Am I An Empath Definition.

Am I An Empath? (The Empath Definition And Empaths Survival Guide).

If you have ever wondered “Am I An Empath?” this post offers a full empath definition and acts as an Empaths Survival Guide! Get the information you need! The term Empath is often overused, and little understood. The actual definition of an empath describes those people who find themselves hypersensitive to the emotions and emotional …

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Improve Health Outcomes Through Holistic Self Care.

Improve Health Outcomes Through Holistic Self Care. (7 Top Tips)

Self care should be an integral part of our daily routine. These simple, every day practices improve health outcomes and have a positive influence on our overall wellness, both physical and emotional. In this post we look at seven methods to improve self-care and create a healthy mind, body and spirit. What are the best …

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Crystal Cleansing Methods and How To Charge and Program Crystals

5 Crystal Cleansing Methods (Charge And Program Crystals For Healing)

It is always amazing when we add new healing stones to our kit, but selecting them is just the beginning! In fact the most important step is to ensure we give them a thorough cleansing.  In this post you will learn 5 of the best crystal cleansing methods and how to charge and program crystals …

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