Discover Amazonite Healing Crystals: 6 Powerful Types And Energies.

In the world of gemstones, Amazonite healing crystals hold a special place, cherished not only for their beauty but also for their purported metaphysical properties. Amazonite as a mineral dazzles with a turquoise-green hue, as if evoking images of the Earth and her natural wonders. This crystal, named for its color, reminiscent of the Amazon rainforest, has fascinated humanity for centuries.

Amazonite, often referred to as the “Stone of Courage” or the “Stone of Truth,” invites seekers of tranquility and harmony. It is believed to possess a myriad of benefits. These range from the emotional, providing comfort and strength to the physical. Today much of its allure is its aesthetic value, as well as its energy that is deeply rooted in nature.

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History of Amazonite Healing Crystals

The history of Amazonite healing crystal is as captivating as the stone itself. Its blue-green hues have adorned the artifacts and jewelry of many ancient cultures. With each attributing to it a unique set of energy and meanings.

Historically, it is often associated with fertility and protection, finding its place in amulets and other ritualistic artifacts. Its importance was echoed across oceans and epochs, from the Mesopotamian plains to the heart of the Amazon, where legends and reality intertwine.

For many years the name ‘Amazonite’ was thought to be in reference to the Amazon River in Brazil. It was known that the Amazon had many green stones that could be found in abundance. However, this was proven incorrect. In fact Amazonite can not be found in the river at all! This was likely an honest mistake due to similar looking stones in the area.

The stone’s true connection to the Amazon, is even more exotic, and strengthens its allure and mystique. Its name comes from a historical link to a group of fierce female warriors. Amazonite is said to have been named because it adorned the shields of Amazonian tribal women warriors. The use of this dates back to roughly 10th century B.C. 

amazonian woman warrior
Some claim Amazonite stone takes its name from a tribe of Amazonian Warrior Women.

In ancient Egypt, it was a stone of great value, used extensively in jewelry and ornamental designs. The Egyptians believed it could attract good luck and healing. Pharaohs and high priests often wore it as a symbol of fertility and protection. Amazonite beads and amulets have been found in Egyptian tombs, suggesting that it was believed to have protective properties in the afterlife.

Mesopotamians also held this stone in high regard. They used it in seals and amulets, attributing its power to enhancing physical strength and endurance. They believed the vibrant color was a reflection of celestial energies, linking it to the gods and the heavens.

Beyond Egypt and Mesopotamia, Amazonite found its place in the artistic and spiritual life of many other cultures. In India, it was used in sculptures and healing rituals, believed to bring balance and harmony to the spirit. South American tribes, too, revered the stone for its healing properties, using it in medicinal preparations and religious ceremonies.

Various myths and legends have been associated with the Amazonite stone. For instance, some cultures believed it was formed from the water of the Amazon River, and blessed by the moon goddess. Others saw it as a symbol of hope and renewal, akin to the refreshing waters of a natural spring.

Physical Structure And Properties of Amazonite Stone.

Amazonite is primarily a potassium aluminum silicate. Its crystal system is triclinic, typically forming prismatic or tabular crystals. The presence of lead and water within its feldspar structure givers it its characteristic color. Its hardness on the Mohs scale ranges from 6 to 6.5, making it moderately durable but still susceptible to scratching.

The color is its most striking feature. This ranges from pale green to deep turquoise, and is often veined or streaked with white due to inclusions of other minerals. This variation in color is due to chemical impurities, for example copper content can lead to more vibrant blue-green hues. Each piece of Amazonite is unique, with patterns and shades that add to its natural allure.

This stone is mined in several parts of the world, with significant deposits found in Colorado, USA, where it is the state’s official mineral. Other sources include Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Madagascar. The mining of Amazonite is typically small scale, focusing on areas where crystals can be extracted with minimal environmental impact.

Besides the color, Amazonite has a vitreous to pearly luster, making it particularly attractive when polished. It exhibits a good cleavage in two directions, which can be both a boon and a bane for gem cutters. The stone’s translucence varies from opaque to translucent, contributing to its diverse uses in jewelry and ornamentation.

Types of Amazonite crystal – Characteristics and Properties

Long used as a charm for healing and protection, contemporary spiritualists view this stone as a tool for establishing a connection with our inner self, for promoting clear thinking and to heighten intuition. Amazonite is regarded as a potent asset for anyone on a quest for inner strength, clarity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Lets now look at some of the varieties and examine the features that make each one special.

