21 Empath Common Traits (Shared Characteristics Of Highly Sensitive People)

Discover the 21 Empath Common Traits, the shared Attributes of Highly Sensitive People. Empaths have the innate ability to read, understand and resonate with others.  At times this will be with conscious awareness, other times it will not.  However this is not the only shared characteristic of our sensitives. 

We know that Empaths are hyper sensitive souls with high levels of compassion.  They have a great deal of understanding when it comes to the emotions of others.

This emotional sensitivity enables empaths to actually “feel” the exact emotions of those around them.

Empath Common Traits And Shared Characteristics Of Highly Sensitive People.

Whether known or not, there are many common traits of the Empaths.

1) Knowing Things

Empaths know things without being told.

This is much more than just a gut feeling (even though this is how empaths would likely describe it).

Empaths are highly intuitive and knows things on a deep level.  The more accepting of this gift the more highly attuned empaths become.

2) Public Places

Places like shopping malls, supermarkets or areas where there are lots of people around can fill empaths with dread.

Usually Empaths dislike these types of places. They often will actively avoid them but not know why. This does not mean they are antisocial. 

The issue is that these places can saturate empaths with emotion.  The empaths may feel completely bombarded by the sheer mix of differing and conflicting emotions within densely populated spaces.

3) The Absorption Of Emotion.

This is massive for all Empaths.  It is also the one trait that many empaths struggle to cope with.

Empaths not only feel the emotions of others.  They “absorb” them. This means that they truly experience them, taking them on as if they were their own.

All empaths share this trait.  Some more than others. 

Some only feel the emotions of those close by, while others feel and sense other people’s emotions regardless of the physical distance between them.

Highly attuned Empaths can even sense when someone holds negative thoughts, or is saying negative things about them. Regardless of distance.

4) Abhorrence Of Cruelty and Violence

Watching, viewing, listening or reading about cruelty and violence is unbearable to an empath.

Often, and especially if still coming to understand their empathic nature, the level of emotion Empaths experience when viewing scenes of cruelty and violence can become overwhelming.

This can lead empaths to stop watching the television, listening to the radio and, in some cases, even reading the newspaper.

empath common traits - shared characteristics of highly sensitive people - shared emotion - empath common traits and attributes of highly sensitive people

5) Empath Common Traits – Perception of Honesty

Empaths know when someone is not being honest. If friends, family or loved ones are lying empaths know it.

Empaths will often not let on they have caught the lie.  This is usually done to save the other person any embarrassment or hurt, even though catching their loved one lying causes hurt to the empath.

Empaths are finely tuned to the emotions of others.  Therefore they easily pick up on and are aware of when someone says one thing but is thinking another.  If the emotion doesn’t match the words Empaths sense this clearly.

6) Solar Plexus Chakra Problems Of Highly Sensitive People.

Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra is home to our emotion.

It is this energy center which enables the sensing of others feelings and emotions.

If empaths are unaware of this relationship their Solar Plexus Chakra can become weakened, unbalanced or blocked. This can lead to poor digestion, IBS or stomach ulcers. 

Imbalance within the Solar Plexus Chakra can manifest many physical ailments of the gut and lower back within Empaths.

Empaths must be aware that any lower back problems or pain being experienced is likely linked to their storing of and blocking their own emotions.

This often means empaths are not properly “grounded”.  If experiencing symptoms and ailments of the lower back and the stomach/gut areas an Empath needs to develop methods to balance the chakras and ground themselves.

Empath common traits – shared characteristics of highly sensitive people

7) Being A Protector – Empath common traits

Empaths always take the role of protector.  They hate to see others in emotional distress. It does not matter who the other person is, or their relationship to them.  Empaths will offer compassion, love and caring attention to anyone suffering with emotional pain.

8) Baggage Handler

Empaths will find they are constantly sought out by others experiencing emotional anguish.  Even perfect strangers feel comfortable confiding and discussing complex emotions with an empath.

Empaths needs to be careful that they don’t unwittingly absorb and take on this emotional baggage.

9) Tiredness and Exhaustion

Because of the constant energy exchange, the absorbing of emotions and the transferring of energy empaths can often feel drained.

Empaths need to be aware of those around them and identify any “energy vampires”. These vampires are easily recognized once the Empath spends time thinking on the matter.

They are the people that continually seek the comfort and support of empaths.  They spend their time together draining the empaths positive energies and then, when topped up with positive emotion, they disappear into the night.

Empaths need to become very self aware of their own limits and recognize when it is necessary to remove themselves from a situation.  This helps to prevent them taking on too much emotional baggage from others.

Sleep and rest does not revive and restore empaths if they are overloaded with the emotions of others because they are unable to release their own.

10) Empath Addictive Personality – Shared Characteristics of Highly Sensitive People

Alcohol, drug and sex addiction is sadly very common among Empaths, due to them being highly sensitive people. Especially those who are unaware of, or struggling to cope with, their empathic nature.

It is a form of self protection.  An attempt to block out these unwanted and unrecognized emotions and the unwittingly absorbed hurt of others. Being unable to release or recognize emotion can lead to self destructive behaviors.

common traits of the empath

11) Healing and Holistic Therapy

Empaths are naturally drawn to the metaphysical. They have a natural talent for healing and can become excellent energy healers.

