Yinglai 40g Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Tower Point

  • 100% natural citrine crystals, some are a little smokey.
  • 40-50mm in length
  • Weight approx 40g each.
  • Every pointed wand is unique, all similar to images shown.
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The Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Tower is an amazing stone for manifestation, the imagination and to help strengthen our personal will. Carrying the natural element of fire and power of the sun, it holds warm, comforting, life giving energies.

Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Tower

It stimulates the chakras, clearing the mind and stirring the soul into taking positive action.

Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal frequency awakens our innate creativity and imagination, and helps the process of transforming our dreams and hopes into reality.

With its pure yellow energy, the Yellow Quartz Crystal Tower encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

The radiant yellows and golden energies activates, opens, and energizes our Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, by directing untapped personal power, creativity and unique intelligence to enhance our physical body.

The Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystals foremost has energy which aids manifestation. When we are totally attuned and use this stone to clarify, define and project what we want.  Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Tower will help draw these towards us like a powerful magnet.

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Yinglai 40g Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Tower Point

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Yinglai 40g Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Rainbow Smokey Citrine Tower Point Wand Healing As Gifts


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