Best Plant Therapy Essential Oils (14 Oils Aromatherapy Set)

Essential Oils are one of nature’s wonders. These products of plant oil are much more than just fine fragrances for room sprays, candles and diffusers.  Plant therapy essential oils are incredibly effective and positively potent when their natural healing properties are understood.

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How Are Essential Oils Used To Treat Illness?

Most commonly known is Aromatherapy. It is an alternative, or complementary, medicinal therapy and has been practiced in almost every civilisation over many centuries.

Aromatherapy is the practice of applying specific essential oils, or blends of oils, dependent on their known impact for health and well being.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years and is still a mainstay of many Eastern healing practices.

In today’s society many people, wisely, are looking towards more natural remedies to achieve health and wellness in their lives.

Best Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Western medicine has a propensity to solve health issues by the writing of prescriptions for ailments.  Many help us to become well. Some merely mask the root cause of illness and act as treatment rather than cure. Others however have very unwelcome side effects, can be addictive and may be highly toxic to our system.

It is therefore unsurprising that many of us seek alternative healing practices to aid well being and to build optimal health.

The use of Aromatherapy as a treatment and natural health remedy is growing.

The use of essential oils derived from medicinal herbs, plants, flowers, tree bark and other botanical components has proven to be both very effective and extremely simple. 

The positive effects are quickly seen, the health benefits easy to recognize and no in-depth experience or specialist training is required to practice many techniques.

Many people who use essential oils regularly state that they are effective and have a very positive impact on personal well being.  Aromatherapy is safe and well recognized for having few negative side effects.

best plant therapy essential oils - aromatherapy kit
best plant therapy essential oils – aromatherapy kit

Aromatherapy can be used as an extremely effective everyday home remedy.  

It is effective used topically for treating minor, everyday, medical complaints such as fevers, flu, sprains, headaches, and coughs.  It is equally effective for emotional conditions and for relaxation.

It is very well known as a component of various massage modalities, during meditation and everyday life. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser and you will melt away any tension and stresses of the day.

Essential oils are less likely known as medicinal, but in fact are used extensively within many “off-the-shelf treatments” from your pharmacy or grocery store. Of course they are also widely used within complementary therapies and alternative medicines.

It is important to note that if you are taking any form of prescription drugs we recommend you consult with a medical professional before substituting Aromatherapy for medication. 

Essential Oils alone are perfectly safe and can be used in conjunction with conventional medical care. We always advice to use of essential oils as a complementary therapy, rather than replacement.

How To Use Plant Therapy

Holistic medical experts, as well as many mainstream medical professionals, advocate the use of Aromatherapy.

It is often recommended to patients recovering from serious ailments.

Holistic practitioners view aromatherapy as a quality contribution to mainstream medicine and is often top of the list for recommended alternative natural healing therapies.

Doctors and researchers are aware that the use of aromatherapy to ease pain and bring calm following a surgical procedure is highly effective and aides patient healing time.

For the patient it is a win-win. You gain the benefit of any required medical surgery, but, can possibly avoid having to take follow up addictive pain medications.

Essential oils have are known to have healing properties which can help soothe and stimulate healing.  Each essential oil has its own unique attributes.

best plant therapy essential oils - 14 premium oils aromatherapy kit
Best Plant Therapy Essential Oils – 14 Premium Oils Aromatherapy Kit

Plant Therapy Essential Oils – Top 14 Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The Plant Therapy set of 14 oils is an awesome pack. It includes the most commonly used oil known for their top healing properties and that cure a variety of ailments.  This set ensures that you will always have the right oil on hand if the need arises.

What’s Included In This Aromatherapy Kit

The 14 x 10 ml bottles included in the starter pack are:

1. Sweet Orange – Plant Therapy Essential oils

2. Cinnamon

  • antibacterial properties
  • antifungal properties
  • antidiabetic properties
  • and antioxidant properties

3. Eucalyptus

  • antiseptic/cleaning agent
  • mosquito repellent
  • ease arthritic pain
  • post surgery pain killer
  • kill head lice
  • clean and disinfect

4. Lavender

  • Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory
  • promotes relaxation
  • treat anxiety,
  • treats fungal infections,
  • relieves allergies, 
  • aids depression,
  • relieves insomnia,
  • treat eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps.

5. Lemon Plant Therapy

  • Reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Ease morning sickness.
  • Improve skin.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Improve cold symptoms.
  • Feel energised.
  • Treat acne.
  • Heal wounds.

6. Peppermint – Plant Therapy Essential Oils

  • treat headache,
  • treats muscle aches, joint pain, and itching.
  • treating coughs and colds,
  • reducing pain,
  • improving mental function,
  • reducing stress

7. Tea Tree

  • antibacterial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiviral
  • anti-fungal
  • treats coughs, colds and skin ailments

8. Synergy Blends

Synergy Blends include:

  • Germ Fighter
  • Immune Aid
  • Tranquil
  • Invigor Aid
  • Sensual
  • Relax
  • Energy.

These are highly popular and widely used oils.  This means they are known as being top in terms of their ability to combat and help with the most common ailments.

As you learn more about using Aromatherapy you can expand your collection and add other oils to your repertoire!

Great Selection of Single Oils and Synergy Blends


plant therapy (1)

The 7 & 7 includes seven top single essential oils and seven powerful synergy blends. Great for people new to essential oils or anyone looking to restock. These oils can help with relaxation, focus and sleep. Create massage blends and skin healing topicals too!

An excellent kit that enables almost untold essential oil combinations for therapeutic work. It’s not all about diffusion either. All of the essential oils in this set can be used topically. Use them day or night for some natural relief. Whether you’re trying to relax after a long day or protect your family during Cold and Flu season, there is sure to be an oil or blend in this set that you can diffuse.
Here’s what’s included:
Seven Single Oils
1) Lavender,
2) Tea Tree,
3) Sweet Orange,
4) Peppermint,
5) Lemon,
6) Cinnamon
7) Eucalyptus
Seven Blended Oils
8) Germ Fighter,
9) Immune Aid,
10) Tranquil,
11) Invigor Aid,
12) Sensual,
13) Relax
14) Energy.
Selection Of Essential Oils
Therapeutic Value
Aromatic Value
Value For Money


All of the oils contained in this set are 100% pure and of therapeutic grade. They are unadulterated, meaning all Plant Therapy oils are guaranteed free of synthetics. For this price there are very few that compare!

Here’s what’s included: Lavender, Tea Tree, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus single oils. Synergy Blends include: Germ Fighter, Immune Aid, Tranquil, Invigor Aid, Sensual, Relax and Energy.

Every bottle of oil from Plant Therapy goes through multiple rounds of testing including organoleptic testing, and multiple rounds of GC-MS testing by several third-party laboratories.
They oils you receive are second to none, the have exceptional purity and aroma.

+ 100% pure therapeutic grade.
+ Organoleptic and GC/MS Testing
+ KidSafe Formulations
+ Can be used topically when properly diluted


Customer Reviews

Consumers give the plant therapy essential oils pack a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 star based on 100 reviews on Amazon.

Many customers were highly impressed with the quality of these oils, considering they also fit into the more affordable price.

One consumer pointed out that the varied assortment is impressive as well as the packaging (and I would absolutely agree).

I would definitely (and do) purchase them again.  They are awesome in my own healing practice and make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves Aromatherapy.

Quality essentials are usually very expensive and this set allows you to access excellent quality at a very very reasonable price!

best plant therapy essential oils (14 oils aromatherapy set)

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