Discover Amethyst Crystal Rune Stones – #1 Set

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  • 1 Set of Amethyst Crystal Rune Stones set of 25 pieces.
  • 24 stones with ancient symbols and 1 blank stone.
  • Gemstone: Amethyst
  • Alphabetic Symbols engraved
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Amethyst Crystal Rune Stones with golden engravings. The symbols on this Healing Crystal Stones feature the ancient Elder Futhark runes, the oldest known runic alphabet. This set is ideal for Wiccans and Pagans due to each stone possessing magical properties. Runes were traditionally used not only for written communication but also for decorative purposes and in architecture. In the past, European monks viewed runes as a means to connect with deities. Nowadays, during meditation, individuals often pick a rune seeking guidance or answers.

Amethyst Crystal Runes Stones Set

This Rune Stone set contains 24 ancient alphabetic symbols and 1 blank stone.  They are believed to have originated in the Northern parts of Europe sometime during Paleolithic times.

As well as being alphabetic in nature, they are regarded by many as symbol divination.  This is a powerful communication tool, which taps into our inner communications and what we know to be true intrinsically.

This apparent link between the Amethyst Crystal Rune Stones Set, or any rune set, and divination utilizes the power of amethyst, our subconscious and unlocks the power of our mind to solve our own issues through what we already know and accept and, most importantly, what we may know but not face or wish to acknowledge.

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