Guest Posts – 5 Healthy Natured Guidelines and Procedures.

Many people write and email us asking if we accept guest posts. While we would love to respond to each and every email and request we don’t. Therefore if you are serious about contributing to the Healthy Natured Blog please ensure you have followed the guidance below.

Guest Posts Guidelines and Procedures
Guest Posts Guidelines and Procedures

1. Guest Posts Must Be From Experienced Authors Who Offer Great Value To Readers.

We get upward of 20+ inquires every week from people wanting to know if we accept guest post contributions. Some of these we respond to, most we ignore and very occasionally we make contact.

If you want to be the person we ask to write for us then first, and foremost, you must be able to prove a track record of writing awesome content.

We want all our posts to offer great value to our community. They must be full, detailed and absolutely relevant to our niche. If you capture our interest please be aware we will do the following:

Guest Posts Quality
Guest Posts – The Quality Is Paramount and must offer excellent value and accurate information

2. Quality and Content Checks

We will run your name through Google and other search engines. We do this to make sure we see great articles on related niche sites that feature your name. If we do that’s great! If we don’t we may get in touch still. If we see loads of short, spammy or spin regenerated posts, it’s a no thanks (but without the thanks)

We will run any article provided to us through Copyscape or similar.

The post must be original and completely unique. We will not publish any article that is less than 95% unique. If it is less than 50% we will probably simply flag you as spam.

We really are not trying to discourage you. In fact we place these restrictions to enable talent. We know there are talented and knowledgable writers out there who genuinely want to contribute a great article first and the benefit of links are secondary. By being very focused and accepting nothing but the best helps us and it helps those chosen.

If you contribute a great article,with value to readers and the detail and depth required we will publish without any second thoughts and give you full credit for penmanship.

Don't Spam - Links Or Spun Content
Don’t Spam – Links Or Spun Content

Yes we will accept you adding links in your post and in your footer bio.

However because links matter we will check where the links go. And we will remove the link if it goes directly to a purchase site, a spam site or a totally unrelated niche. We see loads of people linking too random words in their copy and when checked they go to a sponsored link.

We would expect the link in your bio to go to a relevant page or post on your website or blog.

All links will be flagged as sponsored and will be no follow.

We do not accept paid posts. It’s great you’d like to give us money. We would rather have an excellent post of valuable and informative writing.

Guest Posts - Content
Guest Posts – Content

4. Expectations Of Depth and Detail

If your guest posts are under 1200 words please don’t send them.

We only publish posts of over 1200 words and usually would expect a guest post to be a minimum of 2000 words. As well as the length they must be detailed, offer analysis and solutions. If someone or something is quoted as being the best, or that 200 people were surveyed pleased ensure you provide s link to the data as evidence.

They must be clearly elated to our site niche. This cn be in one of two broad niches – Natural Health or Spiritual Development.

If Natural Health then you must be an experienced author with samples of published works or a qualified health professional.

Spiritual Guidance posts require evidence of significant experience and a track record of writing in for this medium.

5. Content Ownership

Be aware that any post that is accepted and published on Healthy Natured will have all ownership transferred. We will credit you as the author and we will not remove your name from the post for as long as it is on line and valid valuable information.

However you accept through submitting your article that ownership is transferred to Healthy Natured. This enables you to get a post published and be credited with authorship. This enhances pour authority an reputation.

We also need to protect ours. So we don’t want to find a few weeks later another 20 websites all having the same, or similar spun versions, of the content. That simply harms our site.

And now if you still want to contribute guest posts do so by emailing us at our dedicated email address here.