Beverly Oaks Amethyst Crystal Natural Gemstones (Amethyst Healing Stones)

Beverly Oaks Amethyst Crystal Natural Gemstones:

  • Breathtaking Specimen.
  • Dimensions: 13” tall x 8” wide x 6” deep
  • Weight: 20.50 lbs.
  • It has a flat base so is ready to decorate your space.
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Beverly Oaks Amethyst Crystal Natural Gemstones and Clusters make powerful visualization assistants and help us manifest our visualizations into reality!  Amethyst Clusters radiate their beautiful healing energies outward and all around your home. This provides a protection energy field which repels negativity and enhances your personal growth.

Beverly Oaks Amethyst Crystal Natural Gemstones

These gemstones are great tools for meditation and can be placed in the center of group meditations or in a prominent position within a meditation space.

Amethyst Clusters make excellent cleansing and charging platforms for all other crystals. Just sit your other crystals inside or on top of the crystal cluster and let the amethyst clear and cleanse them ready for programming.

When placed a persons head they draw out EMF style radiation that usually gets stored in the human body.

Amethyst likes to be cleansed in water/saltwater and earth.

Beverly Oaks Amethyst Crystal clusters are fantastic master healers and energetic peace keepers. They are an essential component of any healers kit.

Note: It is best to keep Amethyst Clusters out of direct sunlight as they may lose their vibrant coloration over time.

Beverly Oaks Amethyst Crystal Natural Gemstones

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