Argan Oil Benefits (8 Every Day Natural Remedies For Strong Happy Families)

If you’ve been looking for safe, natural alternatives to treat common ailments, look no further. Discover how Moroccan Argan Oil benefits natural health with our 8 best remedies that are safe for all the family.

Argan Oil is known to be one of the world’s most luxurious and exotic of all the oils. What is probably less well known is that this Queen of Oils is produced by a simple extraction process using the kernels of the Argan fruit. 

The benefits have long been known in Morocco and neighbouring countries. Moroccan women use Argan oil in their daily routines to nourish their skin and hair, and believe that it keeps the body and skin youthful.

More recently the Moroccan Argan Oil benefits have gained greater popularity in the West. It is now a common addition to many well known health and beauty products. The reason is because it is completely natural and, to date, there are no harmful toxins or known side effects when used.

Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits For Natural Health.

The benefits for our health are due to Argan being a source of many essential nutrients and fatty acids. The most beneficial being oleic and linoleic acid.

About 35% of Argan Oils fatty acid is linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated Omega-6 acid which is essential for health. The source of linoleic acid is usually obtained by the diet.

Another 40-45% of the fatty acids is Oleic acid. While not essential, like Linoleic, it is a very healthy fat and is credited for having positive benefits for the health of our heart.

Argan oil is also an excellent source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for the health of our hair, skin and eyes. It is also known for its strong antioxidant properties.

Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits For Health
Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits Health.

1) Use As An Antioxidant For Skin Care.

Our skin is constantly exposed to elements that cause it damage. These elements may be naturally occuring such as the sun or wind, or they can be man made such as traffic fumes and other pollutants.

This damage means that our skin becomes impacted by free radicals. These free radicals deplete our moisture levels and result in dry skin. Dry skin and free radical damage is the primary cause of premature ageing.

Argan oil contains high levels of tocopherol. Tocopherol is fat-soluble Vitamin E and a powerful antioxidant which reduces the damage caused by free radicals.

Argan also contains saponins which enhance our moisture levels. This ensures our skin maintains its radiance, elasticity and natural firmness.

2) Use As A Muscle Rub.

Muscle pain is one of the common ailments of every day life, especially as we age.

This may be caused by a multitude of reasons, such as sitting hunched over a desk all day or by smashing your goals in the gym. Whatever the reason, it is not uncommon to feel a little stiff and sore at the end of a long day.

Most people will turn to store bought pain relief but they can be jam packed with harmful ingredients. Also those with sensitive skin can find that traditional muscle rubs can be irritating.

When Argan Oils are used for muscle pain, the anti-inflammatory properties and absorption rate makes all the difference. The Argan Oil Shop wrote about the benefits of this natural wonder oil.

The good news is that Moroccan Argan Oil benefits can easily be seen and felt by making and using the following natural muscle rub at home.

Mix The Base Oils

Open a clean and dry glass bottle or jar. Brown or blue glass is best as it helps avoid oil degradation of exposure to the light. Add 100ml of Almond Oil and 50ml of Argan Oil. Replace the stopper or air tight seal and vigorously shake the 2 oils to combine.

Add The Essential Oils

Remove the stopper, and using an oil dropper, add the essential oils. 10 drops of Lavender Oil, 5 drops of Eucalyptus Oil and 5 drops of Peppermint Oil.

Mix and Store Oils

Replace the stopper and gently shake to combine all essential oils into the carrier oils. You can now use this mixture as a massage oil for the treatment of aches, sprains and stiffness. The essential oils treat and relax sore muscles.The rapid absorption rate of Argan Oil will quickly carry the properties of the essential oils to where they need to be and boost their healing properties. Store remaining oil with the stopper firmly placed and in a dark cool place.
Moroccan Argan Oil Homemade Muscle Rub.

3) A Treatment For Cracked Feet.

Many people, especially Seniors, struggle with footcare.

Having cracked or bleeding feet is more than inconvenient, it is painful. It also prevents us wanting to engage in physical activity impacting our natural health.

One of the ways that Moroccan Argan oil benefits the health of our skin is the deep hydration it provides. It does this in a similar way to Aloe Vera Cream.

For even more hydration you can whip Moroccan Argan Oil into shea butter with a few drops of soothing lavender essential oil. Apply to the affected area before bed and wear a pair of socks to hold in the moisture.

natural health moroccan argan oil benefits for skincare
Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits Our Skincare Regime With Deep Hydration.

4) Cold And Flu Chest Rub.

Nothing brings down the household like a flu or common cold. Not only do these germs get passed on to everybody, but tired parents have to manage both their symptoms as well as their children’s. While store-bought chest rubs can be useful, they can often be too intense for small children.

Mix argan oil with eucalyptus essential oil and apply to the chest area. You can scale the ratio of argan to eucalyptus to make it as strong or gentle as you need.

5) Use For Treating Sunburn.

It’s easy to make the mistake of forgetting to reapply sunscreen on a hot day. Perhaps your child was swimming for a while and the sunscreen you used didn’t withstand their watery activities.

Whatever the reason, sunburn is painful and uncomfortable, but thankfully the treatment of sunburn is one our argan oil benefits.

It’s important to understand sunburn. Remember you may not notice the impact for some time! It takes a while before you realize the damage that the inflammation has upon the skin.

In fact it could be hours after sun exposure before the extent of the burn makes itself known.

If you are worried about sun exposure, but are yet to see any evidence of sunburn, we suggest you use aloe vera rather than oil.

However later, after the burn has set, applying argan oils can help nourish the skin and promote repair. Using Moroccan oil can speed up the healing time and reduce the damage caused by the sun.

6) Treat Acne Easily

Being a teenager is hard enough without throwing acne into the mix. It’s even more challenging if you’re an adult who thought you’d leave the teenage ailment in your past.

Fortunately, Moroccan argan oil can be an effective acne remedy when applied correctly.

Traditional acne treatments use alcohol to dry out the affected area. While this approach is effective, it can also cause more harm than good.

By drying out your skin, you can trigger an overproduction of sebum– the lubricating substance that causes oily skin in the first place.

Instead, cleanse and exfoliate the face and then moisturize with Argan. The nourishment will promote healing in the skin without the pore-blocking effect of coconut oil and some lotions.

For spot treatment, mix Moroccan oil with witch hazel for a natural astringent.

7) Maintain A Healthy Digestion.

If you suffer with heartburn or indigestion, try taking Argan oil. It increases the level of Pepsin enzyme in our gastric juices. This helps us achieve optimal digestion.  

The Moroccan oil also contains flavonoids. These are antioxidants which reduce inflammation, internal or external.

Often indigestion is worsened due to the inflammation caused by acids.

8) Helps Lower Your Cholesterol Level.

Moroccan Argan is rich in schottenol and spinasterol plant sterols. These sterols are not found in any other vegetable oils.

Studies prove that both of these plant sterols help to reduce inflammation within the body. More importantly they inhibit the intestines absorption of cholesterol.

Argan helps with our circulation and enhances our immunity. The unsaturated fatty acids found in the oils also increase levels of good cholesterol (HDL) within the body.

In addition to the many natural remedies you can make with argan oil, it also has cosmetic properties as well.

You can use this remarkable natural health product, like many medicinal herbs, to nourish your hair and nails, and as a part of a regular skincare routine. Over time, you may well be able to clear your shelves of all the other various products you use now.

Argan Oil Benefits (8 Every Day Natural Remedies For Strong Happy Families)