3.9″ Citrine Druzy Cluster on Wood, Collectors edition.

You will receive this exact Citrine Druzy Cluster on Wood Base.

  • 136mm x 106mm x 80mm
  • 5 3/8 x 4 3/16 x 3 3/16 Inches
  • 870g / 30.7 oz / 1.9 lb
  • In additional, you get a Clear Quartz Cabochon
  • Size: 31mm x 21mm x 16mm

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This wonderful Citrine Druzy Cluster on Wood is a brilliant edition to any crystal lovers collection. As a show piece or for use in meditation. Citrine, a member of the quartz family, is wonderful for use with all Chakras.

Citrine carries the power of the sun.  It is an exceedingly beneficial stone that is warming & energizing.  Citrine is a powerful cleanser & healer and is one of only a few crystals that never require cleaning.

Citrine Druzy Cluster on Wood

Other Citrine healing benefits include:

  • absorbs, transmutes, dissipates & grounds negative energy
  • protects your aura
  • teaches you how to manifest and attract wealth & prosperity, success & all good things
  • imparts joy & releases negativity
  • helps you to develop a positive attitude
  • balances your emotions
  • excellent for overcoming depression, fears & phobias, destructive tendencies, negative traits, anger
  • useful for smoothing family or group discord
  • enhances individuality
  • raises your self-esteem & self-confidence
  • makes you less sensitive, especially to criticism
  • enhances concentration & revitalizes your mind
  • promotes inner calm
  • encourages self-expression
  • improves motivation
  • cleanses your Chakras, especially the Solar Plexus & Navel Chakras
  • activates your Crown Chakra and helps with intuition & creativity
  • imparts energy & invigoration to your physical body
  • useful for those who are particularly sensitive to environmental & other outside influences
  • highly beneficial for CFS & can help to reverse degenerative disease
  • good for digestion, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, eyes, blood, nerves & menstrual problems


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HC Set: 3.9" Citrine Druzy Cluster on Wood Base Orange Brown Sparkling Natural Crystal Geode Quartz Mineral Gemstone – Brazil + One Polished Clear Quartz Cabochon


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