moong dal weight loss recipes

2 Amazing Moong Dal Weight Loss Recipes You Must Try.

Moong Dal is likely one of the most well known and much loved ingredient in any Ayurvedic kitchen. Perhaps not as well known is the fact that it is a perfect ingredient for high protein weight loss recipes. Not only is it healthy it is also dense in protein and highly versatile. Protein is essential …

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16 Ayurveda Weight Loss Secrets to reduce kapha

16 Ayurveda Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know To Avoid Diet Pain!

Ayurvedic medicine, is a traditional method that promotes internal cleansing for improved overall health. Our 16 Ayurveda Weight Loss Secrets stem from Ayurvedic remedies and are an excellent choice for those starting any diet as they are considered to be among the safest of all methods for losing fat and building a healthy lifestyle. With …

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Traditional Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss (6 Steps To Balance Qi)

Are you tired of diets? Sick of starving yourself? Unable to suffer the normal unrealistic calorie intake proposed in most weight loss plans?  Then here’s how to burn that belly fat naturally!  Traditional Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss enables you to balance Qi, stimulate meridians and lose weight safely! Using Traditional Chinese Medicine For Weight …

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Top Crystals For Weight Loss

Top Crystals For Weight Loss (5 Best Crystal Energies)

I’m often asked if it is possible to use healing crystals for weight loss.  The answer is Yes!  I’m not going to post about it otherwise. However, like any weight loss plan crystals aren’t a magic formula. These crystals aren’t going to jog around the block on your behalf. What they will do is provide …

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high protein diet - lose belly fat fast

4 Divine High Protein Diet Recipes – You Can Lose Belly Fat Fast

This post, how to lose belly fat fast, offers some awesome recipes and food suggestions for anyone interested in a high protein diet.  These 4 recipes are excellent examples for how dieting, weight loss and burning belly fat doesn’t mean boring or bland food. They also show that being on a “diet” or watching our …

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5 Ayurveda Weight Loss Remedies

Ayurveda Weight Loss Remedies (5 Effective Belly Fat Burning Recipes)

Tired of dieting? Of starving yourself? For no, or little, actual results? Then stop doing what does not work!  And start doing what does!  Discover 5 of the Best Ayurveda Weight Loss Remedies. They are insanely easy to prepare, take no effort to implement and are exceptionally effective!  Here are the best belly fat burning …

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