Large Amethyst Quartz Crystal Tower (Natural Stone For Reiki And Healing)

Large Amethyst Quartz Crystal Tower

  • One (1) Amethyst Crystal Healing Tower  5 inch Point from Uruguay
  • 100% Natural Crystals

Note: These crystals were formed over thousands of years and within the powerful vibrations of Mother Earth. Each crystal is therefore absolutely unique. We mention this to give customers an appreciation that there will be slight color variations between each piece.

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This Large Amethyst Quartz Crystal Tower is approximately 5″ in height.  As with all amethyst quartz crystals this beautiful tower point is a perfect master healing stone and a brilliant choice for healers, energy workers and those wishing to program intent for manifestation. These wonderful crystals are formed over thousands of years being buried deep within the vibrations of Mother Earth.

Large Amethyst Quartz Crystal Tower.

  • Each of the crystal towers is absolutely unique.  No two crystals are ever the same, so this makes for an individual ‘one of a kind’ gift!
  • Amethyst is known for it’s amazing multidimensional vibrations, being able to support and provide strong grounding energy as well as providing higher vibrations for our spiritual and universal connection.
  • It is a crystal used to:
    • help relieve stress,
    • improve mental focus,
    • alleviate nervousness and anxiety,
    • restore vitality,
    • promote peacefulness,
    • reduce necessary fears.

Large Amethyst Quartz Crystal Tower

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Large Amethyst Quartz Crystal Tower (Natural Stone For Reiki And Healing)

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