Number 1 White Noise Machine (Marpac DOHM DS Best White Noise Generator)

The Best White Noise Machine is the Marpac Dohm DS Natural. It is brilliant and simply the best on the market by producing electronic sound signals which mask disruptive background sounds. This is used to promote healthy sleep and relaxation.

The White Noise Generator does this by drowning out the external sounds which may otherwise prevent you falling asleep, or cause you to wake from your sleep.

The tones produced cover the entire pitch and range that is audible to the human ear.  Every frequency or tone is contained within this single sound produced by the generator.

White Noise Machine Marpac DOHM DS Sounds and Tones. 

This generator produces smooth and gentle sounds, similar to a fan or slight electronic static.  The sound has no pattern or features that would distinguish it with anything else.  The sound is composed of continuous sounds of all frequencies.

Many people think this would be incredibly annoying.  However it is one of the easiest and comforting sounds to hear and the easiest to let fade out and ignore.

Our brain doesn’t receive or get any information from the white sounds.  Therefore it becomes very easy to ignore and due to its frequencies masking all other sounds they simply fade into the background.

Simply put the White Noise Generator masks and replaces all unpleasant and unwanted noise from the room leaving an environment suitable for rest and relaxation.

Marpac DOHM DS White Noise Machine

The Marpac Dohm DS – The Original Sound Conditioner

This wonderful device masks all the unwanted noise that keeps you alert and awake.

It does this while creating a calm and serene atmosphere making it super simple to concentrate, relax or disappear into sound slumber!

The Marpac DOHM DS is unique in the way it produces a soothing and gentle sound similar to a gentle breeze but without the annoyance or irritation of moving airflow.

The unique design allows the Marpac DOHM DS Natural White Noise Machine, due to its compact acoustic housing, to produce a truly natural yet flexible and changeable volume and tone.

White Noise Machine - Marpac White Noise Generator

The Marpac DOHM DS is suitable for a range of situations and people including:

  • Those looking for deep restful sleep or just pure relaxation;
  • Those needing to concentrate who find other noise distracting;
  • Office situations, to protect confidentiality where sensitive information is discussed;
  • Those who need a little noise rather than a silent environment to sleep;
  • Great for aiding sleep in infants and toddlers – no more trying to get baby to bed;
  • Those who have restless sleep patterns or shift workers;
  • Those of us who have to otherwise listen to snoring!

Easy to Use.

The Marpac Dohm DS Natural white noise machine has an 8-foot power cord and runs on a standard US 120-volt household current.

It is super simple to use and its settings allow complete customization.  Just choose ‘high’ or ‘low’ settings and then select your preferred tone and volume.  It’s really as simple as that.

The Original White Noise Machine
White Noise Machine - Marpac White Noise Generator

Product Name: Marpac Dohm Classic

Product Description: The Dohm Classic masks disruptive sleep destroying sounds both outside and inside the home. Whether you use it for sleep, concentration, or privacy, the Marpac Dohm-DS keeps distracting environmental noise from interrupting your day and night. It is wonderful for helping infants and babies fall asleep and stay asleep. The soothing sound of the Dohm-DS lulls the little ones to sleep by producing a consistent, steady sound that masks sounds that would potentially wake them. Once the sound of your Dohm is part of baby's sleep routine, it also helps as a portable source of comfort, and that familiar sound can get little ones to sleep anywhere.

Brand: Marpac



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  • Sleep Quality
  • Noise Level
  • Volume Control
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money


THE ORIGINAL SOUND MACHINE. Beloved since 1962.  The Marpac Dohm Classic features the original and signature fan based, natural white noise.  This is what gives the one of a kind Marpac Sound.  Best described as soothing and ambient sounds of moving air, obviously without actually any moving air being involved.


  • Customisable Sound Experiences.
  • Two speed options with adjustable tone and volume
  • Great for those with differing sleep schedules, such as shift workers or for those sharing a bedroom with snorers.
  • Excellent To Create Privacy and Enhance Concentration
  • Simple To Use


  • Some Have Found The Noise Distracting Initially
  • Does Not Have Choices Of Sounds & Tones (Stays With Traditional White Noise Wind)
User Review
  • Sleep Quality
  • Noise Level
  • Volume Control
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

This White Noise Generator Public Reviews Speak For Themselves! 

5 Star Rating

Honestly blown away at the quality. I was looking for a white noise machine that mimicked my current fan situation. Seeing as it is winter in the Midwest, a fan blowing all night doesn’t seem logical just for our sleep.

We live in a large house with multiple units and also have two cats that roam around at nice. So this little guy has two setting, a high and low, but to adjust the sounds you rotate the device to either cover some of the fan sound or enhance it.

I use the highest of the high and it has worked wonders canceling out sounds of people running up and down our communal stairs, and I canT hear the cats walking around at all!

