These services are offered as therapies, or instructional tuition. They are designed to offer holistic health options for those seeking alternative therapies.

Our Therapeutic Services are focused on improving the health of patients over time through direct care, holistic treatment, and health education.

Holistic services are able to be combined with all modern medical treatments due to them being complementary in design.

Currently services are offered for Reiki In Person, Reiki Distance Healing, Reiki First Degree Training ( Level 1 and attunements). Reiki Second Degree Training ( Level 2 and attunements), Reiki Master Training ( Level 3 and attunements) asnd Reiki Master Teacher 4th Degree.  Each service is provided by an experienced and fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher.

If you are interested in another form of holistic practice do send us a message via our contact form, and we will be in touch to help you locate a specialist in the healing modality of your choice.

Get in touch if you’d like to make use of our Reiki Energy Healing services at Healthy Natured.

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