Blue Green Amazonite

The classic Blue-Green Amazonite is perhaps the most recognized variety, prized for its vibrant, soothing color that ranges from pale green to deep turquoise. This type is often sourced from regions in Russia and the USA, particularly Colorado, where large deposits are found.

The blue-green tint is attributed to trace amounts of copper, which enhances its color intensity. Jewelers and collectors seek this variety for its bright, uniform colors and the serene aesthetic it brings to jewelry pieces.

amazonite healing crystal

Soothing – Communication – Balance

This crystal enhances feelings of self-confidence, promotes emotional healing and self-expression, and shields against negative energies. Its cool green color and vibrant energy provide a connection to nature and grounding. Allow the empowering energy of Amazonite to guide you towards a confident and fearless life.

Emotional Properties

protection, stability, strength, courage, vitality, health, well-being, abundance, prosperity, luck, manifestation, goals, dreams, success, creativity, motivation, self-confidence, empowerment.

Spiritual Properties

Truth, Harmony, Harmony, Communication, Integrity, Hope, Trust, Personal Empowerment and Transition, Self-expression, Enhances Intuition.

Striped Amazonite

Striped Amazonite is a healing stone that promotes harmony, communication, and compassion. It stimulates the heart chakra, bringing peace and understanding, and can provide clarity in dreams when used as a sleep aid.

Its properties allow for the expression of true thoughts and emotions without fear. Let the peaceful and healing energy of this gemstone guide you towards a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

striped amazonite healing crystals

Communication – Discovery – Harmony

Emotional Properties

peace, calm, serenity, balance, harmony, stability, strength, clarity, wisdom, communication, expression, creativity, imagination, inspiration, new beginnings, self-expression, self-awareness.

Spiritual Properties

Angel Communication, Aura Balancing, Balances Yang, Cosmic Awareness and Consciousness, Energizing, Healing, Intuition, Karma, Meditation, Selflessness.

Blue Amazonite

Blue Amazonite promotes harmony, communication, and truthful expression. Its calming energy gently soothes the nerves and its rejuvenating vibrations are like having a massage of the soul.

This crystal radiates blue rays that calm the heart and facilitate truthful communication. Allow the harmonious and calming energy of this gemstone to guide you towards a more tranquil and authentic life.

blue amazonite healing crystal

Communication – Compassion – Self-love

This crystal enhances feelings of self-confidence, promotes emotional healing and self-expression, and shields against negative energies. Its cool green color and vibrant energy provide a connection to nature and grounding. Allow the empowering energy of Amazonite to guide you towards a confident and fearless life.

Emotional Properties

stability, strength, courage, protection, self-awareness, focus, concentration, clarity, , wisdom, new beginnings, growth, abundance, prosperity, darkness, mystery, shadow work

Spiritual Properties

Angel Communication and Connection, Ascension Process, Balance, Connecting with Goddess Energies, Divine Will, Healing, Increase Consciousness, Joy, Kundalini Energy, Spiritually Uplifting.

Pink Amazonite

Heal stress and traumas with Pink Amazonite. It is associated with the water element and has a calming and soothing energy. The pink variety helps with physical ailments, emotional issues, and chakra balancing.

It promotes a sense of inner peace and helps to release emotional trauma. It can soothe and calm tense situations and enhances feelings of love. It has a gentle healing quality that helps fatigue, trauma and anything that draws energy away from the physical, emotional and mental bodies

pink amazonite healing crystal

Calming – Love – Emotional Balance

Emotional Properties

Mental clarity, Stability, Calming, Soothing, Energy Balance, Inner Peace, Love, Releases tension, Luck, Sincerity, Honor, Self-love, Communication, Eloquence, Integrity, Trust,

Spiritual Properties

Truth, Harmony, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Empowerment, Transition, Self-Expression, Enhances Intuition, Clairvoyance, Angel Communication.

Tourmaline Amazonite

Experience the powerful energy of Tourmaline Amazonite, a unique crystal combination of the calming and harmonizing properties of Amazonite with the grounding and protective properties of Black Tourmaline.

