Keep A Dream Journal (7 Simple Steps To Decode The Meanings Of Dreams)

Why should you keep a dream journal? The reason is simple. For many of us interpreting meaning or decoding messaging from our dreams remains a complete mystery. The vast majority of people either don’t remember their dreams or find that the fragments they do recall make little sense and are confusing. Our dream journal helps resolve that!

Sleep And Dreaming.

We are all aware of the importance of restful sleep and the many benefits for our mind and body. Sleep provides us the chance to recharge both physically and mentally.

Sleep provides us a retreat. It allows us to take a break from the stress of the world and enables our mind to wander and imagine.

Throughout the centuries every civilisation has been fascinated with the dreaming state. Many of these cultures developed detailed theories about dream meaning and developed detailed guidance in relation to interpreting meaning.

More recently we have seen a great deal of interest stemming from the scientific community with a number of research projects being carried out.

The results of these scientific studies are fascinating and seem to support the fact that dreaming can make us smarter, spark our creativity, help our memory recall, and also make us more curious.

The downside is that to gain these benefits, we need to be aware of what occurs within our dreams. Sadly most of us forget our dreams almost instantly upon wakening and before we have had a chance to truly explore them.

Dream journalling can help us document our night time experiences and potentially help us dream more often.

keep a dream journal

Keep A Dream Journal Using The Dream Key – 50 pages of dream interpretation dictionary and 150 pages of interpretation guides

Why Keep A Dream Journal?

You may dream about great golden palaces, flying above the clouds or exotic distant lands. Perhaps your dreams are of shark infested waters or the mother-in-law (perhaps thats the same thing!)

Whatever they contain it is important to remember that your dreams are a way for your subconscious to be constantly communicating with you. They are integral to better understanding your waking life, your emotions, stresses, victories and your overall mental well-being.

Dreams are the voice of your unconscious mind. They are packed with meaning and important messages. You can only understand the meanings and decode the messages if you pay attention!

There are a great deal of theories that attempt to explain the purpose of dreaming. The one consistent aspect of all theories, that all experts agree upon, is that to keep a dream journal is an important first step for gaining understanding.

By keeping a daily journal you gain valuable information about your innermost thoughts and insight into what is truly important to you.

It is also an easy and simple method that helps you identify any recurring patterns. We begin to recognise trends such as similar concepts, images or symbols that may show up in your dreams.

The saying “Practice makes perfect” is usually applied to daily life, such as learning something new at school or when developing the skills needed for a new job or hobby. You know that the more we do something the better you will get at it.

The same applies to your dreams. The more you practice the better you will get. The more focus you place on remembering details the more detail you will remember.

It is this detail that will help you to interpret any meaning and point you toward the aspects in our life that require further attention.

keep a dream journal

7 Simple Steps To Keep A Dream Journal.

Step 1 – Remembering The Day.

Before you retire for sleep spend a few minutes reminding yourself of what occurred in your day.

Make some simple notes about the keys aspects that you remember. Who are the people that you saw and spoke too? What did you do and where were you?

Try to recall any moments that caused your emotions to spike. It is important to note both positive and negative.

Step 2 – Setting Intent.

Setting of intent is where you programme your subconscious to remember your dreams.

This is especially important if you are someone who finds it difficult to remember dreaming.

This step enforces your desired intention. It helps you convince your subconscious that you do want to recall and remember them.

In your journal write your intention and then spend a few moments reading it . Ensure your intent is stated as fact.

An example is: “I will dream tonight. When I wake I will remember my dreams. I will remember all detail to record in my journal.”

Once this is done place your journal beside your bed. You will want it close for when you wake.

Step 3 – Waking Recall.

At the moment you wake up stay perfectly still, don’t even open your eyes, and spend time on your waking recall. This may take a little practice!

Ask yourself “What was the last thing in my mind?” Give a moment and if nothing comes, keep gently requesting. “What was the last thing happening in my mind?”

When you remember something, regardless of how significant you may think it is, focus on it. Now start to work in reverse. Give yourself some prompts such, “And what was happening before that?”

When you remember the next detail ask the same question. “What was happening before that?”

Keep doing this until you have remembered as much of the detail as possible. When you believe you have all the recall available go over the remembered details in your head one more time to see if anything further arises.

Step 4 – Recording In Your Dream Journal.

Now get your journal and start noting down this recall. I suggest doing this as memorable words rather than sentences.

Even if believe you have remembered each event from your dream recall it is very easy to forget. Once your conscious mind starts requiring you to focus your thinking on detail you can lose the rest of your remembered dream.

By using words rather than sentences you are more likely to retain everything recalled.

Note down the key pictures as words such as “house”, “Eric”, “Flying”, “Painting”, “Anger”.

Step 5 – Expand Upon The Words.

Now that you have your sequence and your key words you can begin recording the dream in more detail. You can spend time exploring and expanding upon each of the words in the sequence.

You are less likely to forget other aspects of your dream because of the words you developed in Step 4. They trigger your subconscious recall. What you have done is enable a mental hook so that your mind can easily return to the memory through word association.

When you begin recording the dream it is best if you use first person present tense. This ensures you gather the information that is important to you. For example write the detail as: “I am… (what are you doing)”, “I see…”, “I feel…” etc.

You also need to ensure you note the setting of the dream, the people involved, your actions, others actions and any emotions you experience in the dream.

What is also important is to note how you felt when you woke up. If you were happy, tired, sad, fearful etc.

Give the journal entry a title and date.

Step 6 – Keep A Dream Journal To Find Day Residue.

Spend some time focusing on what occurred the day before and read the notes you recorded the night before.

Do you see any themes emerging? Do the emotions or actions in your dream relate to events that have recently occurred in your waking life?

This is known as “Day Residue”. It is the dreaming of someone you know, or something you saw or actions you took. Recognising day residue is important because your subconscious mind is linking events, people or actions to stored memories.

You need to focus on this residue and ask what is the reason for that event, that person, or that object appearing in your dreams at this point of time?

Once you have linked aspects of your dream to day residue you need to focus on those words, thoughts and feelings that remain.

You need to list the emotions, thoughts, people, events that occur in your dream that cannot easily be linked to aspects of your daily life.

Over time patterns, trends and pictures will appear. It may be that your dreams are sending you messaging and reminding you of what is important in life.

Your subconscious may be urging you to end associations that are unhealthy, or to follow a new path. Messages and meanings may be as simple as beginning a new hobby, or finding new interests.

Likewise you may be receiving messaging that is crucial for your future happiness and well being.

When you record your dreams every night you start to see patterns and recurring themes. These may be emotions, or people, or taking part in specific activities.

Whether day residue or non related, if patterns emerge you can be sure they are pointing too aspects of your life that need your attention.

Keep A Dream Journal - Using Dream Prompts

Handy Templates To Record Your Dreams

These dream journal templates from Sleep Advisor were created to help you get you started. Each template serves a different purpose, from simply recording your dreams to interpreting them.

For ambitious dreamers, use the templates to acknowledge your fears and set intentional goals for your nightly slumber.

If you’re a vivid dreamer, you’ve probably encountered some magical experiences that have you asking a lot of questions.

Manifest Success- Keep A Dream Journal

While there are many different interpretations of dreams, one thing for certain is that dreams reflect memories and experiences of our everyday lives.

If we accept that our dreams reflect our past, and of happenings in the present, then surely they can also be used to set focus for our future.

Keep A Dream Journal – Our Recommendation.

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Keep A Dream Journal (7 Simple Steps To Decode The Meanings Of Dreams)