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Looking for delicious, nutritious and healthy mains recipes? You have come to the right place. All of the recipes in this category are delicious and all of them healthy. Learn how you can serve wonderful main meals to family and guests while also ensuring they get a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. Our recipes are excellent for those wishing to lose weight and for those trying to lead a more healthy life but who are not willing to compromise on taste. Get the best mains recipes here!

Incredible Sichuan Ramen Noodles (1 Pot Lose Weight Recipe)

One of the tastiest of the belly fat burning foods is this fusion Sichuan Ramen Noodles Recipe with Tofu and Cabbage. The wonderful kick in this dish is the spice that hails from China. Found in the Sichuan province, famous for spicy food, comes the namesake pepper.  Get ready to …

Creamy Mashed Sweet Potato With Walnuts and Thyme.

Discover this delicious creamy mashed sweet potato with walnuts and thyme recipe. Easy to prepare and a fantastic side dish for the table. Creamy Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe Sweet potatoes are as healthy and nutritious as they are delicious. They contain fewer calories, and are higher in fiber, Vitamin A, …

4 Divine High Protein Diet Recipes – You Can Lose Belly Fat Fast

This post, how to lose belly fat fast, offers some awesome recipes and food suggestions for anyone interested in a high protein diet.  These 4 recipes are excellent examples for how dieting, weight loss and burning belly fat doesn’t mean boring or bland food. They also show that being on …

Vietnamese Sesame Beef Recipe – The Belly Fat Burning Foods Guide 2019

Vietnamese Sesame Beef is an excellent belly fat beating recipe with huge flavor and low calories. One of the most popular recipes in the belly fat burning foods guide for 2018. Delicious steak rich in protein and smothered with oriental flavor. You'll love this easy, nutritious and healthy dish.

Steak Green Beans Avocado Salad – The Belly Fat Burning Foods

One of our favorite belly fat burning foods is Steak Green Beans Avocado Salad. Delicious plus easy to prepare. This recipe works so well because proteins combined with fiber rich foods can help in quick weight loss. This recipe works on the high protein, high fiber, low carbs, low calorie …

1 Truly Delicious Ground Turkey And Sweet Potato Chili (Slow Cooker)

This Ground Turkey Recipe with Sweet Potato, Black Bean Chili is healthy, delicious and one of our favorite belly fat burning recipes! It can be assembled and ready to cook in mere minutes. Great for those days when we have little time! The wonderful thing about this dish is you …
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