7 Metaphysical Properties of Tiger Eye Crystal (Your Personal Talisman)

Tiger Eye is a gemstone that has been used for centuries in many cultures around the world, and the metaphysical properties of Tiger Eye has made it highly prized, in particular its use for grounding and protection from negative energies. It is also believed to bring good luck and wealth, making it highly sought after even today.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Tiger Eye Crystal.

The history of Tiger Eye goes back thousands of years, with evidence of its use in Ancient Egypt and Rome. In these cultures it was believed to ward off evil spirits and provide strength in difficult times. Today, Tiger Eye is still widely used as a healing stone; it is said to bring balance and clarity to the mind, body, and soul. Its ability to help focus the mind makes it an ideal aid for meditation or prayer.

I believe the Tiger Eye Crystal is one of the stones that you absolutely must have in your collection. Let’s look at why!

1 – Protection & Strength.

The Tiger Eye crystal is a powerful stone of strength, protection and personal integrity. In times of difficulty or trauma the stone protects and shields your aura from external negativity.

It has a unique energy that brings a special kind of stability to any situation, allowing one to make decisions from a place of inner power and clarity. This crystal helps to sharpen one’s mental focus and intuition, allowing for the wisdom of the heart to be combined with the intellect of the mind. By doing this, it helps to protect the aura from outside influences, anchoring one in their own personal power and providing strength to persevere through difficult times.

Tiger Eye is also known for helping to enhance personal integrity. It is a healing crystal that enhances insight and is believed to help us make the right decision even when it may not be the easy decision.

Tiger Eye is an excellent choice of stone for the traveler as it ensures safe passage.

Metaphysical Properties of Tiger Eye- It is a powerful protector and aides those who use it to see the reality in situations.

Tiger Eye is a powerful protector and aides those who use it to see the reality in situations.

2 – The All Seeing Eye.

As well as looking like a Tiger’s Eye the stone is also referred to as the “all seeing, all knowing Eye”.  In the past this healing and protection crystal was viewed as a talisman offering both mysterious and powerful insights.

It is said that the Tiger Eye offers its wearer the ability to observe and understand everything.  The Tiger Eye allows the user to see the truth in all situations, to understand why the situation is as it is, and provides the energies for you to seek truth and answers from divine universal knowledge.

3 – “Sun & Tiger Talisman” – Metaphysical properties of Tiger Eye Crystal.

The Ancient Egyptians used the Tiger Eye as symbolic eyes in their deity statues and viewed it as their link to universal knowledge.

They believed that using tiger eye crystal offered them the protection of Ra, the sun god and Geb the god of the growing land.

Romans, linked this magnificent crystal to the power of the tiger, and used it to signify courage, integrity and to protection from the weapons of their enemies.  

They believed that carrying Tiger Eye would bring prosperity and good fortune while offering personal protection and reflecting threats and malice back to its source.

tiger eye

Represents the duality of life, good and evil, wrong and right, heaven and earth.

4 – Clarity Of Will and Sense of Self.

Tiger Eye Crystal is warm and radiant and brings together the vibrational frequencies and properties of both the sun and the earth.

This link was seen as providing the wearer physical and earthly stability as well as strong connections with the spiritual realms.

This link between heaven and earth helps to balance decisions, and put any conflicting duality into perspective. You are able to see the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, the dark and the light. Tiger Eye allows you to truly understand both sides, and the consequences of decisions.

The Tiger Eye brings sharp clarity to situations and for you to have clear insight of cause and effect. It allows you to put everything in perspective, to remove ego from decisions and to make wise choices.

Tiger Eye strengthens personal will and clarity of intention so that you are able to manifest what is right for you.

It inspires creativity and utilizing one’s talents and abilities, and is superb for stimulating wealth and the good judgement needed to maintain it

5 – Good luck, fortune and prosperity.

Tiger Eye is a stone of luck and good fortune and is said to attract money into the home.

This makes the Tiger Eye a perfect crystal for entrepreneurs and those setting up any form of business.  It is also powerful for students or those learning and developing new skills as it enhances the energies needed for prosperity, career progression and financial security.

Tiger Eye helps avoid complacency and encourages you to take well considered risks by balancing options and alternatives. It is a stone that supports both personal and professional growth.

Tiger Eye is the stone of creativity. It’s energy is one that challenges you to try new things, develop your artistic and creative self and to be open to new experiences.

This crystal will help you become more determined and achieve your ambitions. Because it is a stone of duality it also helps alleviate stress or fear related to achieving and ambition. So is a great choice of crystal for those who are stressed about exams, or who dislike competition. It will support those with a fear of public performance, selling yourself or when presenting your ideas.

Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone - personal development and protection.

A stone of personal development and protection.

6 – Sensing and Perception.

Tiger Eye, when worn or carried on your person, will help increase personal insight and perception in unfamiliar places or circumstances. It also offers protection from any negative intentions of others.

Tiger eye is also an excellent stone for helping to release fears and worries. It’s the stone that allows you to sense and perceive truth. Once you have clarity of insight you gain bravery, strength of mind, and self-confidence knowing that you will easily tackle anything that comes your way.

It will also aid you in developing and making use of your perception and inutition for day to day practical matters.

For those who struggle with self-esteem or have low self-worth, Tiger’s Eye helps you unravel these limiting beliefs and clears away any toxic energy in your life that prevents you feeling secure. It helps you resolve things in times of crisis and offers support and comfort when making difficult decisions.

Tiger Eye is perfect when you need to make quick intuitive decisions, or if you need to determine a persons character and intentions. It will also help you understand the consequences of any actions taken.

7 – Promotes Stability and Harmony.

Tiger Eye helps to boost will power, emotional stability and energy levels. It reduces the craving for wrong types of foods and the desire to binge. It also reduces anxiety caused by feelings of isolation or inadequacy.

Tiger Eye promotes harmony and is remarkable for soothing tensions in families and relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing discord.

It promotes harmony between people with diverse viewpoints, religious beliefs or approaches to life and enabes you to see both sides of an issue and to find common ground.

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7 Metaphysical Properties of Tiger Eye Crystal (Your Personal Talisman)


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