Create A Personal Development Plan (Gain Awareness In 5 Steps)

Discover how to create a personal development plan and how it benefits building self awareness, confidence and tackling insecurity.

During our life, we will have developed a number of notions and ideas that dictate how we see ourselves. We will also have formed certain beliefs and established a set of internal values that confirm these ideas.

Luckily, for most of us, most of the time, our thoughts of self are positive and constructive. However sometimes, a few of these ideas we have about ourselves have developed and warped over time, and end up being entirely wrong.

While these thoughts may feel correct, they have formed due to the experiences we have had in life thus far. This means they are very subjective. For example, if 20 people experience a traumatic incident, even if it is the exact same incident, each of them will recall details differently, feel different emotions and respond to the situation in their own specific and individual way.

Sometimes these beliefs and values, if negative and self limiting such as fear or having low self esteem can develop into major roadblocks. This can impact our happiness and limit our success.

The important first step is to recognize these self limiting beliefs for what they are. The next, and more difficult step, is to eradicate the negative internal self talk and build a positive and more forward focused inner dialogue.

When we create a personal development plan we begin to build a set of positive reinforcers and processes that builds a new positively focused internal viewpoint, along with improved feelings of self esteem and self worth.

how to create a personal development plan
How To Create A Personal Development Plan

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Gets Us Out Of Our Comfort Zone.

One thing that can get in the way of our success is our natural desire to stick to what we know, or stay within our comfort zone.

For example, many of us have a fear of speaking to large groups of people. However this is usually based on the fact that we have never done it, rather than times we did.

So if we have never gotten up in front of a group and talked to them, what is holding us back? How do we really know we dislike public speaking? We don’t.

Because it is new and not something inside our comfort zone we avoid it, or make self limiting excuses which then prevent us from doing it.

When we create a personal development plan, we deliberately action steps to work on our fears. If this was about public speaking then we could plan to practice a speech in front of friends or peers, join a speaking group like Toastmasters, or even hire a vocal coach.

Making Plans Builds Our Confidence – Create A Personal Development Plan.

To ensure we develop a good plan we need to start small and build up towards larger goals. The reason most people fail with their personal development planning is because they start with large goals that are almost impossible to achieve in the time frames they set.

A good plan starts with small achievable goals, that when put together accumulate larger successes. By collecting a series of smaller successes it energize us and we are more likely to keep going.

As we experience more success, our confidence is boosted and becomes stronger. This, in itself, often allows us to let go of some long held fears and start to recognize the real skills, talents and abilities we have.

create a personal development plan
Create A Personal Development Plan

Self Development Planning Increases Our Self Awareness.

One of the problems many of us face is the ability to be honestly self aware. This doesn’t mean that we are overly generous, or put ourselves on a pedestal, usually it is the opposite. We are more often too hard on ourselves and overly self critical.

It’s often hard to look at ourselves and then figure out what aspects of our life we need to improve. Let alone how we can personally take charge to improve our career, love, business, relationships, and so on.

The reality is, when we take time to sit and focus on us, to examine our life in clear headed thoughtfulness, we often realize we already know the areas in our life that we want to improve or focus on.

The issue is we usually don’t make the time to focus upon us. When we do take the time to examine aspects of our life that we want to improve, it is then that we can take control and do something about it.

When we create a personal development plan we are allowing ourselves time to focus on us. This is a very important step towards better self esteem.

The mere process of making time for us positively reinforces the fact that we are important and our needs are important.

It is vital that we use this time to clinically analyse the aspects of our life that we have determined we want to improve and then decide action steps that we need to take to get to the future we envisage.

This is why it is important to make time, everyday, to sit and plan the actions we will take and clearly analyse the pros and cons for each step.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to detail the aspects you wish to change, you may want to consider starting with a gratitude journal or notebook.

This allows you to free your mind and thoughts and to begin the habit of making time for yourself. You will find that very soon afterwards you will begin to note down more detail.

You will then be able to spot trends in your thoughts and writing and the aspects of life that you want to develop or improve will come into clarity.

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overcome fear - create a personal development plan

Allows Us To Confront Our Fears.

As we know we don’t want to remove all of our fear, some fears are actually very smart to keep. For example, that underlying fear we have at night when walking around dark areas of town that we don’t know well is actually self preservation and is designed to keep us safe.

However, if we have illogical fears, such as the fear of being judged or a fear of failure, without having attempted what we are fearful of we will find that we don’t manage to get anything done.

A personal development plan helps ensure that we become aware of, and realize, when this is happening. When we realize we are holding illogical fears and we bring this into our consciousness we can then create action steps to combat that fear.

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Why Create A Personal Development Plan?

Personal development is a process that we will work on for our entire life. It will help us to assess our skills, qualities, and will help us build a lifestyle and life that we want.

When we can envision a future of happiness, quality relationships and success we are also programming our subconscious to accept our new reality.

The personal development planning routine helps us with all aspects of our life and helps us become more self aware at home and at work.

create a personal development plan journal
Create A Personal Development Plan – Focus On Giving Thanks And Gratitude.

Perform A SWOT On Your Life.

A well designed development plan will help us to identify our strengths, our weaknesses, the opportunities that present, and any roadblocks or threats in our life.

Our plan will identify our strengths. When recognised we need to make sure we protect and enhance them. Use them for our benefit and apply them as much as is possible.

If we identify any weaknesses we can look at ways to either improve our ability in that space or to identify ways that we can minimize the impact of them.

With opportunities, it is important that these are recognised otherwise how will you know when a door opens?

It Is Never Too Early To Begin A Personal Development Plan Or Journaling.

When we begin the practice of planning and journaling we begin a process of building positive self esteem. Therefore it is a great idea for our children to begin spending time focusing on themselves. Gratitude journals are an excellent way to start! Or for some healthy and positive vibes check our our post 24 Top Health Quotes.

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create a personal development plan (gain awareness in 5 steps)

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