This crystal’s striking green and black patterns make it a stunning addition to any collection. It has transformative and protective energy and helps guide you towards inner peace and empowerment. This makes it a great crystal for public speaking and other challenging situations.

tourmalinated amazonite healing crystal

Grounding – Recovery – Protection

Emotional Properties

Uplifting, Calming, Soothing, Safety, Protection, Luck, Sincerity, Self-honoring, Self-care, Communication, Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Stability, Warmth, Comfort, Relaxation

Spiritual Properties

Psychic Protection, Energy Healing, Aura Cleansing, Energy Clearing, Grounding, Healing, Expanded Intuition, Joy, Aura Protection, Psychic Abilities, Clairvoyance, Affirmation Statements, Introspection, White Light.

Rainbow Amazonite

The Rainbow, or flower variety, is a powerful crystal that can connect you to higher realms, enhance communication, and promote emotional healing.

The vibrant colors and transformative energy stimulate the throat and third eye chakras. It promotes clear communication and heightened intuition. Let the transformative energy of this gemstone guide you towards a more enlightened and harmonious life.

rainbow amazonite healing crystal

Insight – Communication – Love

Emotional Properties

creativity, motivation, self-confidence, empowerment, abundance, prosperity, luck, manifestation, goals, dreams, success, warmth, happiness, joy.

Spiritual Properties

Angel Communication and Connection, Astral Projection and Traveling, Connecting with Goddess Energies, Grounding, Healing, Increase Wealth, Joy, Love, Meditation, Unconditional Love.

Russian Amazonite

The Russian variety is known for its rich, deep green colors and is considered among the finest quality of this gemstone available today. It is typically mined in the Ilmensky Mountains in the Southern Urals of Russia, an area famous for its unique mineralogy.

What sets Russian Amazonite apart is its often clear, intense coloration and the minimal white streaking that is more common in other varieties. This type is highly valued not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its rarity and historical significance in Russian gemstone collections.

russian amazonite

Little Blue Amazonite

Little Blue is a rare form primarily found in Madagascar. It is characterized by its lighter blue shade and is highly sought after for its crystal clarity and lustrous finish. This variety tends to have fewer inclusions and offers a translucence that is not as prevalent in other types.

Its delicate blue color provides a soft contrast to the more vibrant shades typically associated with others, making it a popular choice for unique jewelry settings.

little blue amazonite

In addition to these well-known types, Amazonite also occurs in a spectrum of other varieties that exhibit a range of colors from almost white and pale yellow-green to deeper blues. These are less common and are often discovered in smaller quantities in various parts of the world including parts of Africa. Each variety holds its own unique appeal and contributes to the overall diversity found within Amazonite.

Benefits of Amazonite Healing Crystals Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically.

Amazonite healing crystals are celebrated not just for their aesthetic appeal but also for their healing properties. Believers in crystal energy healing attribute various therapeutic benefits to Amazonite, ranging from emotional healing and physical wellness to spiritual enlightenment.

This stone is often referred to as the “Stone of Hope.” It is renowned for its energy that inspires optimism and positivity. It is believed to soothe emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear, and promoting universal love and intuition.

It embodies the dynamic energy of water. The stones vibrations serve as a gentle reminder that life’s journey will naturally lead you to where you are destined to be. It encourages you to let go, have faith in the universal forces, and allow life to flow effortlessly. Amazonite if also said to:

  • Enhance courage
  • Strengthen feelings of calm
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Promote inner peace
  • Confront and release negative emotions
  • Overcome loneliness.
  • Support communication
  • Resolve conflict
  • Harmonize different viewpoints.
  • Encourage compassion and empathy.
  • Release emotional trauma.

Physically, the healing properties Amazonite has for the body are many. The crystal is said to be:

  • Help calcium absorption, which benefits bone health.
  • Soothing and Relaxing: It is known for bringing calm to the nervous system and easing tension within the body. Its gentle energy helps reduce muscle spasms, lower physical stress, and promotes relaxation.
  • Alleviating Aches and Pains: This stone is often used to soothe physical discomfort. Use for things like headaches and muscle aches. It is said to help to reduce inflammation and provides you with a sense of relief.
  • Supporting Bone Health: Amazonite healing crystals are said to have properties that help bone health and strength. It is said to aid in calcium absorption which contributes to overall skeletal well-being.
  • Preventing Damaged Hair: It is believed to have healing properties that can improve hair health. Amazonite is known to help the body absorb calcium quickly, which also makes our hair stronger, shinier, and more vibrant

Spiritually, Amazonite healing crystals are considered a powerful barrier and pollutant filter. The vibration of this stone is said to block geopathic stress, absorb microwaves and deflect cellphone emanations. It is especially useful for those sensitive to environmental pollutants.

