Chakra Stones With Sage Smudge And Abalone Stand Gift Kit

  • 7 Tumbled Chakra Stones with Gift Bag
  • Spiral Cage Necklace – To Wear The Crystal Of Your Choice
  • White California Sage Smudge
  • 4 inch Abalone Shell
  • Wooden Stand for the Abalone Shell
  • Beautifully package
  • Printed instructions for smudging and blessings for cleansing to remove negative energies.
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Chakra Stones With Sage Smudge And Abalone Stand Gift Kit

The cleansing, clearing and protecting of your energy centers is a much needed and powerful healing tool which helps to bring balance to your life.

Each of the stones in this kit corresponds with a particular energy center.

  • Red Jasper – Muladhara the Root
  • Carnelian – Svadhisthana the Sacral
  • Yellow Aventurine – Manipura the Solar Plexus
  • Green Aventurine – Anahata the Heart
  • Lapis Lazuli – Vishuddha the Throat
  • Amethyst – Ajna the Third Eye
  • Clear Quartz – Sahasrara the Crown

The Chakra Stones With Sage Smudge And Abalone Stand Gift Kit also contains a cage pendant which can contain one of the crystals.

You simply need to select a crystal, you will instinctively pick the correct one, this will indicate the chakra that needs attention to restore balance. Place the crystal in the cage pendant and wear.

You can use the crystals as soon as they arrive as they have been smudged (cleansed) with sage smoke and charged under a full moon before shipping.

As the chakra crystals, sage and abalone are natural products there may be slight variance in the sizing, shape and color of the items compared with the photos. 

You can be guaranteed of quality.

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Chakra Stones With Sage Smudge And Abalone Stand Gift Kit

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Chakra Stone Set with 7 Crystals, Sage, Abalone Shell, Wood Stand, & Cage Pendant Spiritual Healing Crystal, Smudge Gift Kit


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