Selenite Crystals Properties – 5 Best Methods For Health

Used for centuries, and across cultures, Selenite is one of the most highly regarded of all the healing stones. In this post we look at selenite crystals properties for healing and their unique cleansing and clearing properties.

The stone itself is a relatively common form of crystal and is a variety of gypsum. It has a highly unique physical structure, making it one of the few stones that is easily shaped. It is incredibly soft which is why it is so often the first choice for artists to carve and sculpt into different formations for use in healing. Unlike the majority of other healing stones, because it so soft it needs to be carefully handled. It needs to be protected to prevent it from becoming scratched and damaged. And it is a crystal that must be kept away from water as it will crumble and dissolve.

selenite crystals properties

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Selenite Crystals Properties For Healing.

Selenite is a visually stunning crystal, often found in the form of long, elegant wands or clusters of delicate white crystals. Its beauty and elegance make it a popular choice among enthusiasts and collectors. There are many types of selenite, with the sheet selenite being very popular as it is the softest and so flexible you are able to bend by gently applying pressure. Wonderful for creating healing patterns, metaphysical shapes or the carving symbols.

1. Selenite For Healing The Mind and Subtle Bodies.

Selenite crystals properties are linked to the subtle bodies of the Aura. In particular it is an excellent choice for mental clarity, opening and channeling psychic development, developing intuition and furthering spiritual communications.  It is also known as the crystal of Angels and is said to aid our connection to the Divine.

Selenite crystals properties promote within us the strength to deal only in truth, honesty and clear communication.  It ensures we are able to sense and recognize the truth. It is an excellent stone for communication in relationships (personal and business). The name Selenite comes from the Ancient Greek word “Selene”, meaning the moon, and brings with it lunar energies. These energies strengthen our development of vibrational energy that works with the subconscious, and enhances our instincts and our emotional well-being.

It is associated with the crown chakra, the moon and water which combined provide us with enhanced spiritual connection and higher consciousness. It enhances our intuition, psychic abilities, and spirituality. Many people find that working with selenite helps them with spiritual growth and self-development.

sheet selenite

2. Selenite Crystals Properties For Expanding Awareness.

Selenite provides us with clarity of the mind, expanding our awareness of self and of our surroundings.  It is a crystal that opens access to the higher crown chakras. This helps you access your inner angelic consciousness and allows you to tap into levels of higher guidance. It is the stone best used to access energies associated with your past lives and understand the energy that forms your future lives.  Selenite Crystals properties allow you to achieve a deep calm state.

This promotes a deep sense of inner peace within you, making it perfect for use in meditation and self development work. It develops your judgement by opening and enhancing your true insight. It clears confusion and enables you to see the bigger picture and access deeper meanings. It is said that selenite brings clarity and spiritual understanding. As a stone of communication it enables us to receive and understand the messages received during meditation.


3. The Angel Stone of Spiritual Health.

Due to its properties for boosting our mental clarity and enhancing insight it is an excellent choice for higher communication. This is why you’ll find it being referred to as the Angel Stone. Selenite is the crystal most often chosen for contacting and communicating with guides, spirit, angels and universal energy.

This communication is enhanced due to selenite crystals properties that remove energy blocks from the physical and subtle bodies. With all of the chakras balanced and your nadi system flowing smoothly you are able to use the stone to enhance your now refreshed energy as a powerful conduit to connect with your spirit guides.

All forms of Selenite have a powerful association with Ajna, the third eye chakra, and are therefore excellent for development of intuition and psychic awareness.  It is also often used to assist in accessing information regarding past lives. Many healers use this stone in regressive therapy as it makes it easier to access what has been forgotten as well as aiding communication and clairvoyance.

selenite charging slab

4. Selenite For The Physical

Selenite is believed to have physical healing properties as well. It is said to support the immune system, alleviate pain and inflammation, and promote physical well-being. Some people also use it to aid with sleep disorders and promote a restful night’s sleep. In terms of the physical it is a crystal that is said to improve our mental clarity. This ensures we make correct and clear decisions as well as remaining flexible enough to look at both sides of an argument or decision. It is also thought to help align your spinal column and promote physical flexibility

It is believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and worry, which is why use it in their meditation practices to promote relaxation and a sense of peace. These beneficial properties also aid our relationships and help to enhance love. It brings peace, harmony and the ability to give and receive love.

5. Selenite Crystals Properties For Cleansing, Purification & Protection

Energetically Selenite is excellent stone for personal and psychic protection. Its properties absorb and neutralize negativity, forming a protective positive shield around you. It is known for its ability to cleanse and purify energy, so is often used to clean and clear our energy field. It can also remove negative and impure energies from other stones, so is often used to cleanse, clear and charge other crystals.

It is an excellent choice for cleansing the environment and is especially good for clearing the aura of energy that you have picked up from the outside world. To use, take a selenite wand and use like an auric vacuum. Bring the crystal up and down the length of the body, and as you do visualize it vacuuming up any negativity, all anxiety and any worries. See it clearing them from your energy and absorbing them. Start at the top of your head and move your way to the soles of your feet.

Keep the crystal about 6 inches away from your body. As you do this, visualize Selenite crystals properties energetically cleansing you. This is a simple technique but one that is extremely powerful. It takes less than 5 minutes. This means if you find yourself in large groups of people, or in a negative environment, you can easily remove yourself to perform a cleanse. This technique helps to purify your aura and makes sure you don’t collect other peoples’ cast off energy.

Review of Selenite Crystals healing properties:

  • Removes energy blocks to aid physical, emotional and spiritual healing,
  • Clears blocks to enhance communication,
  • Clears confusion – it is thought to ease Alzheimer’s and dementia,
  • Realigns and balances the chakras which aids alignment of the spine,
  • Lowers severity of epilepsy and seizures.
  • Promotes flexibility,
  • Aids absorption of calcium and other minerals and vitamins.
  • Promotes fertility,
  • Increases libido,
  • Protects energies of pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Aids spiritual development and growth
  • Links to Ajna, Sahasrara and Svadhisthana.
selenite crystals properties - 5 best methods for health

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