Mulcolor Ultrasonic Diffuser For Essential Oils (Excellent Value)

Mulcolor Ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils has a 7 colored LED light.

Every color is adjustable between dim and bright.  You can make the colors cycle through or set to your favorite color to fit your mood.

There are 2 Mist Mode as well, intermittent mode and continuous mode.  You can change Mist mode according to your needs.

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Enjoy Your Space with the Mulcolor Ultrasonic Diffuser For Essential Oils.  It’s your space, so you should decide what that smells of.   And it could not be simpler.  Just add water and then place a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Be amazed as all stubborn and unpleasant odors (like stubborn cigarette smoke and pet odors) are rapidly replaced by your favorite fragrances.

Mulcolor Ultrasonic Diffuser For Essential Oils

Relax Your Mind and Refresh the Air Quality

Feeling tired every day?

Benefit from reducing fatigue and relieving insomnia and lowering mental stress. It’s time for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and an energetic morning.  Feel refreshed when you awaken.  Ready for a great day ahead!

Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Moisturized

The ultra-quiet portable ultrasonic humidifier keeps your living space clean and properly moisturized.

Don’t let dry air, dry skin, and flu/cold germs ruin your day.  This Mulcolor Ultrasonic Diffuser For Essential Oils adds essential moisture to the atmosphere and prevents irritations.

Perfectly safe to switch on before bed, and then rest and forget.  The auto shut-off feature will turn the device off when it runs out of water.


1. Do not add water over MAX line.
2. Oil is not included in the package.
3. Please use pure Essential Oil, which will help fill your space with more fragrance without affecting mist output
4. We recommended that you clean the diffuser after each use to avoid clogging and other problems. Empty the water and gently wipe the water tank to dry. Do not hold under tap!


All Our Products are Produced under Strict Quality Inspection
12-Month Warranty and Life-time Hassle-Free Technical Support

Ultrasonic Diffuser For Essential Oils And Others

Mulcolor Ultrasonic Diffuser For Essential Oils (Excellent Value)

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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, Mulcolor 250ml Ultrasonic Diffuser for Essential Oils, Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser Humidifier, Waterless Auto Shut-off, 7 Colored LED Lights, Adjustable MIST Mode


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