Category: Asian

In this category we explore some of the best healthy Asian recipes. Discover some of the most loved recipes from the asian continent that are delicious, nutritious and also exceptionally healthy. Many of us may think of Asian food as being fried and fatty. This set of articles debunks that thought. Learn how to enjoy your favorite asian foods in completely healthy ways.

Incredible Sichuan Ramen Noodles (1 Pot Lose Weight Recipe)

One of the tastiest of the belly fat burning foods is this fusion Sichuan Ramen Noodles Recipe with Tofu and Cabbage. The wonderful kick in this dish is the spice that hails from China. Found in the Sichuan province, famous for spicy food, comes the namesake pepper.  Get ready to …

Vietnamese Sesame Beef Recipe – The Belly Fat Burning Foods Guide 2019

Vietnamese Sesame Beef is an excellent belly fat beating recipe with huge flavor and low calories. One of the most popular recipes in the belly fat burning foods guide for 2018. Delicious steak rich in protein and smothered with oriental flavor. You'll love this easy, nutritious and healthy dish.
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