Beverly Oaks Smudging Bundle – Rituals, Meditation, Protection

The Clearing bundle includes:

★California White Sage Smudge Stick

★Palo Santo Stick

★Amethyst Cluster

★Selenite Stone

★Clear Quartz Point

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Beverly Oaks Smudging Bundle – Rituals, Meditation, Protection

PREMIUM SMUDGING TOOLS. The California White Sage is best used in rituals for clearing your space from existing energy. Allowing you to you instil your own ambiance. Palo santo sticks are known to be excellent for removing negative energy present in your environment.

FEATURES POWERFUL HEALING CRYSTALS. The amethyst chunk is known to help with sharpening the mind and protecting the soul. The selenite crystal is used for cleansing your healing stones and charging your tools, while the clear quartz point amplifies intentions on to which you meditate or pray.

THE GREATEST GIFT. Offer someone you care about the opportunity to bring balance and calm into their lives. Sharing the smudging experience helps us all stay in tune with each other and build stronger relationships.

IDEAL SIZE. These smudging sticks are perfect for single sessions. No more half burnt smudge sticks to stink up your place! No more excess ashes to deal with! Just cleanse and enjoy!

Beverly Oaks Smudging Bundle – Rituals, Meditation, Protection

Smudging is an excellent way to restore balance and clear negative energy in your life. There are no limits to when you should smudge, but there are times when it can be incredibly powerful.

These include:

Settling into a new space: Whenever you move into a new home, office or studio, it’s likely that the energy and balance of the space will be a complete mess and this can reflect negatively on you directly. Burning the leaves and cleansing the area will ensure that you have fresh start and allows you to instil your personal energy flow and positive vibes from the very start.

Recovering after a traumatic event: Losing a job, getting laid off, having a love one pass away or falling ill can be devastating and often takes long periods and extensive energy to recover from. Smudging helps smoothen out and expedite the process of returning to a normal state of health, mind, and strength.

Following a change in your life: Landing a new job, opening a business, or reaching a big milestone is also an excellent time to cleanse your environment and prepare your space for the new energy that’s going to be coming your way. By smudging during these exciting times, you’ll be able to clear your mind, focus your energy and set yourself up for continued success while building even more momentum!

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Beverly Oaks Smudging Bundle, Perfect for Rituals, Meditation, Protection and Incense – Features California White Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite, Clear Quartz and Amethyst – Crystal Power Pack


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