Ayurveda Banyan Botanicals Daily Swish (Cinnamon)

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Enhance Your Oral Care Routine with Ayurvedic Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has grown in popularity as an excellent way to support overall oral health, but this is no temporary trend—this practice has a long tradition in Ayurveda and precedes the use of mouthwash by several thousand years. With pure ingredients and simple instructions, it is easy to include Daily Swish in your daily routine.

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DAILY SWISH’s Ayurveda Banyan Botanicals special blend of organic sesame and coconut oils, along with organic Ayurvedic herbs, make it the ideal choice for oil pulling. This herbal mixture comes in two refreshing flavors, mint and cinnamon, to leave your mouth feeling fresh and revitalized.

Oil pulling is gaining recognition as an effective way to support dental health. This centuries-old Ayurvedic practice has been receiving much more attention recently for promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Many individuals who have tried oil pulling can vouch for its effectiveness as a type of oral exercise. Swishing oil for up to twenty minutes activates the muscles of the face and cheek, helping to maintain the tone of your facial tissues.

At Ayurveda Banyan Botanicals, we believe in the power of oil pulling. We provide USDA certified organic oils that are sustainably sourced and fairly traded to help you achieve the benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic practice. Backed by our guarantee, you can trust our products to support your oral health and wellness journey.

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