Sadly many Empaths, especially those who are unaware of their gift, shy away from healing. Understandably because they take on too much from the people they try to heal which can lead to them becoming ill or exhausted.

Empaths are naturally drawn to all aspects of holistic healing, the supernatural and accept the reality of psychic intuition and universal knowledge.

When they understand their gifts for energy transference they can become extremely powerful healers and develop very accurate clairsentience.

12) Creativity.

Empaths are highly creative and have vivid imaginations.  They can be outstanding actors, dancers, musicians and writers.

13) A Love Of Nature.

Empaths have a deep connection with animals and nature. They love pets and need to spend time outdoors.  When lost in nature they are able to feel their own emotions and develop a sense of peace.

14) Solitude.

All Empaths need time alone.  While other people may seek the attention and crave the stimuli of others most empaths enjoy times of solitude.

Empaths happily, and necessarily, seek solitude because it is when they can recharge and re-energize.

15) Easily Distracted.

Life needs to be kept interesting for an empath.  If they get bored, or are not stimulated, they can become distracted and end up lost in daydreams.

16) Enjoyable Activities.

When engaged in activities they enjoy empaths will thrive and be highly successful. Empaths are unable, actually they find it almost impossible, to do things they don’t like.

They are open and honest about their dislikes and feel unhappy when pressurized or guilt tripped into doing an activity they dislike.

This doesn’t mean empaths are idle or lazy.  They just can’t force themselves to do something they don’t enjoy.

common traits of the empath personality

17) A Truth Seeker.

Empaths know when they are being told the truth and when they are not. An empath will always seek the truth in a situation.  This may well be regardless of the hurt it may cause to themselves.

Anything untrue simply “feels wrong” to empaths.  While they may not let on they are aware of the dishonesty of others it does not mean they will let it pass.  Empaths will actively seek to find the truth.

17b) Why The Need For Answers?

Empaths don’t like unfinished business.  They are uncomfortable if they do not understand the outcome of situations, or more often when they sense the outcome does not match the emotion they feel.

This means an Empath is constantly seeking answers and knowledge.  Unanswered questions and unfinished business is highly frustrating for empaths and they will strive to find an explanation for any mismatch between what they are told and what they feel.

If their intuition is sparked or they sense “feelings of knowing” about something that is not in the open they will seek the truth.

If they sense they are being deceived or not being told the full truth they are unable to forget it and will try to confirm if their intuition is correct.

The downside of this truth seeking is they can alienate others who find this behavior pushy or overbearing.

18) The Empath Spirit – Empath Common Traits

Well adjusted and aware Empaths have a naturally open and adventurous spirit.  They love excitement, travel and freedom. They don’t enjoy being tied down, or made to feel restricted and can be impulsive decision makers.

They seriously dislike routine, rules and being controlled.

what is the empath connection to nature - Empath common traits - shared characteristics of highly sensitive people

19) Subconscious Self Protection.

Empaths often find they gain weight.  This is another form of self protection.

Subconsciously they see the added weight as additional protection.  Protection against the constant incoming emotional energies and the impact these emotions have on them personally.

This is why Empaths are prone to weight gain without necessarily overeating.  Unfortunately weight offers no protection against emotion.  This is compounded as the excess weight can cause the Empath to have negative thoughts of themselves.

20) Excellent Listeners.

Empaths do not often speak about themselves unless it is to a very close loved one or friend.

However they will listen actively, attentively and compassionately to anyone.  They love to learn about others. Not for any gratuitous reasons but because they genuinely care and they desperately want to help others to heal.

21) Intolerance Of Ego.

Empaths are kind, generous and tolerant.

However they cannot stand be in the company of people with huge egos.  Similarly they are uncomfortable in the presence of those that show a disrespect or lack of care towards others.

Empaths who are not attuned to the emotions of others, or are still unaware of being an empath, must be particularly careful.

Their sense of compassion, and their unwillingness to abandon others in need, can often lead to them becoming involved with the narcissistic personality type.  This sadly is all too common and can lead to disastrous personal emotional states for Empaths.

Empath Common Traits – Shared Characteristics Of Highly Sensitive People

21b) Unable To Put On A Public Face.

Empaths display and reflect their absorbed feelings. If they are surrounded by positive happy people they will take on these characteristics.

If they have absorbed too much negative emotion they can appear to be quiet, unsociable and even unhappy.

The Empath has no “Public Face”.  They are unable and unwilling to pretend to be happy when they are not.

Likewise empaths are unable to hide their delight and happiness.

If Empaths feel others are uncomfortable with their display of emotion they will try to “fix the problem” and attempt to hide their true feelings.

Because they have no public face the only way they have to hide their feelings is to hide themselves.  Thereby isolating themselves and becoming withdrawn.  This is often misunderstood by others who may consider them to be aloof or shy.

Empaths are “What you see is what you get” when it comes to emotions matching the moment.

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21 Empath Common Traits (Shared Characteristics Of Highly Sensitive People)