shredded chicken and soba noodles with almond butter sauce

Shredded Chicken and Soba Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce

A healthy lifestyle is something we all aim for. And a healthy lifestyle starts with what we eat! The problem is a healthy diet is often associated with bland food. This recipe is a great example of how eating the right food can be both easy and delicious. The addition of almond butter, Asian flavors, … Read more

sausage, kale and lentil soup

Lentil Soup with Kale and Sausage

Browning Italian sausage along with onion and garlic creates a delicious foundation that enhances the flavors in this soup. This means a reduced cooking time without losing flavor. You will be amazed at how quickly the Kale wilts into the broth turning it a vibrant leafy green. This is a high protein meal in disguise … Read more

ginger and cardamom tea

Ginger and Cardamom Tea Recipe

This infused tea of cardamom and ginger is a wonderful healthy and easy to prepare remedy for high blood pressure. It is delicious and can be added to your daily diet to aid the lowering of blood pressure.

cinnamon and cumin infused cranberry spritzer

Healthy And Delicious Cinnamon and Cumin Infused Cranberry Spritzer

This is a truly festive beverage, in fact is Christmas in a glass. It is a healthy and delicious way to celebrate the holiday season. The ingredients are classic christmas flavors. The combination of orange, cranberry and cinnamon are complemented by the spicy notes from the cumin. For the Adult guests add a little vodka … Read more

cinnamon green tea

Cinnamon, Ginger And Green Tea For Weight Loss

We are all aware of the benefits of green tea when losing weight. By blending with cinnamon we enhance its effectiveness in burning fat. By adding ginger we also enhance the effects of cinnamon for weight loss as well as adding great additional taste.

cinnamon water

Cinnamon Water Weight Loss Recipe

This is the easiest and quickest way to use cinnamon for weight loss is to use the following recipe, taken from an Ayurvedic weight loss plan. Cinnamon Water!

honey and cinnamon herbal tea

Honey and Cinnamon For Weight Loss Recipe

This Honey and Cinnamon Herbal Tea is a wonderful weight loss supplement with roots in Ayurveda. The tea works because of the active compound in Cinnamon known as Cinnamaldehyde. This component of cinnamon helps us target and shed the "visceral fat" around the belly. Odd as it may sound to include a sweet ingredient, such … Read more

hawthorn cinnamon and ginger balls.

Hawthorn, Ginger & Cinnamon Balls

The fruit of the Hawthorn is extremely rich in flavonoids.  The benefits of flavonoids for health have been widely researched and show they are highly beneficial for heart health. Hawthorn has also been shown to improve the functioning of capillaries. They are an excellent aid for glucose metabolism and, most importantly, they help regulate our arterial … Read more

hibiscus - natural remedies for high blood pressure

Iced Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea has many wonderful properties that make it beneficial to good health . Hibiscus tea, as we are discussing in this post is known to help prevent hypertension and lower blood pressure. But there is much more to this mighty flower. It is also believed that Hibiscus reduces blood sugar levels, keeps our liver … Read more

quinoa salad

Quinoa And Chickpea Salad

A fantastic salad, healthy and delicious and wonderful for helping relieve the symptoms of constipation. This salad is great as a main dish, or lunch.


Plum Pear Fig and Apple Smoothie

This plum, pear, fig and apple smoothie is a fantastic and delicious remedy for constipation relief. Made with healthy and tasty ingredients this smoothie is possibly the easiest way to ease and treat constipation.