They relate to matters of the heart and said to connect with your physical heart, and your heart chakra, in order to bring joy, love, and optimism into your life. It also helps to enhance communication and self-expression. It aligns with the throat chakra, encouraging honest and open communication with yourself and others.

Amazonite healing crystals are also said to:

  • Balance and align the heart chakra for love and throat chakra for communication.
  • Open the third eye chakra to enhance intuition.
  • Help release emotional trauma, making way for self-love, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Soothe anxious and self-destructive thoughts.
  • Develop confidence and courage.
  • Attract abundance and bring prosperity to the wearer.
  • Manifest money, luck and overall success.
  • Align the physical body to the etheric.
  • Encourage the expression of thoughts and feelings.
  • Bring clarity and understanding to dreams.

Incorporate Amazonite Healing Properties into Daily Life

Amazonite’s striking appearance and purported healing properties make it a favorite among gemstone enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to its visual allure or its metaphysical properties, there are numerous ways to integrate this stone into your daily routine.

Amazonite is commonly used in jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Wearing it is jewelry not only enhances your personal style but also allows you to connect with its healing properties throughout the day.

In Feng Shui, Amazonite is a stone that is associated with balance and harmony. It is often used in homes and workplaces to create a calming environment. The crystals properties are said to disperse negative energy. It is used in the Northeast area of Feng Shui for gaining self cultivation and knowledge, and in the Southwest to enhance relationships or find partners.

It is associated with money, luck, and overall success, which is why it is lovingly known as the “gambler’s stone.” To gain abundance and success place Amazonite in the “wealth corner” of your home, being the far left corner from the entrance. To really boost manifestation add a piece of lemon quartz, together they boost the manifestation. Large pieces of polished Amazonite can be used as decorative items. They serve as stunning focal points that radiate calming energy in any room. Placed at the center of your home they will promote harmony and peace.

amazonite makes sense of dreams
Amazonite helps us interpret and make sense of our dreams

Meditation: Renowned for its calming and peaceful energy, Amazonite holds great significance in meditation and mindfulness practices. Treasured for its beautiful colors, it acts as a powerful tool for enhancing inner harmony and facilitating effective communication. Whether in its raw state or as polished tumble stones, Amazonite creates a tranquil environment that promotes relaxation.

The energetic vibrations help to boost introspection during meditation sessions. Its subtle energy quietens the mind, allowing us to achieve a state of serenity. Holding Amazonite stones, or having them close by, helps you to deepen your meditation, gain greater understanding and opens your connection to higher realms. The energy of the stone ensures you are able to restore inner peace and achieve mindfulness.

Reiki and Healing Sessions: Amazonite can be used in Reiki and other energy healing practices. Placing the stone on relevant chakra centers is said to enhance the flow of the life force Qi. The Reiki Master will use the Amazonite to release blockages and clear any stagnant energy from the heart and throat centers. This restores your energetic balance and aligns their energy.

Combine amazonite healing crystals with others: By combining crystal energy you can enhance the healing benefits in various ways. Pairing amazonite with chrysocolla amplifies its calming and soothing properties, providing a more profound sense of relaxation for the mind, body, and spirit.

Paired with Turquoise it boosts the stone’s metaphysical properties, supporting you to gain clarity and relief from stress. Combined with Larimar promotes tranquility and mental clarity, and can greatly enhance your meditation. When teamed with Aquamarine it is believed to amplify the healing, soothing and protective properties of Amazonite.

Smoky quartz with amazonite can help with both grounding and energizing. This combination is perfect when performing energy healing work as you need to stay centered yet still be open to energies of higher guidance. Lastly, paired with black tourmaline it offers protection against negative energies, and creates a harmonious and safe environment for healing and spiritual growth.

amazonite healing crystals
Amazonite Healing Crystals Are Effective for Deepening Meditation and Enhancing Relaxation

Tips for Cleansing and Recharging Amazonite

Purifying and energizing Amazonite is crucial to preserve its purity and boost any therapeutic effects. Don’t be fooled by its calming green-blue hues, this stone has the ability to soak up and transmute negative energies. By routinely cleansing and charging your crystal any gathered negativity or stagnant energy is released, enabling the crystal to rejuvenate and shine brightly once more.

