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The Contemplating Buddha Wall Clock is a serene and spiritual addition to any room. With its peaceful image of Buddha in deep contemplation, it serves as a reminder to pause and reflect on the present moment.

Depending on your preference and the aesthetics of your space you can choose between two sizes, and round or square shape.
Whichever shape and size you choose, the Contemplating Buddha Wall Clock is sure to bring a sense of tranquility and mindfulness to your surroundings.

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Introducing the Serene Contemplating Buddha Wall Clock. Elevate your space with this exquisite timepiece that effortlessly combines functionality and spiritual artistry. Crafted for those on a quest for inner peace, this clock serves as a powerful symbol of mindfulness and tranquility.

Made from 100% acrylic, this durable piece is available in both round and square shapes, offering versatility to suit any decor style. Choose from two sizes – 10.75”×10.75” or 8”×8” – to perfectly adorn your wall with serene elegance.

The Contemplating Buddha Wall Clock’s intricate design captures the essence of spiritual contemplation, making it an ideal addition for yoga studios, meditation spaces, or any area dedicated to holistic living.

With easy installation thanks to its keyhole hanging slot and requiring just one AA battery (not included), incorporating this stunning wall clock into your space is hassle-free.

Embrace mindful timekeeping while adding an air of serenity to your surroundings with the Contemplating Buddha Wall Clock by Healthy Natured. Make a statement in both style and spirituality today.


.: Material: 100% acrylic
.: Shape: Round and square
.: Size options: 10.75”×10.75” and 8”×8”
.: Requires: One AA battery (NOT included)
.: Includes: Keyhole hanging slot

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