The Best Aloe Vera Herbal Capsules from AloeCure

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Since 2006, AloeCure has been producing premium Aloe Vera Herbal Capsules and nutritional supplements to support our customer’s digestive, health and wellness needs. All of our aloe vera products are produced in AloeCure facilities within 12 hours of harvest from our organic aloe farms, ensuring we capture the natural power of aloe for maximum effectiveness. AloeCure delivers the true power of fresh aloe vera to our customers.

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Aloe Vera Herbal Capsules Quality

Aloe Vera Herbal Capsules start off as Aloe grown on AloeCure’s own Certified Organic Farms, ensuring quality at every step of the process and getting the most nutritious aloe possible for our Customers. Our Aloe has some of the highest levels of Acemannan available due to our growing techniques combined with unique volcanic soils where our farms are located.


Aloe is proven to support gut health, help maintain balanced stomach acidity, act as a digestive aid, and support immune health. The proprietary Aloe Vera powder, Aloprin, used in our Advanced comes from certified organic farms. Due to our incredibly nutrient rich Aloe, each serving contains the equivalent active components found in 130,000mg of Fresh Aloe Vera.


Our Aloe Vera formula acts as an acid buffer, supporting pH regulation and overall digestive function to help support your gut health and comfort, but not enough to trigger the release of more acid. Aloe is known to be safe and effective for external use by supporting tissue repair and helping sooth irritation. It promotes the growth of good flora to optimize digestion.


Take 1 capsule twice daily or as needed and recommended by a physician to help provide full day and night support for digestive health and wellness.


AloeCure is a product of American Global Health Group, LLC (AGHG), a Seattle, WA company. AGHG own and operate one of the largest network of certified organic aloe farms. AGHG has over 20 years of working with Aloe and provides high quality and affordable products for your health and wellness needs.

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