Recharging the crystal revitalizes its energy levels and magnifies its healing capabilities. Allowing it to bask in sunlight or moonlight for a while rejuvenates the crystal, enhancing its positive energies. To maintain the effectiveness and beauty of Amazonite, it’s important to cleanse and recharge it regularly.

Cleansing Amazonite crystal is simple and effective. It purifies the stones energy and restores its natural vibrancy. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to cleanse this incredible gemstone.

Water Cleansing: Amazonite is safe to submerge in water. You can place your stones in the shallows of a running river, or into a container while running cold water over them. As the crystal is being washed by the water, visualize that the water is gently removing and clearing any accumulated negative energy. See all impurities being washed away leaving the crystal refreshed and renewed. This method uses flowing water to cleanse and purify your crystal, restoring its natural energy and vitality.

Earth Cleansing: Find a safe place in your garden bed, or fill a container with fresh soil. Now gently place the crystal into the soil. Make sure it is completely covered with soil. Mark the spot and leave them buried overnight. In this method the Earth’s energy purifies and revitalizes the crystal.

Smudging: Using sage or palo santo, carefully light the smudge and wait for it to smoke. Now move your crystal through the cleansing smoke. Imagine the smoke surrounding the crystal, cleansing it and eliminating any lingering negative energy. This technique is particularly useful for purifying several crystals simultaneously.

Sound Cleansing: Utilize sound frequencies and vibrations for purifying your Amazonite crystal. You can use a bell, chime, or play a Tibetan singing bowl in close proximity to the crystal, enabling the sound waves to cleanse it. Interested in sound healing? Feel free to explore our post on how to play a singing bowl.

amazonite charged in the full moon
The feminine and water element energy makes Amazonite perfect for charging by the light of the moon.

Integrating Amazonite Healing Crystals into Your Home

Keeping a piece of Amazonite in your workspace can help reduce stress and encourage better communication and harmony among colleagues. Amazonite crystal is commonly used to boost concentration, efficiency, and innovative thoughts. Its calming energy fosters a peaceful environment. Its gentle and clear influence makes it a valued tool for cultivating a harmonious and motivating work environment.

Place Amazonite in areas where you relax, such as near your bed or in the living room. This will promote a more peaceful and soothing environment. The stones energy encourages self-expression and confidence. It empowers us to communicate our thoughts and emotions openly and with confidence.

You can also place this versatile crystal as a decorative item in your home decor. Just being in the space it will radiate its positive vibrations, shielding you from atmospheric pollutants and promote a serene atmosphere.

Conclusion and Amazonite Healing Stone FAQs

Amazonite is a truly enchanting gemstone with a rich history, compelling physical properties, and a wide range of healing benefits. From its historical significance in ancient civilizations to its modern-day applications in healing and decor, Amazonite healing crystals continue to be cherished stones by many around the world. Whether you are drawn to it for its stunning appearance or its metaphysical qualities, it offers a unique blend of strength and empathy.

  1. What is the Amazonite crystal good for?

    Amazonite is believed to have a soothing effect on the nervous system. It is said to help soothe tense and aggravated situations bringing harmony and serenity. It is believed to enhance feelings of love.

  2. What does Amazonite protect you from?

    It is believed to protect against electromagnetic pollution, geopathic stress, and negative energy. It also promotes harmony and balance and encourages communication and self-expression.

  3. What chakra is amazonite used for?

    It is associated with the throat and heart chakras. The throat chakra, Vishuddha, is related to communication, self-expression, and speaking one’s truth. Amazonite helps open and balance the throat chakra, for clear communication and confidence. The heart chakra, Anahata, governs emotions, love, compassion, and relationships. This crystal resonates with the heart and helps promote harmony, empathy, and emotional healing.

  4. Which side should I wear or hold amazonite?

    Generally crystals and stones that are calming, aid emotions and encourage new relationships, are feminine and associated with the element of water. For this reason most people suggest wearing it on your left side.

  5. Which of the zodiac signs benefit from using Amazonite?

    It is associated with the Zodiac astrological sign of the Virgo, and is the birthstone for people born between the end of August and start of September. Amazonite stones also benefit those born under the zodiac sign of Leo, Aries, or Scorpio.

discover amazonite healing crystals: 6 powerful types and energies.

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