked to holidays, or spa days, when we indulge in some self love and a little pampering.

In most cases these views and practices focus on achieving physical and emotional relaxation through muscle manipulation.

In Taoist Self Healing Hands Massage muscle manipulation does exist.

However the focus is to manipulate certain areas of our physical body to achieve optimal flow, or movement, of Chi (life force internal energies).

The practice is based upon beliefs that manipulation of the physical enables the flow and movement of Chi. It is by achieving optimal Chi that brings about healing. 

By achieving balanced body energies we strengthen, and bring about rejuvenation of, our internal organs as well as the sensory organs i.e. skin, tongue, eyes, ears and nose.

Through practising Taoist Self Healing Chi Massage we can achieve good health and abundance. We gain the physical benefits of muscle manipulation (traditional massage) and optimize healing by balancing Chi. 

Similar to other energy health modalities, such as Reiki or Chakra Balance, practitioners learn techniques that clear blocks and open energy channels. This enables them to positively manipulate and direct Chi to specific areas of the body which require healing.

Chi Healing Hands Massage Taoist Self Healing

Chi Healing Hands Massage History.

For more than 5000 years the practice was a heavily guarded secret!  Reserved solely for Taoist Masters, and only ever to be passed on from a Master to their Student.

To ensure that this method of Chi healing was kept secret, no Master was ever given instruction on the full methodology. 

He was able to perform the majority of techniques but then was required to gain the benefit of the remaining techniques by having it applied by other Masters.

This meant the Masters were able to access the full methodology and associated health benefits, but unable to perform them all.

The concept was to ensure that no Master would ever really know if he had received the full suite of Taoist Chi Manipulation techniques. 

This maintained modesty and humbleness, preventing pride. No Master could claim to be an expert because none could ever know if they had accessed all the knowledge available.

Mantak Chia Healing Sounds – Healing Hands Massage

How Has The Taoist Self Healing Method Been Made Available?

The knowledge made public is a relatively recent event and largely due to one man, Master Mantak Chia.

It was he who decided that the methods should be made available to everybody, rather than be the privilege of the few.

He claims that during his research of Chi Manipulation, and the lessons he had been offered from other Masters, that he had been able to piece together the entire system of Taoist Chi Massage. This claim, obviously, can never really be validated.

Over many years he studied and recorded his findings. This he then compiled into a pattern of routines and tested his system with other Masters.

It is said that the methods described in his system for health are the factors behind the youthful appearance and abundant good health shared by Taoist Masters.

These same methods will be shared with you today!

Healing Hands Massage
Master Mantak Chia

The Foundations Of The Healing Hands Massage.

The foundation knowledge and belief system in Chi Self Healing is that of purifying and balancing energy alongside eradication of negativity and stress.

It is believed that negative emotions, and the build up of associated energy, is the root cause of any decline in bodily function and ill-health of the body’s organs and nervous system.

Taoist Masters state that with daily practice of the following 5-10 minute regime we strengthen and heighten our senses (vision, hearing, and taste) and clear stored toxins from internal organs.

This relieves the physical of stress and clears any blocked or stored negative emotional energy.

It also aids revitalizing a healthy complexion and, for those in a relationship or looking to be in one, increases and improves libido!

Master Mantak Chia went on to write many bestselling books based upon Chi massage, with his most widely read and distributed entitled “The Multi-Orgasmic Man and Sexual Reflexology”.

The following quote from Felice Dunas is universally true.  In simple terms it explains what storing negative emotions truly does to us and our health! You can read a post on ways for how to move on from the past.

Holding Onto Anger - Taoist Self Healing Hands Massage
Healing Hands Massage

Taoist Self Healing Hands Massage Points And Techniques.

1. Face Massage.

Imagine washing your face with gentle circular motions.

Using the palms of your hands gently rub your face 18 times in a continual clockwise circular motion.  Then repeat 18 times anticlockwise.

2. Ear Drums.

Cover your ears with the center of your palms. Your palms flat and your fingers pointing towards the back of your head.

Now cross your index finger on top of your middle finger and make a whipping motion (your index finger tapping against your middle finger).

Do this 36 times – you should feel the vibration in your eardrums.

3. Eye Massage.

Gently place the heels of your palm on your closed eyes, fingers pointing up.

Gently massage in a circular motion – 18 times clockwise, 18 times anticlockwise.

4. Teeth Massage.

With your mouth closed gently, but firmly, tap with fingers – 18 times top front incisor area, then 18 times top molar area, 18 bottom front, 18 bottom back.

Use both hands and in unison with each other.

5. Nose Massage.

Using your thumbs – insert into nasal cavity and massage the nasal partition (the middle) with upward and downward movements 36 times.

6. Kidney Massage.

Place your palms on top of the kidney area and gently press in and down. Hold for 5 seconds and release.  Then repeat this movement for a total of 36 times.

7. Intestinal Massage.

Place your left hand over your right.  Place hands palm down on your belly button and gently massage with firm slow circular movements 18 times clockwise.

Then place right hand over the left hand, palms down and repeat in an anticlockwise direction 18 times.

8. Soles of the Feet Massage.

Place your left barefoot on your right thigh.

Massage the sole with your right hands fingers. Rub forward and back from the bridge (where the toes begin to the heel) firmly 36 times.

Now switch your right foot onto your left thigh and use the fingers of your left hand.

Note: for the feet this is to be done as firmly as you are able.

How Do I Know If I Am Doing It Correctly?

As you probably expect, the Taoist Self Healing massage is based upon the meridian system and acupressure or acupuncture points. 

When implementing this system there is no need to worry about exact amount of pressure or exact location points for energy movement.

Obviously we don’t want to apply excess pressure, so as to not cause physical harm. Just keep in mind that the movements and the recommended direction is to help to move Chi. 

Focusing on applying these treatments as detailed will stimulate the entire body’s Chi energy.

As always I’d love to answer any questions or hear your thoughts on this method.  If you do try the Healing Hands Massage please let me know how it works for you. You can leave a message in the comments section below or contact me directly by clicking here.

My best wishes and blessings.

Healing Hands Massage - Your 8 Taoist Self Healing Techniques.


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