I will be bringing this with me as well when I travel since it’s small and works with a plug in instead of battery!

Also great for people trying to avoid harsh Bluetooth ‘waves’ permitting all night which some sound machines have and honestly I don’t need 300 different rainforest sounds.

This is simple and effective.

Lauren Steffan

It occurred to me that after 10+ years of constant use, with two units now, it might be of worth to review these guys!

Quality of noise and noise sensitivity is a subjective experience, so I can’t speak to whether this machine will solve a specific noise problem or if the tone will be pleasing. But I can attest to the quality!

I have always needed some sort of background noise, as long as I can remember. Living the apartment life, these machines are vital to my everyday (and night) sanity! We own two of these beauties.

This particular purchase was our second unit, bought for the front room when they were developing the lot across the street, building 15 houses in less than a year. This machine save my sanity.

Of course it didn’t block out the noise, but it provided a soothing layer that took the edge off. It’s been running for five years straight – and I literally mean straight. It sits up on a shelf and does it’s thing, only bothered when I remember to dust it.

The first one we bought at least 13 years ago, maybe longer. It has only been turned off a handful of times, basically the two times we’ve moved during that period.

My four year old doesn’t like it on when she’s watching TV in our bedroom, so that’s the only time it rests. Before she came around, it was on 24/7 as well!

It’s not so much that I planned to leave them on constantly, but I never thought to turn it off. I still can’t believe they keep going all these years. I wish my vacuum cleaner and toaster served me this well, lol.

Jessica S

This product is magical!

Picture this: you’re walking down a creepy forest where everything and everyone, mainly all the wild life, is making their normal loud noises. The environment not inviting to take a nap there, but then angels appear and say, “we will sing for you now.” They proceed to sing, and their song is in syncronized humming and the next thing you know you’re out!!!

Freaken Angels! What have you done to me!? I feel asleep like a baby!

So then we start thinking… Ooh maybe we should use this on our baby…. Maybe it will help her sleep…

No longer are there Angels singing, now it’s something more magical… Not because my daughter falls asleep instantly, but because she sleeps for 100% more than she used to!!!

You can pretty much say that the sweet noise coming out of this machine is the sound of unicorns that had feelings for each other in high school, that finally got a chance after 15 years of being married that are now divorced and are now able to finally be together.

I imaging this beautiful humming is that… Sweet unicorn love making.

It’s just that magical!!!

I highly recommend this machine to help you or your baby sleep. It works!

David Hernandez

We own 2 of these. My husband got the first one after he got home from his first deployment and had a really hard time sleeping. He had a buddy recommend it and it worked like a charm.

When we had our daughter, she loved it so we bought one for her when she transitioned into her own room from our bedroom. Well, 3 kids now so 2 sound machines in 2 kids’ rooms.

Thankfully we still use 2 baby monitors so we don’t need one in our room but when that day comes, we’ll be buying another one! These last a REALLY long time as well.

Our first one last almost 7 years. And that was 5.5years of baby use. HOURS a day of use for the first 2 years and 10+ a night after that. GREAT product!!!


I must say, I was very skeptical about buying a sound machine. But I was willing to try anything to let me stay asleep for greater periods of time because how noisy my neighbors were being.

I live in an apartment complex and while it doesn’t do much for whenever my neighbors kids go ape crap crazy stomping on the floors, it does help mask their shouting throughout the odd hours of the night.

This has helped me greatly in getting a sufficient amount of sleep and has helped better my mood the following morning by getting semi-uninterrupted rest.

The Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine is built really well and the power cable seems like a sufficient length to easily reach a table top or desk.

This device also allows you to rotate the centerpiece and the top piece so you can generate a sound you feel comfortable hearing. The sounds that are generated from this machine can vary from low volume to a relatively high volume that would not interrupt you trying to get to sleep.

So far, this has worked so well that I don’t even hear any of the outside traffic from my bedroom in my apartment. With the exception of my neighbors who are on the other side of the wall from my bedroom, this has worked pretty well and I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase.

– Stay asleep
– Moderately Priced
– Did I mention Sleep

-None as of yet

If you are a light sleeper and you’re on the fence about this, I’d say do it; because after a really long day, everybody deserves to go to sleep without being interrupted in the middle of the night.

I understand how frustrating and annoying it can be to slog through the day half awake/half asleep because you didn’t get an adequate amount of rest from the previous night by no fault of your own.


I don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner. Shooting my neighbors is the only thing that would help me sleep better, but this is legal so perhaps a better choice.

Pollyessster. April 6th 

Are You Serious About Sleep?

If you are serious about sleep then I highly recommend the Marpac Dohm DS Natural White Noise Generator to you.

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Number 1 White Noise Machine (Marpac DOHM DS Best White Noise Generator)


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